MCMC shoots itself in the foot again

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vox populi small thumbnail 'These days, any criticism against the government or BN leaders is considered seditious. Are they gods or something? Maybe it's time we set up shrines for them.'



DJ Jamal demands apology from MCA chief

Sarawakian: Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) cannot extricate itself from the controversy. They started the ball rolling. They are acting like cowards by saying that they did not sack the DJ Jamaluddin Ibrahim.

In their haste to polish PM Najib Abdul Razak's apple, they sent a threatening letter to the radio station. And like a good boy, the station bosses or those in MCA want Najib to pat them on the head over their knee-jerk reaction.

Now the public are up in arms, and the musical chair blame game has started. What a weak bunch of sycophants. These days, any criticism against the government or BN leaders is considered seditious. Are they gods or something? Maybe it's time we set up shrines for them.

SayaAnakBangsaMalaysia: The MCMC (read: Umno) and MCA shoot themselves in the foot again over the DJ Jamaluddin Ibrahim issue. So what's new? Racial discrimination is endemic in Malaysia thanks to Umno-BN and the Biro Tatanegara's efforts to propagate and institutionalise racial discrimination.

As usual, instead of trying to rectify the fundamental problem of institutionalised racism, they try to shoot the messenger who highlights the problem but end up shooting themselves in the foot - yet again.

Writer: According to the letter from MCMC, Jamaluddin and the ‘Hi Malaysia’ programme were suspected of "threatening national security" and "compromising race relations".

Silly isn't it? Especially when you compare that with outright racist remarks by Ahmad Ismail, Ibrahim Ali, Utusan Malaysia, and several teachers and principals who, over the past years, have made racist remarks.


Gunena: MCMC says it did not axe Jamal. The question is, who lodged the complaint to MCMC? Could it be from the MCA, someone who thinks Jamal is in the wrong camp? Jamal seems to support Ong Tee Keat. Is this the preclude of an MCA internal war?

Whatever it is, the removal of Jamal has angered thousands of his loyal fans. What do you think these angry fans would do come the next election?

Anonymous: What is so wrong with the topic of ‘racism’? It should be discussed openly nationwide, especially when we have leaders who are encouraging, or at best keeping silent, on racism and racial hatred in schools and in our daily lives.

Non-racist: Discussing and exchanging ideas on the issue of racism does not constitute an act of racism.

Lim Chong Leong: Jamal should turn to Internet radio, just like Raja Petra Kamarudin with his blog. I am sure there will be more than enough listeners to get advertisements. Just feature more of NameWee's hits. Zunar can post all his comics there as well. It can be pay per view or pay per listen.

At least we get to hear the truth and have honest discussions about how Umno treats their own race and other races as if they were milking cows. They want to drive us underground, then they shall have us underground. After all, jazz and blues came from underground.

Cops put Zunar comic vendor in a fix

Nil: A fair and just government would be able to take in criticisms and welcome them, treating them as feedback, so that it can improve on its relationship with the people. The present government seems bent on making police reports and making seditious charges at its whim and fancy and "at the drop of feather". A sign, perhaps, that it has outlived and exhausted its usefulness.


Awang Selamat columnists, Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, Utusan Malaysia and Perak mufti Harussani Zakarai are having a field day making seditious statements and getting away with it. They are the ones who are more likely to cause civil unrest and to all peace-loving Malaysians. Utusan is certainly “detrimental to public order."

But we have comic books depicting our leaders in a humorous light being treated under the purview of the Internal Security Act? What a joke. I believe the whole world must be laughing their guts out at us. Umno is definitely more desperate then we first thought.

MCA's Chua changes tune on bumi equity issue

CarL: Chua Soi Lek, like many other people, know that the Chinese are by far a great distance ahead of other races when it comes to the economy and wealth accumulation. Deserved , surely, but distributed well for the sake of national harmony, I guess not.

Taking wealth away from the Chinese and giving it to Indians or Malays would be an injustice that would not be forgivable. However, giving the Malays an additional head start with the award of contracts will be helpful. But the problem is, the contracts are then passed on to the Chinese, making a mockery of the New Economic Policy.

I believe the NEP should be reinvented to only allow Malays to progress, not to gain wealth by selling their shares or giving their contracts away. The redevelopment of Kampung Baru is a great start. It’s owned by Malays and it will be good for them to gain experience and wealth in business.

Being emotional and assuming Kg Baru is for Malays only, well, this won't get them far.

Multi Racial: When someone has dirt on them, it is difficult for them to champion anything. But MCA delegates think otherwise. Sometime I wonder what was their motive - to enrich themselves or to serve the people?

We all know that Chua Soi Lek was caught red-handed on video. He even admitted it publicly. The act involving oral sex is illegal as far as our law is concern. Never mind whether it is stupid and outdated. But it is a fact that what Chua did in the video is illegal and Umno or some others could always use this to arm-twist him. So how can Chua effectively represent anything when he came with such a baggage?

Kgen: A shout from its master is enough to silence the lapdog and make it scurry under the table. 




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