The old PAS is what Umno is now
Published:  Aug 31, 2010 12:37 AM
Updated: 2:04 AM

your say 'Previously, maybe PAS was racist, but who can deny the fact that Umno itself is racist today? Since PAS has become a Pakatan member, it has become less racist, but Umno has become worse.'

Zam's back... and gets nasty with PAS

Lim Cheng Inn: Zainuddin Maidin has faded with time, why the sudden emergence wanting to run down PAS? Are you aware that PAS today is different from yesterday? As for you, you remain stagnant in your mentality.

For your information, today the number of Malaysians who believe in ‘PAS For All' is growing. Your Umno's Malays are trying to mobilise support by making a ruckus about PAS will be futile. Let's wait and see what the next general election will bring.

KayKay: Whatever Zam's saying won't go down in history. It will not make any difference for the better. As usual, he is trying to twist-and-turn every issue, Umno-style, into a racial issue. This is just to confuse the public, play to the gallery and mask the big crimes going on under our noses, i.e. politicians taking government projects for themselves through nominees and stealing the people's hard-earned money from the public treasury.

Why doesn't this good-for-nothing talk about that? Instead, he's trying to twist PAS' so-called statements from the past on the Chinese into something else to drive a wedge between DAP, PAS and PKR.

Rober727: During that when PAS (was racist), it was with the BN, but now PAS had left the BN, that is why the party has different ideology compared to Umno.

Lim Chong Leong: So Tunku Abdul Rahman told Zam what PAS said to him in 1969? And why are these expired Umno goons keep harping on May 13, 1969? They are like an old record playing in the era of MP3. That is more than 40 years ago and people must have changed with the times by now.

Even if PAS was like that, so what? They are not now and that is what matters. And even if PAS was like that then, does it make it alright for Umno to be like what it is now? The important thing is Umno continues to be downright racist and they need to be removed.

Ablastine: The reason why parties like PAS can change for the better is because they are not encumbered by the massive corruption that Umno is. To change means having to give up its ways and this can never be because Umno and its cronies exist only for one reason and that reason is to plunder the country dry.

They were robbing the country of money which it had then, but now they are robbing the country of money (borrowed) it does not have anymore.


If the venom that is spewing from this guy’s mouth represents the progressive version of Islam Hadhari advocated by Umno, I would rather take my chance with PAS - even if it is pro-hudud - because I believe PAS will be fair to all Malaysians irrespective of colour or creed.

Chee Hoe Siew: I do not see the purpose of Zainuddin Maidin's contribution other than to incite fear among non-Malays and disrupt the unity in Pakatan. Obviously Zainuddin failed to realise that much time have passed and things changed except Umno, which still holds on to the old idea of divide-and-rule.

He has also ignored the fact that it was the fractions in Umno which created May 13. 1969, and that PAS at that point of time acted based on the hype-up racial atmosphere created by Umno. The culprit of all racial hatred has been Umno for their own vested interest to be in power and greed for wealth.

The very fact that PAS worked with DAP has shown much change in PAS perception of the Chinese. I am sure PAS has moved on. It seems that only Zainuddin Maidin still clinch on to the past.

[email protected]: PAS always sings different tunes, it's just a political party using Islam as a means to govern. They want to implement ‘hudud', but don't want to say so openly. Some PAS leaders will say yes, while others say no. They want to work with Umno but don't want to say it so openly. They work with DAP, but in each session, they bang DAP too.

PAS does not stick to Islam's accepted methods in Malaysia, and whatever decisions they make is just political. If PAS members do it, it is ‘halal', if others do it, it is ‘haram'. For example, non-Muslims in surau - since it's a PAS surau , it's okay. But if it's not, they will say it's not okay.

That is PAS: one rule for them and another for the rest of us.

A Coward: Zainuddin, in Umno there are full of such leaders (those whom you accuse of racism). They are not innovative. They can only resort to digging and creating problems for others which will never benefit the country and the rakyat. What one believed in the past is not too important, because one might already have regretted and now have a positive mindset. What's important is what ideology they are having now.

Paul Warren: This guy is such an idiot. He should know that those pictures of Elizabeth Wong were taken without her knowledge. She was sleeping! A slimebag took those pictures, and he exposed it for profit obviously. Is Elizabeth the one who is immoral? Or will Zam admit that he is nothing but a liar?

Linov20: What about the video of that man in a hotel room with a woman? Isn't he is now a big shot in MCA? Why is it that BN can accept him as a leader but not Wong? This is the pot calling the kettle black - very double standard and chauvinistic. A woman cannot do this while a man can?

Multi Racial: Maybe Zam is right. Forty years ago PAS was extreme and that was why they were not accepted. They changed for the better. This explains why the majority of Malaysians support them now. Umno 40 years ago under Tunku Abdul Rahman was fair and neutral. That why most Malaysians gave them their support without any hesitation.

Today, Umno is extremist and irresponsible. That why they've lost support. The problem with Umno is that they know the cause of the problem, but instead of prescribing the right medicine they blame others.

Md Imraz Muhd Ikhbal: Has Zam and Umno run out of ammunition to undermine the opposition for him to be so desperate as to dig out old stories just to discredit PAS? So what if PAS was all about genocide 40 years back? In fact, 20 years ago, I myself would not even touch PAS with a 10-foot pole due to their chauvinistic stance and racist ideology.

On a parallel comparison, how popular was Anwar Ibrahim then? But don't we all want him to be our next PM? People do change over time. Only Umno is different. It will never change and shall rot in its hypocrisy and corruption.

SayaAnakBangsaMalaysia: I think it's time for Malaysiakini or Al-Jazeera to interview Zainuddin Maidin again. His lies and slander seem to indicate that he has forgotten his last self-inflicted humiliation on the world stage.

Also, Zam, the so-called 'intimate photos scandal' of exco Elizabeth Wong was a vile stunt orchestrated by Umno's own poster boy for corruption, Dr Mohd Khir Toyo, who in his vindictiveness over losing his lucrative post as MB, paid her sleazebag ex-boyfriend to betray her and sell photos taken of her while she was sleeping in her own bed.

Clearly this is the kind of high moral and ethical conduct in Umno that Zam is so proud of.


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