Opposition behind Broga incinerator protest, claims state rep

A Selangor state representative today accused opposition politicians of inciting the residents of Broga a small town 40 km south of Kuala Lumpur to oppose the RM1.5 billion controversial mega-incinerator project proposed in Semenyih.

Beranang state assemblyperson Ahmad Kuris Md Noor claimed that a majority of those behind the protest were from the DAP and PAS.

"I counted many DAP and even PAS people at the so-called residents' gathering (on Dec 29). To my knowledge, very few locals are truly opposed to the idea," he said when contacted.

He also disputed the reported number of people who had gathered in Semenyih on Dec 29 in a show of protest against the incinerator, saying there were "only 200, and not 7,000 as reported by a local TV station".

Ahmad Kuris also expressed disappointment that the residents did not approach him for an explanation or to air their grievances.

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