Radio 988's sackings: Why the rush?

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vox populi big thumbnail 'Why didn't StarFM challenge MCMC's findings in court? Why did it simply accepted MCMC's findings and sacked the duo?'



Radio 988's DJ Jamal and CEO sacked

YF: Everyone knows that it is a common practise to send a warning letter first before issuing the letter of termination. Instead, we see a rushed sacking without even giving the employees sufficient notice to inform them what they did wrong and what correction or remedial punishment is needed. Why the rush? Why the drastic act?

And where is this so-called Malay rights activist group Perkasa? A Malay is being persecuted here, so why the silence? Unless, of course, Perkasa is nothing but an Umno tool and are bed buddies with the likes of Dr Chua Soi Lek.

Amaso: Why didn't StarFM challenge Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission's (MCMC) findings in court? Why did it simply accepted MCMC's findings and sacked the duo?

Alexander Yuan: Jamaluddin Ibrahim, start your own independent radio services. I bet there will be even more listeners than Radio MCA (988)!

CarL: The thing about Malaysia now is the increasing number of would-be martyrs. For crying out loud, this guy is only a DJ, and he is lapping it up like he was placed under the Internal Security Act (ISA) or something. It certainly won't do his job prospects much good.

Louis: Jamaluddin and the Radio 988 CEO should know better. The BN leadership only want you to sing song of praises for them, never mind that they are rotten to the core. Exposing their weakness is a sin nowadays, and can lead even whistleblowers to be sent behind bars. Both of them must thank their lucky stars that they were given the sack only.

Wira: Who is the licensee? Is Jamaluddin the license holder of 988 or its presenter? The company should hold itself responsible and accountable for the content since the morning programme had been running for many months with no caution nor warning from the station owners.

It is even more ridiculous to suggest that the morning programme presentation breaches condition 10.3, that is, on the moral and cultural values of the community aspirations of the nation. I suggest the duo get for themselves a good solicitor like Gorbind Singh Deo and sue their employer.

Koh Stanley Columnist: What is the big deal about the programme's content going against cultural and moral sensitivities vis-a-vis community's aspirations when a political leader with a DVD sex scandal can become a president of the party that owns the radio.

S'wak mainstream media all for chief minister

Sarawakian Papers like The Borneo Post belongs to a Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud timber crony. Of course, they will go all out to support him to continue as the chief minister. No one in his PBB or the BN dares to call for him to step down. Those who exhibited the slightest objection to him have all been mothballed.

But behind his back, the dagger is out, although no one is fit to step in his shoes. Because of that, Taib will stay for now. If the BN loses in the coming state election, just watch all the daggers being drawn. Interesting times ahead.

Junaidi: I 100 percent agree that Borneo Post is owned by a BN political runner and New Sarawak Tribute is owned by Taib. Whoever dares to go against Taib will sure be brought down... what more can we expect?

WanFair: Najib Razak, it is you who want us to trust the mainstream media . Now show us what you mean - get them to publish the wealth of Taib Mahmud and get the government agencies to simply make some simple calculations comparing his earnings and salary to his wealth in Canada, US, UK and in Malaysia. Show us, and your credibility will rise.

Stingray: It is possible to have unanimous support. The last person who opposed had been eliminated. Gold, guns and goons. I was in Sabah when Tun Mustapha Harun too had unanimous support until he was himself eliminated by people's power in the ballot box. Will we see history repeating itself?

Anonymous: We need Taib to lead Sarawak into the impending state election. Firstly, he is the ultimate icon of corruption and greed. If he were not around, we no longer have a target or an issue, and the cause for the opposition will be lost.

Secondly, Taib has already accumulated so much over 30 years, in the wake of criticism he will taper off, whereas a new CM for Sarawak will be a hungry tiger and will waste no time, and Sarawak will suffer further. Only if there is a change of government will the corrupt be brought to justice.

Knives are drawn for PKR deputy president's race

Pak: Yes, Azmin Ali may be one of the founders of the party, but it doesn't mean that the new person who joined the party should be sidelined. The yardstick must be based on the beginning of the individual's involvement, contribution and political principles as a whole, what are the person's stand on certain issues and policies related to the people?

Freemen: It's not only about loyalty in leading a party, it is about many other pre-requisites like character, ability, ground support, vision, being a team player, acceptability, patience, etc. The reality, its all about perception of the members and the voters.

Looking past all the noise and garbage reported daily, the members' minds are basically already made up as to who they are going to vote for. All this "noise" is only going to solidify this perception or position.


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