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BTN officials spit on hand that feeds them
Published:  Sep 29, 2010 12:30 AM
Updated: 4:39 AM

your say 'Dear Hamin Husin, who pays your salary? It is from the taxes from ‘Si mata sepet' and ‘Si botol' that pay your salary, dude.'


MCA tells gov't to slay BTN beast

Chipmunk: Almost everyone knows what the National Civics Bureau (BTN) does and this isn't the first time BTN officials have made such remarks in seminars and workshops. There had been similar remarks before and the government continue to turn a blind eye to the agency.

BTN should be closed for good as its initiatives are basically to get Malays to hate the Chinese and Indians. BTN officials are still living in caves. They are damaging the 1Malaysia idea and undermining PM Najib Abdul Razak.

What has newly-minted IGP Ismail Omar done on this matter? As usual, ‘No Further Action'. File closed.

Nurul Izzah: Dear Hamin Husin, who pays your salary? It is the taxes from ‘Si mata sepet' and ‘Si botol' that pay your salary, dude.

Mukhriz M: MCA can't be credible and be seen as a voice of the Chinese if it allows these things to happen and keep saying, "We'll settle it behind closed doors."

In order to give the racists a real ultimatum, it has to come from MCA chief Dr Chua Soi Lek, not Loh Seng Kok, who is a small fry to Umno. And a real ultimatum would be something like this, ‘Sack him and charge him or MCA pulls out of BN.'

JSTOM: Hamim Husin is talking about the components of BN, but he forgot 'Si kaki rasuah'!

Anak Bangsa Malaysia: The government, if it is sincere, should banish such people under the Emergency Ordinance. Better still, if the government can, once and for all, close down BTN altogether.

Instead of assisting the government to achieve its goal of unity among the different races, it is just going in the opposite direction. Mr PM, please do something about it. Don't just preach about unity and extremism in the UN. Practice it at home.

Kgen: Will MCA and MIC politicians stop clinging onto the useless 1Malaysia concept as if it is anything but an empty slogan? This slogan has been debunked and shred to pieces until it is just a laughing stock, but MCA and MIC are still clinging on to it for dear political life.

I suppose they need something to justify their continuing membership in BN, but surely this is flogging a horse which is already dead, mutilated and rotting. Shame on MCA and MIC for trying to help Najib perpetuate the 1Malaysia sham.

Their boss is a real sly person who peddles 1Malaysia on one hand, but on the other hand, is holding hands with Perkasa.

Albert: "It is time to put a halt to the arrogance and intolerance of bigots," said MCA's deputy publicity bureau chief Loh Seng Kok.

But where are the big ‘kittens' - the MCA president, deputy president and vice-presidents? So far, they have kept awfully quiet.

Do we honestly think that the MCA and MIC ministers, etc, will ever raise this issue in the cabinet? Assuming they do, do we honestly think that appropriate punishments on these delinquents will be given in a timely manner? I seriously doubt it.

It will be another case of NFA (no further action), and I am pretty sure that there will soon be other racists statements. Mark my words. Note that Hamim Husin from BTN belittled and made derogatory statements against Indians and Chinese even after all the hue and cry over the two racist principals.

JBGUY: If PM Najib cannot even defend his own policies, he should step down. He needs to rein in his deputy or give him the boot and then disband BTN.

Is the PM worried about all the scandals he has been associated with in the past? Let me tell you, we are all aware of it, and if he acts honourably from now on, it will mitigate his past indiscretions.

Anonymous: The BTN has always been a tool for Umno to spread Malay racialism. Just have a chat with ex-BTN participants, they will tell you what's taught at the training centre - nothing but Malay racialism.

They attack Anwar Ibrahim, Nik Aziz Nik Mat, and Abdul Hadi Awang as the ones selling away Malay rights. They confidently say that Malaysia is for Malays and only the Malays should govern this country. They need MCA and MIC just to maintain the majority in Parliament so that Umno Malays could rule the country.

ACoward: To isolate oneself from others by planting racism, ‘ketuanan Melayu', hatred, threat, disunity, extremism, etc, into the mind of those who attended the course - how is the nation to benefit from it? There is zero benefit for the nation, while destruction is the end result.

Michael Ng: When are all these racists remarks going to stop? Every now and then, racist remarks are mouthed by these ‘little' Napoleans. They get louder, more frequent and bolder because no serious action is ever taken against these bigots.

1citizen: Let's all get out of the sinking and sickening ship. They want all the ‘mata sepet' and ‘kaki botol' out. Let's get out and let them sink with their ‘ketuanan Melayu'.

My Malay friends who are good in what they do, never talk about race and they do compete equally with the rest of us. To them, my salutations, but there is no future in this country, guys.




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