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'We'll hail Dr M as statesman when he behaves like one'

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vox populi small thumbnail DPM Muhyiddin Yassin, don't blame the rakyat for showing disrespect to Dr M. Give us a good reason why he should support Perkasa, which is out to disrupt racial harmony. He should behave as a statesman, instead of creating racial tension among the different races.

DPM slams Azmin over 'fallen leader' remark

Anonymous: Did Dr Mahathir Mohamad show any "mutual respect" to Anwar Ibrahim when he threw him into jail for "sodomy"? Did PM Najib Abdul Razak show Anwar any "mutual respect" when Anwar was accused of "Sodomy II"?

Dingy: DPM Muhyiddin Yassin, don't blame the rakyat for showing disrespect to Dr M. Give us a good reason why he should support Perkasa, which is out to disrupt racial harmony. He should behave as a statesman, instead of creating racial tension among the different races.

Albert: "Mahathir is a reputable statesman who has contributed much to the country ..."

If Mahathir is indeed such a person, would the DPM Muhyiddin care to think through these questions:

1) Whenever he speaks now, he creates racial disharmony & hatred.

2) As the all-powerful PM of 22 years of this resource rich country, why are there still large numbers of poor Malays and poor non-Malays?

3) Massive losses suffered by the country during his leadership through MAS, Port Klang, forex trading, etc.

4) The sorry state of affairs in the judiciary, police, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and AG’s Chambers.

5) The RM50 billion out of RM52 billion worth of bumiputera equity that was disposed for quick profit during his tenure as PM, which has resulted in the 30% bumi equity being a contentious issue even today.

6) Rampant corruption across the country during his tenure as PM, which has become an incurable disease even today.

7) His cronies and family (including his billionaire son) being so filthy rich when large number of Malaysians remain poor.

Keng Yaik quits as Gerakan advisor, calls Koh an 'ostrich'

RubyStar: Even this one-time big honcho of Gerakan Lim Keng Yaik is abandoning the party like rats scampering away from a sinking ship. Koh Tsu Koon has the cheek to choose to attend an MCA function instead of his own party’s important AGM? There is no option for revival or rejuvenation. Gerakan is dead and it is better to leave now than to leave later when all is lost.

Victor Johan: Looks more like Lim Keng Yaik is jumping off a ship that's sinking.

Anon: Koh’s a real classic example of a leader who is only interested in looking after his interests and has no leadership skills. A leader must know sometimes how to be ruthless to achieve his goals. He must not be a nice guy to everyone, simply because one cannot please everyone. If he wants to be the nice guy, then he should do charitable works only.

KJ John: Sir, are you then admitting that your appointed successor is a poor choice for leadership to start with?

The Sensibility: Oh, my dear LKY, you were the one who chose Koh as president over more capable leaders like Paul Leong and others. You even encouraged him not to resign after the 2008 General Election debacle. I see the blame lies on you. You were trying all along to groom Lim Si Pin, you know who, to be the eventual leader of Gerakan. You, who jumped ship from MCA after being kicked out.

Multi-racial: Nice people don't have a place in politics. In politics, publicly you have to appear nice, but in reality, you are just the opposite. These days, there are few politicians who are there to fight for justice and the good of the country. In Malaysia, most of those few are in the opposition.

As far as Gerakan is concerned, this party had an opportunity to do something, but they kow tow to their big brother Umno. The party leaders appear to be timid and have no direction. Now Gerakan is as good as finished. Lim Keng Yiak is equally responsible for this failure. No point trying to do anything now. Just close it down. MCA, MIC and Umno eventually will suffer the same fate if they continue to do what they are doing.

Nazri: RPK will be safe if he returns

Cala: Minister Nazri Aziz is not talking sense. I particularly like the last paragraph of this news, ie, when Raja Petra Kamaruddin comes back, he must play according to the rules.

But wait for a minute, what kind of rules does Nazri have in mind? As we know, all rules are man-made (whether formal rules, formal law, or informal rules, informal constraints) and they are guided by the current regime. To expect Raja Petra to be given a fair hearing on charges levelled against him under the present circumstances is oxy- moronic to say the least.

Remember the chief judge is an Umno member/ lawyer? Perhaps Raja Petra should return when Pakatan takes over the reins. By then, a new set of judges will be appointed to our court of appeal, and the federal court. Fair trial? Not now, sir.

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