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The day Ibrahim Ali's mouth goes numb
Published:  Oct 14, 2010 8:26 AM
Updated: 9:25 AM

your say 'It's common knowledge that most sultans are under Umno's thumb so is this Umno's way of trying to get Ibrahim Ali back under their control?'

Kelantan revokes Ibrahim Ali's datukship

Mohd Hazwan: Ibrahim Ali is a liar through and through. He said he did not benefit from Sports Toto when everyone said he did. He said he was not using the handphone in Parliament the other day when everyone saw him doing so. He said he had just visited the former sultan and they were friends, and suddenly his datukship was revoked.

He may think the whole world is stupid, but I think his days are numbered.

Albert: Ibrahim Ali said: "Perkasa is defending the country's basic constitution." I am not too sure about that.

What Ibrahim Ali is defending is the blatant abuse of the constitution (i.e. Article 153). Article 153 (i.e. civil service, scholarships, education, permits) in its original form and intention, has never been threatened. Ibrahim Ali has conveniently chosen not to inform the ignorant Malays that it requires a two-third vote in Parliament to change the constitution.

Do not also forget that the military, police, judiciary, AG's Chambers, etc, are all controlled by Malays. Ibrahim Ali (supported by Mahathir Mohamad, Utusan Malaysia and the authorities) is simply creating unfounded fear among the ignorant Malays to make himself relevant.

Do we honestly think that he is doing it for the Malays (especially those Malays who were sidelined in the 40 years of affirmative action and have remained poor even now)? He is defending the abuse of Article 153 in order to continue enriching the already filthy rich Umno Malays and their cronies.

Wakaka: 'No big deal,' he said. I wonder if his perception of the remaining two 'datukship' are also the same.

Abahpenang: Even his own sultan is mad at him. Hopefully the sultan will revoke Ibrahim Ali his ‘Kelantaneseship' altogether. Ibrahim is a disgrace to the Malay and human race. It is a total humiliation for Ibrahim Ali that his datukship was revoked by his sultan.

Md Imraz Muhammed Ikhbal: "If it has something to do with Perkasa, I should be given a higher award than (a datukship) because Perkasa is defending the country's basic constitution and the royal institution," said Ibrahim Ali.

Since when can the word "desecrating" be read to mean "defending"? Ibrahim Ali is a sheer embarrassment to the Malay race and an utter disgrace to the dignity of Muslims. He should not only be stripped of the title ‘datuk', but should in fact be crowned the title ‘pariah'!

Dood: Wow, the nerve of Ibrahim Ali in thinking that he in fact should be given a greater award for his work with Perkasa.

The revocation of Ibrahim Ali's datukship was a pleasant surprise for once, coming after a whole long list of disappointing actions by our royalty. I want to know more to see if the reasons for the revocation is worthy of praise.

Kusoh: To be fair to Ibrahim Ali, there were Tuns and Tan Sris charged in courts. I guess there must be a good reason for the revocation of the title. He has other datukship for his past contributions (whatever they are) and his current status should not be a yardstick.

MKini Reader: The present Kelantan sultan has been revoking titles and positions from people close to the previous sultan. So revoking Ibrahim's may not be connected to his ultra-racist antics.

Doc: An Umno-aligned politician getting his datukship revoked is something most unusual. It's common knowledge that most sultans are under Umno's thumb so is this Umno's way of trying to get Ibrahim Ali back under their control and tame him? There is more than meets the eye here.

Anonymous: Padan muka kamu, Ibrahim Ali. Orang Melayu seperti kamu yang tidak berbudi-bahasa memang malukan kebudayaan Melayu yang lemah lembut dan peramah, bukannya menghina kaum-kaum berbudaya yang lain daripada kamu.

Lebih-lebih kelakuan dan tindak-tanduk kamu telahpun menghina nama baik Islam, bukan saja orang Melayu ataupun Kelantan. Insaf dan bertaubat, inilah yang penting, bukan sekadarnya anda masih 'Datuk' selepas penarikan daripada Sultan Kelantan.

Apa gunanya 'Datuk' sini sana kalau tidak dihormati orang jelata?

Klangboy: His character speaks volume - ‘he still has two other datukship' so basically what he is saying is ‘who cares'. Just like him choosing to dishonour the departed in Parliament. There is only one word to describe him - biadab (rude).

I feel sorry for those who supported a crass person like him and follow him blindly. Starting with Tun Mahathir Mohamad. I would have felt embarrassed to be within 10 feet of him for he pollutes the environment with his foul mouth.

Sarawakian: It must be the unkindest cut of all. The Kelantan sultan has just gone up another notch in the rakyat's eye.

Raja Chulan: To me a datukship does not matter at all. These titles are simply awarded to any Tom, Dick and Harry nowadays.

If the Kelantan ruler thinks that the katak ( frog ) must be stripped of his datukship, what about the other states (Malacca and Selangor)? Don't all Malay rulers use the same standard of measurement? Or do they have their own agenda and interest to consider?

Nicholas Lim: As far as the law and everyone is concerned, the current Sultan of Kelantan is already in power and it would be very difficult for anybody even Mahathir or a ‘toad' like Ibrahim Ali to dislodge the sultan in favour of the ex-Sultan of Kelantan or horror of horrors for the bad boy Tengku Fakhry of Manohara fame.

Perkasa deserved to get this tight slap in the face. I wonder if Perkasa and the mastermind, Mahathir, will now come out to whack the royalty in Kelantan. Mahathir is the master of republicanism after all.

Well, the palace of Selangor and the governor of Malacca ... the ball is at your feet now.

Darrel Damian: Finally. I have been wondering if this day will ever come.

My leg was numb, says Ibrahim Ali

RubyStar: Hello Tuan Ibrahim, I addressed you as such as you are still an MP but bereft of your datukship. Even when one's enemy is slain, a great warrior will still have the courtesy and the civil mindedness to give him due respect as the last rite of passage.

For the one-minute silence, you sat there yelping on the phone, which not only showed that you are disrespectful of the dead, you are uncouth, uneducated, uncultured and was unbecoming of the conduct of an MP in the August house where you are the representative of the rakyat who voted you in.

Now you gave the excuse that your leg was numb, but I say to you, the damage is done and you now affirm to the whole world of your belligerent attitude towards non-Muslims. The Sultan of Kelantan has done the right thing to take away your datukship. Long live the sultan.

Singa Pura Pura: "The Pasir Mas parliamentarian cited the constant treatment he undergoes for diabetes, which makes him drowsy and plagues him with a numbness in his legs... ‘If Ibrahim Ali is corrupt, abuses power or commits sodomy, then you attack on that,' he said."

First, one certainly hopes that the drowsiness isn't the cause of the incessant anti- pendatang vituperative. Second, one also hopes, and in good faith, that the diabetes is well under control as otherwise both his legs would sadly go numb.

But that is not necessarily a bad thing since such a condition would be a complete defence to any self-incriminating allegation of sodomy.

Anonymous: You are talking on your phone and yet you cannot observe a minute of silence for a much respected deceased comrade. Please do not con the public with your numbness act. You look stupid when you lie and even more stupid when it doesn't make sense.

There are two issues here: you are taking on the phone and not standing up. Even if your stupid fat legs are numb, can you not shut up and keep silence for a minute to pay respect to the deceased?

Kgen: His leg was numb? I wait for the day when his mouth is too numb to speak.

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