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Najib shows the real face of 1Malaysia
Published:  Oct 17, 2010 11:55 PM
Updated: Oct 18, 2010 3:05 AM

your say 'Najib tells the Chinese that if they vote for Pakatan, PAS will run the country. Then he goes and tells the Malays that if they vote Pakatan, the Chinese will run the country.'

DAP: Najib stoking 'racial fires' in the civil service

Lonestar: With all this talk of Malay privileges and ensuring survival, is Najib Razak really the ‘1Malaysia' PM? This guy must be desperate to win the Galas and Batu Sapi by-elections.

Civil servants have to be loyal to the government of the day, be it from Pakatan Rakyat or BN. They should not look to any political party to ensure their privilege or survival. They work for the rakyat as they are being paid by the rakyat.

The PM should not twist and turn this fact.

DOC: Najib tells the Chinese that if they vote for Pakatan, PAS will run the country. Then he goes and tells the Malays that if they vote Pakatan, the Chinese will run the country.

How about making an adjustment to your otherwise boring racial rhetoric which is clearly not bringing voters back to BN's or Umno's fold. For a change, you can tell the Chinese and Malays if they vote for Pakatan, the Indians will run Malaysia.

Rayfire: Najib is a third-class politician singing different tunes to different goons. As long as these people remain ignorant and insecure, no amount of effort will be enough to save Malaysia from these leeches who continue to suck the nation dry with their mega-project mania.

Anonymous: Honestly, it's impossible to trust Umno. The words from their leaders' mouths seem to be like a salesman selling insurance or a car.

Disappointed Non-Malay Civil Servant: Firstly, I think the PM has forgotten that there are also non-Malay civil servants. On the one hand, he encourages non-Malays to join civil service, on the other, he is citing examples of exclusivity of benefits towards a certain race. How would a non-Malay civil servant feel with such remarks?

Secondly, respect and support is something you earn, not command. The PM is right that when civil servants support the opposition, they are angry with the "few". Yet by uttering the statement "civil servants should know better that it is only Umno that can ensure our survival", this is clearly a statement of intimidation and threat.

Please be careful, PM - saying this in front of civil servants can make them support the opposition even more. It is counter-productive. The more you say such things, the more they will run away from you.

Multi Racial: This is the Najib we know. He tried to play the double-headed snake. To the non-Malays he shouted ‘1Malaysia' as if he is willing to die for it. To the Malays, he told them otherwise.

It is not just Najib - almost all of them in Umno, Perkasa and Utusan Malaysia are like that. Those educated can't be fooled, so they try to fool the weak.

Where are the defenders of the non-Malays - MCA, Gerakan, MIC and the rest? Only silence? They have been behaving the same for the past 50 years anyway. Their only interest is their own position.

We should vote for those who unite the people, not those who incite hatred and divide us.

Aku Malaysian: I'm not surprised. This is who Najib really is. But thanks anyway for the conclusive proof.

KSN: There was a report somewhere that out of our 1.2 million civil servants, 95 percent are Malays, and only 30 percent support Umno. Najib is clearly disappointed with this. Hence the new approach to get back their support.

In yesterday's papers, it was reported that out of 56,000 civil servants recruited recently, only about 5,000 were non-Malays and 51,000 were Malays. In short, how does the government plan to address and correct the current racial imbalance? That is what people want to hear.

Geronimo: I am so glad - after months of posturing himself as a liberal Malay with his 1Malaysia slogan, he now finally reveals his true self - the typical ultra-racist that he is. How can we continue to trust such liars?

1Malaysia is nothing more than a load of rubbish. I won't even touch Najib with a 10-foot pole.

Joe Lee: Keep up the good analysis, Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua. This episode further confirms Umno's ‘good-cop, bad-cop' double act with Perkasa.

All Malaysians must have learned by now that there's only one agenda. That agenda is not the special rights of the Malays, it is not 1Malaysia, it's not even the economy (important though that is). It's all about Umno and Umnoputras being able to continue to feed off and plunder the riches of Malaysia.

Who really cares about poor Malays? Who cares about the other down-trodden Malaysians? As far as Umno is concerned, they just want to continue to suck on all the milk and honey from Malaysia for as long as they can.

So what if they have to stir up some Malay angst here and there? If fear, loathing and hate serve the Umno agenda, then why not? If a bit of gangsterism - as master-minded by Najib himself in the Perak takeover episode - serves the larger agenda of Umno hegemony, then why not?

In short, there is nothing that Umno is not prepared to do to retain power.

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