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Why is the court not keen in finding the truth?
Published:  Oct 28, 2010 7:34 AM
Updated: Oct 28, 2010 3:12 AM

your say 'Doctor, why are you so afraid to look into your own notes? You give the impression that you have a lot of things to hide by being evasive.'

Despite Karpal's urging, doc refuses to refer to notes

Ferdtan: Everything ties up. The judge says in his ruling that the court would not allow access to the clinical notes unless the witness (ie, Dr Mohd Razali Ibrahim) is agreeable to looking at them.

The doctor, who as a witness should be impartial, apparently tried his very best not to refer to his notes to frustrate the defence.

Doctor, if you are speaking the truth, why are you so afraid to look into your own notes? You give the impression that you have a lot of things to hide by being evasive.

Lim Chong Leong: This must be the first time in any court of law that the court is not interested in finding out the truth.

In any fair system, the judge would have ordered the witness to refer to the notes, presumably made by him, to jog his memory or at least ensure that his testimony and his contemporaneous notes are consistent, and therefore the witness is credible.

Here in Bolehland, the judge refuses admission of the notes and allows the witness to insist he cannot remember while the notes are there but all parties are forced to close their eyes to it.

How can a judge refuse the defence the clinical notes in cross-examination? How can the judge and the witness both collaborate to the exclusion of the evidence by simply refusing to refer to it? This sandiwara (theatre) is becoming too obvious.

Wira: Obviously the doctor is more interested in denying Karpal's access to his notes than being accurate in his testimony because of an earlier ruling by the court in rejecting the defence's application for those notes because they are not referred to in court.

It becomes apparent today that the kangaroos are again running wild.

Josephine: This is a very interesting development. It seems so unusual for the doctor to persist in not referring to his notes. Die, die, also don't want to see. It makes you wonder what is written on those pages.

Anyway, the people's court can see clearly what is going on.

Judge denies Anwar access to clinical notes

Disgusted: Why is the prosecution not tendering the initial medical report signed by three doctors, but the final medical report only? Was there something to hide?

If Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu's entry into the country could be erased from immigration records at the airport, anything could be done to a government hospital's records. This is 1Malaysia Boleh.

Mous: It is apparent who is doing what, to ensure the desired verdict. Why can't the prosecution's side be transparent and bare all the evidence that they have to nail Anwar if they are so confident of Sodomy II?

Harrisman: Deny, deny. So what is in the notes that it cannot be made public? Somebody tried to manufacture something and is worried that it may give away something? If not, it should be open to all.

Equal access to all evidence - that's a fundamental principle of natural justice.

Z2X: Access to the clinical notes was not in the script given to the judge. He is so afraid the defence get their hands on it. Even a one-year-old kid can tell this whole trial is being run using Umno's script.

JBGUY: This is an absolutely ludicrous case and a bunch of highly-paid actors doing the bidding of a puppet master. Unfortunately, it is the rakyat who will be bearing the costs. Each day, the case drags, more venom and hate is being spat at the perpetrators who orchestrated the charge.

Etok: Ini bermakna lapuran awal ini telah diubah oleh mereka atas arahan atasan. Mereka sengaja tidak memberikan laporan ini pada awal dengan harapan Karpal Singh akan 'overlook' dan mereka mengatur permainan ini mengikut rentak Karpal.

Anwar Ibrahim, saya amat simpati dengan apa yang berlaku.

Correct, Correct, Correct: What is wrong with these Umno judges? Anything that Anwar requests is denied. Why this hide-and-seek game? This is simply disgusting.

Just me: I cannot imagine what kind of trial this is. Is this a private trial or a public one run by the government ? Everything is so secretive and hush-hush. It is obvious they have something to hide. Are the prosecutors working for Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan or the government, or both?

Ruben: Anwar's lawyers, please ensure that you check the preliminary medical report thoroughly to see if there is any tampering of the report. It is very suspicious that the prosecution is delaying the release of this report?

In Bolehland, they can do anything to erase vital evidence. So please get your experts to check it.

Also, I wish you all the best and please do your best. Anwar needs to be freed from the case as soon as possible. He has been treated unjustly for too long. We need him now to concentrate on his tasks as the opposition leader.

BN: I have never supported Anwar, but come on, PM Najib Razak, let us win the next general elections like gentlemen. Anwar and Pakatan aren't so tough - we could win respectably, but not this way. This is not good for my children.

Alan Goh: What kind of a trial is this when the request by the defence lawyers for the medical notes are denied by the judge? How to defend your client? Might as well save taxpayers' time and money and mete out the sentence already.

Anonymous: This trial is no longer a joke. It sickens me to read that all requests by Anwar's lawyers are denied time and again. Where is the rule of law? What justice is this?

How can one defend oneself when the judge is so biased and aligned with the prosecution? Imagine playing football where the referee is always favouring the other side. You'll have no chance at all.

Anonymous2: The court decision was made long ago in Putrajaya. All these actors are there to "draw the concentric circles for the target, after the arrow has been shot. This is justice for those who oppose them.

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