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Selva has got no sympathy from Hisham

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vox populi small thumbnail 'He defended the cow-head goons, but cannot defend a witness from being abused by the police or even reprimand the police for abusing a witness.'

Selva's assault: Hisham won't interfere

Dood: Funny. Hishammuddin Hussein wants to stay out of this case because he says otherwise it would be considered as interfering in police work.

Yet, he had no qualms in giving his biased opinions to the media, meeting and talking to the people involved in other cases even when police investigations were still under way, for example, the cow-head protesters .

Change agent: Hishammuddin is clearly a very incompetent home minister who has a knack of getting his priorities wrong. He empathises with the cow-head protestors, but cannot find enough sympathy to intercede for a brave Indian Malaysian who is now wrongfully detained for speaking out against police brutality.

I urge all Indian Malaysians to open your eyes and see how the BN government that you have supported faithfully for 53 years is treating one of your own. Make that two if you also include the recently-deceased R Gunasegaran .

Anonymous: This has got to be the worst home minister we ever had, in the same rank as his predecessor. He defended the cow-head goons, but cannot defend a witness from being abused by the police or even reprimand the police for abusing a witness.

Lim Chong Leong: When it was the cow-head protestors, he invited them for tea. Now when the police whack a witness, he says he cannot interfere. Now which part of the whacking is police work that the home ministry cannot interfere with?

When we ask for Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC), the bloody thugs and goons in Umno turned us down. This is what happens. There is no accountability and the police have become samseng (gangsters).

Disgusted: What kind of country is this and what kind of laws we have where police can do as they like and no one, including the minister in charge of them, says he can't do anything about it? Who then is the police force answerable to?

How very convenient to wash his hands off the issue. What is the home minister in charge of? The kitchen?

This is like the glorified education minister - who is also the DPM and second-most powerful person in the land - when he said he cannot interfere in the racist teachers' attitude as it was beyond his scope of powers.

How can the rakyat take such rubbish from Umno politicians?

Rolls-Royce: Why do you think the police can act the way they did? Because we have a nincompoop and irresponsible minister who prefer to tell you to ask the police what has happened to K Selvachandran.

Where is Hindraf? The Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is here - why don't you guys go demonstrate in front of his function? Hindraf, you either join Pakatan Rakyat or you fold, as simple as that.

Pakatan gets riled up over DAP 'harbi' banner

Sunnyd: Maybe the poster should not have been put up. Still the question has to be answered. Can two parties with totally opposite ideologies agree on a common platform? So far, they seem to agree to disagree. If and when in power, the situation may be different.

Lim Chong Leong: They may have different ideologies on forming an Islamic state but they have so much more in common, like meritocractic education and business opportunities, anti-corruption, transparency and accountability and good governance, healthcare, poverty eradication, national budget - things that are more day-to-day and catering to the immediate needs of our people.

ACR: Politics is dynamic and so are politicians. Voters should be equally fluid in their support and base their vote on substantive issues of the day.

Everyone is aware of the Barisan Alternatif alliance of the late 1990s and what led to the undoing of BA. The 12th general election had shown what could be achieved by the opposition by operating on a common platform and it is hoped that they strengthen this.

Back to the 'harbi' banner issue, would it be fair to PM Najib Razak if banners are printed and hanged around saying 'we will bathe the keris with Chinese blood'? Najib would not do this, at least not now. So grow up and politick responsibly.

VK Ling-a-Lingam: Who else could have done this with its dirty tactics? Throw them out of Parliament! Didn't Umno say Malays should be united and not fight each other? Well, why can't they just give the seat back to PAS?

We all support PAS because it is a more moderate and pious political party, unlike Umno members who are playing up all sorts of racial and religious sensitivities in the country.

Tok Janggut: Who else could have done that poster? Surely it is by the masters of ‘divide and rule'. The poster says DAP disagrees with the Islamic state - at least they are honest about it.

What about Umno - shouldn't they be thinking of forming an Islamic state, since all their members are Muslims? Make your stand known, Umno. Are you too worried to offend MCA, MIC and Gerakan?

Freemsia: Only Umno, which hopes to hold on power via divide and rule, can commit such an act of putting up a banner like that. It looks like Najib's ask for tolerance have just went out the window by the members of the very party he leads.

Anti-logging activist's arrest: DAP submits motion

Lover Boy: Bar Council chairperson, are you going to sit quietly and allow our brothers in East Malaysia suffer this abject and blatant abuse?

I am aware that we in West Malaysia are unable to practise law in East Malaysia, but that does not means we can sit by and watch this abuse and victimisation of our brothers in Sarawak.

K Ragunathan, the Bar Council is the last bastion. If we are not going to stand for them, no one else will. I say it is time that the lawyers send a memorandum to Putrajaya and highlight the abuses. Keeping silent is no longer an option.

Yeoh Chee Weng: West Malaysians must stand up now to help the Ibans and Penans to defend their native lands from the greedy politicians and their henchmen.

The loggers only value our forests to enrich themselves and the politicians behind them. They rape the land that rightfully belongs to the indigenous bumiputeras.

If West Malaysians do not show their solidarity with their East Malaysian brothers and sisters to defend our forests, then Malaysia is lost. The Bar Council and all NGOs who sing about conservation of our natural heritage must act now before it is too late.

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