Why was Rosmah representing PM, not DPM?

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vox populi small thumbnail 'Why pick his wife to read his speech? Why was his deputy Muhyiddin sidelined? Was it because he once said that he was Malay first?'

Najib down with chickenpox ahead of key meetings

Pure Malaysian: "At the function, (Najib Razak's wife) Rosmah (Mansor), who represented the prime minister, launched the 1Malaysia Deepavali Carnival."

I don't understand. Why was it not DPM Muhyiddin Yassin to take on the tasks when PM was unavailable? In Bolehland, is it the PM's wife who takes on the role?

Anonymous: Rosmah's reading of Najib's speech proves one of the following two things:

1) Rosmah is the real prime minister of Malaysia because the function of reading Najib's speech was supposed to have been done by the DPM (or other ministers), as per government protocols, not the PM's wife; or

2) The DPM was ‘rejected' by Najib to launch the function due to his ‘Malay-first' stand - in contrast to Najib's ‘Malaysian First' concept.

P Dev Anand Pillai: So it looks as though Indian Malaysians are going to buy the same crap after being cheated again and again. After they vote in the BN, the tune will change and the little Napoleans will be back once again, chasing the Indians out of settlements, refusing them legal identification, jobs and a fair share of the economic pie.

So with the Indians back in the BN barn it will now take the Chinese and the progressive Malays to make a change. Perhaps the Indians can't wait for water, electricity, toll, petrol and other amenities to go up. Or perhaps they will come crying to the opposition when this happens.

Social engineering for 53 years have made them incapable of standing up for equality. They will never be able to ask how inferior they are from the others that they cannot be given some important positions such as the CJ (chief justice) or IGP (inspector-general of police).

Strange: Strange that at his age he gets chicken pox. If I remember correctly, people get chicken pox at an early age. Well, whatever pox it is, we Malaysians should wish him well.

Why pick his wife to read his speech? Why was his deputy Muhyiddin sidelined? Was it because he once said that he is Malay first, which does not sound the same as 1Malaysia?

Azhar suspended for 6 months

Ramakrishnan: Kudos to the Penang state assembly for the appropriate decision. Serves this racist right. Send a message to other Umno racists to behave, otherwise, suspend them till next state election.

Dennis Madden: I thought parliamentary privileges allowed parliamentarians to say whatever they liked. But of course this is Malaysia, where nowhere is freedom of expression allowed. I'm disgusted that the committee should play the same silly games that Umno plays and have suspended this guy for (of all things) ‘sedition'.

If there ever was an outdated concept in a democracy, it's sedition. Penang is playing the same silly "I don't like what you say" games for which this country has become famous. Malaysia loses, democracy loses. Well done, Penang.

Tired: Day by day, the Penang government is behaving like BN, doing the same many things that Pakatan Rakyat has criticised and lambasted them for previously. This is what happens when someone is given power but does not know to use it correctly.

It's funny how some people feel it fit to support the Penang government when in the past, when DAP, PAS or PKR representatives in the Dewan Rakyat and state assemblies were suspended, they were the one who shouted at the top of their lungs that BN was cruel, democracy was dead and the opposition was being bullied.

I consider this act as blind obedience.

Rolls-Royce: When an assemblyman is suspended, we must find out the reasons and whether or not those reasons have been clearly established. It is clear to me this Umno guy was spitting venom and trying to incite discontent among the people of different races.

He deserves more than six months, but of course, it is the sense of fairness of Pakatan that he got only six months.

CarL: I believe Azhar deserved this. Remarks like what he said was hurting to many who have seen atrocities. Some lost family members to the ugliest thing to ever taint Malaya/Malaysian history.

The problem with Lim Guan Eng is that he's treating Penang like it belongs to his grandfather, which is not much better than the previous administration if going by what everybody says.

So we come back to one comment - are LGE and DAP any different than BN? LGE can do as he pleases and defy the federal government, but surely when PKR takes over, would they allow that?

Wira: It is very clear that Azhar had not apologised for his threat, although he had withdrawn it. Obviously he wasn't even clear about the difference in meaning between the withdrawal of an offensive statement and an apology for making that statement.

Remorseless racists should be excluded from the august house for the good of the state.

Auditor-General: No one tells me what I can't probe

Ruben: The auditor-general is clearly doing a very good job. He has been highlighting for many years the rampant abuse by the government, especially at the ministerial and departmental level. It clearly also shows what the lack of non-transparency and accountability is causing us. Billions of ringgit being wasted away.

The sad thing, though, is that the follow-through investigations and resulting remedial efforts are so lacking. The underlying root cause hardly gets resolved.

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