PI Bala's case closed: What about Najib's?

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vox populi small thumbnail 'Karma awaits those responsible for Altantuya's death. Remember God cannot be mocked and whatever one sows, he or she will reap.'

Gov't closes PI Bala's 'double SD' case

Disgusted: The Altantuya Shaariibuu case is not closed in the rakyat's mind. It will go on and on until justice is truly served. She will continue to haunt all those responsible for her murder, and so will Teoh Beng Hock, A Kugan, R Gunasegaran, Aminulrasyid Amzah and many others.

The road to Putrajaya is paved with many dead bodies which cry out for retribution for their untimely and violent death. Karma awaits those responsible for them. Remember God cannot be mocked and whatever one sows, he or she will reap.

Monsterball: This means PM Najib Razak should be investigated for his famous "frivolous" remark in responding to P Balasubramaniam's 81 answers to three lawyers. And since the three lawyers concluded that Bala cannot possibly lie in all the 81 questions - which were answered convincingly - then Najib is probably lying and he should be investigated.

Loyal Malaysian: Closed or otherwise, does it make a difference? Because of the personalities involved, the authorities - if indeed there is any authority here other than the Umnoputras - will not dare touch the case with a 10-foot pole.

EC: 18,493 are spouses of postal vote applicants

Rick Teo: The Election Commission is a disgrace. They are totally beholden to Umno. The next election will be rigged to ensure a BN victory no matter what. Najib himself have said they will defend Putrajaya at all cost, meaning they are prepared to resort using foul means too.

The sudden increase in postal voters clearly illustrates their intent to manipulate the results as those casting postal votes can easily avoid scrutiny. The only way to combat this is to have as much opposition votes as possible so that it will offset the postal votes.

OMG: So 18,493 spouses all wake up one day and decide to apply to be postal voters at the same time and for the first time in history? Hmmm, if that isn't a miracle for the BN. I see the power of our vote diluted, corrupted and destroyed.

"We will protect Putrajaya at all costs," said Najib. The costs are becoming more and more apparent.

Kgen: Everybody knows that the EC is biased. Their job is to help Umno maintain power. The EC has enough tricks up its sleeve to write a textbook on how to fix and influence elections.

If the helicopter transport in Galas is above board, why not allow a representative from the opposition to accompany the ballot box?

So near, yet so far for Batu Sapi's poor

Mangodurian: This is a good piece of reporting! You don't see this in the mainstream papers. It gives great insight into how money politics by BN works.

It is these little people that count. And it is in BN's interest that they don't get too far up the economic and social ladder. They've got the best gift of their lives - a Malaysian citizenship as opposed to a Phillippines one.

That's like the US giving you a green card. Of course, you'd accept and be forever grateful. Enough to regard BN as a mythical 'bapa'. For these folks, equality, justice, FDI are nonsense compared to a RM200 vote reward.

The question then for the opposition - what they can do given that they surely shouldn't be playing the same money politics game? And since this is not their territory, they can't bring development to them to make them see what they are missing.

Petestop: Look at it from economic point of view, it is in the interest of BN to keep them poor. The poor don't pay taxes, so, any goodies from the government feels like heaven-sent, instead of you feeling being robbed by the government and giving you back peanuts.

So, it is in BN's best interest to keep these people poor, not only their money dole out during election will be more effective, these people don't know better and probably look at ‘BN bapak kaya, Pakatan bapak miskin'.

Obviously nobody have taught them about ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad', that is why they will perpetually remain in abject poverty to be exploited by BN, but still become the fixed deposit for BN, while all the BN leaders live lavishly at the expense of the people.

The BN is very cunning and smart, they created a win-win for them and continue to suck the blood out of the ordinary citizens.

Wira: After hoping for a generation or more, those poor folks are still hoping. It's so unfortunate that the forgotten ones are still condoning the acts of legal robbers in their state. Change they should and change they must.

Yobama: Change is not in everybody's vocabulary. It is a venture into the unknown. They'd rather remain poor in return for the freedom to live in Sabah and a blue IC (i.e. MyKad). They do not aspire for anything more. The country they came from was far worse. There, they were persecuted for professing their religion. They were a minority in their former homeland.

So when they were given the chance to settle in Sabah, they grabbed it. They don't care about politics. They will show their gratitude to the party that gave them their MyKads that certify them as bona-fide citizens.

We have to wait for the next generation of voters from these group. We can only hope for change among the original citizens of Sabah, be they Muslims or non-Muslims.

Sandakan: This report shows the situation in Sabah and why the majority in rural constituencies remain poor and illiterate. The prospect of collecting RM200 from Umno will ensure that they will vote for Umno/BN.

West Malaysians can now understand how difficult it is to dislodge Umno/BN from their 'fixed deposit'.

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