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Of WikiLeaks, S'pore spies and the SB
Published:  Dec 13, 2010 8:13 AM
Updated: 2:47 AM

your say 'All these leaked cables are just somebody's opinions. Whether they are true or not, is anyone's guess.'

Wikileaks: Anwar walked into sex trap, says Kuan Yew

Rocky: Where did this intelligence come from? Singapore spies? Or Malaysia's Special Branch? If Anwar Ibrahim was set up, it was likely to have been the Special Branch. Now if they did this, surely there will be a video, like in the case of MCA chief Dr Chua Soi Lek.

Chua's case was done by amateurs. Surely our SBs have all the right tools to do a professional job. And if they have the video, they would have leaked it. So take this ‘Singapore leak' with a pinch of salt.

Albert: Why are the media, including Malaysiakini , focussing on Anwar's sodomy case as if what was reported by Wikileaks is really the truth and Anwar is expected to respond? Let the on-going court case decides. The onus is for the prosecution to prove the case. If Anwar is found guilty, so be it.

And I found it rather surprising that not much attention was focussed on other reported items from Wikileaks which are in fact more damaging to the country. That Malaysia was described as being on a "dangerous" decline fuelled by "incompetent politicians"; that a "distinct possibility of racial conflict" could see ethnic Chinese "flee" Malaysia and "overwhelm" Singapore; and that former PM Dr Mahathir Mohomad had been 'throwing stones' at his replacement Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

If Anwar is expected to respond, then the media should also ask PM Najib Razak and Mahathir to do the same.

Lim Chong Leong: Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew is not a witness in the case. His conclusion, as told to the Australians, has no basis or supported by evidence. The court so far has been a farce of hiding crucial evidence and witnesses refusing to refer to their notes.

High Court judge Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah has shown extreme bias by threatening the defence with contempt when lawyer Karpal Singh was only preforming his duty to defend the accused.

Lee Kuan Yew's hunch, which is all that it is, bears no impact to an intelligent person. If this news is intended to confuse and influence the right-thinking members of society, it would have failed miserably.

Rolls-Royce: The intelligence services always think they are more intelligent than others. Honestly, how much of the so-called leaked information are actually hunches that most of us have already had anyway?

Singapore talking bad about Malaysia, US talking bad about North Korea and Burma, Pakistan or Malaysia talking bad about Israel or Singapore, etc. These are to be expected. If we think these are great enlightenments, then we are the idiots.

Anyway, I don't even care whether Anwar was really involved or not. Do you? What difference does it make to the cause we are fighting for? Between a ‘sodomist' and a plunderer, a corrupt, a pilferer and an abuser, which do you prefer?

Swipenter: So they are saying that Anwar's basic instincts got the better of his judgment. Did he or didn't he do it? Why are they withholding vital information from the defence team then?

Cala: Do not trust Lee Kuan Yew that fast. Whether it was a set-up or otherwise, by now it is already academic. Other events have overtaken it, which points to the falsification of allegations made against Anwar:

i) Why did Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan behave the way he did?

ii) Why he did not pass motion for two or three days?

iii) Why did the doctor who examined him find nothing inside Saiful's rectum (which means Saiful was lying about not passing motion)?

iv) Why did the judge behave the way he was if indeed solid evidence was in store?

Lee Kuan Yew may be a respectable statesman, but remember he is also a lawyer. One only has to read one of his two books to see how he argued his way out of trouble, such as how he claimed the fault was on Tunku Abdul Rahman that caused Singapore's ouster.

Apparently it is an acceptable practice that one of the objectives of setting up an embassy in a foreign country is to collect information, data, building networks, etc, in order to protect your interest. Call it in any name; it is an exercise of espionage alright.

Victor Johan: If the sodomy incident was an engineered work, how come Saiful appeared at Anwar's house the day after the said 'set-up' date, and it took Saiful days later to get himself medically checked? If this was all a 'set up', then why did they not plan and orchestrate so that the pitiful Saiful not have to suffer by not going to the toilet for so many days?

Lesungbatu: In this present days, anal sex is common in every corner of the world. Call it whatever you may, but I won't be prejudice towards others' preferences.

If Umno/BN says that carnal sex is condemned in Malaysia as Islam is the official religion, how about corruption? Murder? Stealing and abusing rakyat's money? Those are very much condemned in Islam.

As a Muslim PM, Najib and his goons who are Muslims should also practice Islam teachings in their administration, i.e honesty, integrity, truthfulness, sincerity, etc. Don't be selective and pick only on the opposition. Look at yourself in the mirror before talking about others.

Isa@1penyu: Of course to Anwar's hardcore supporters there is nothing wrong in anal sex. Forget that he is a Muslim, it's then easier to accept it as okay.

Singa Pura Pura: How about murder? Ain't that really the one to fuss about? Murder most foul, one that is infinitely more culpable and heinous than someone's supposed phallic misadventure. And yet we haven't even gotten to the bottom of the one that counts the most.

Teoh Beng Hock steps into an agency of the state at an unearthly hour and literally drops dead at the doorstep of the government in power. He was to register his marriage the next day and yet he decided to take his own life?

Altantuya Shaariibuu came to Malaysia and was blown to bits. The whole country and the world at large is to believe that two trolling cops did it all on their very own for their very own reasons. But their faces have never been seen.

Ferdtan: According to WikiLeaks, Australian and Singapore intelligence communicated to US that Anwar's sodomy was set up by his political enemies and that "he probably knew about it, but walked into it".

The question most people would like to ask: if Anwar knew it was a trap, then why did he deliberately walk into it? Was he that stupid? Or did he have suicidal tendencies? Once bitten, he should be twice shy. Didn't he suffer enough the first time in his sodomy charge under Mahathir that he would fall into the same trap?

It was allegedly pointed out by the intelligence that it was a set-up operation - then how come it was so amateurish done with no real evidence to show. No photos, no videos (such as Chua Sok Lek's sexual tryst in a hotel room) and no witnesses - none.

Each country has their own self interest to serve - Australia under Kevin Rudd and Singapore under indirect rule of Lee Kuan Yew, most probably tried to pull a 'fast one' on Uncle Sam, whatever the reasons.

Pemerhati: The US attacked Iraq after Colin Powell proved to the world with all the photographic and other intelligence information that it had weapons of mass destruction. After defeating and occupying Iraq they did not find any WMD and thus showed to the world how inaccurate and unreliable the intelligence from the world's most technologically advanced country was.

Now in Anwar's case, Singapore's information is based on some ‘technical intelligence' in 2008, which The Sun-Herald said is likely to relate to intercepted communications.

Subsequent revelations in 2010, such as the bizarre behaviour of the prosecution, doctors and the judge in not revealing all the necessary information to Anwar's defence team indicates that there is no clinical or other evidence for the sodomy allegation.

The intelligence people probably correctly assessed in 2008 that it was a set-up job by BN but like the US blunder on Iraq, they have most probably erred on the sodomy allegation.

Proarte: Let us see the proof. What is the nature of this 'technical intelligence'? Do they have video recordings? Why not 'WikiLeak' it onto the Internet? Why 'Wikileak' only innuendos? It is to Singapore's advantage to have Malaysia ruled by corrupt incompetents. Singapore benefits from non-Malay brain drain. They want it to continue. They do not want to see a vibrant democracy in Malaysia.

Let us see a photo of Anwar hugging or kissing Saiful then I may be convinced of the other allegations. Is it so hard for Singapore SB or Malaysian SB to show us these simple pieces of corroborating evidence? It looks like Singapore is determined to see the opposition in Malaysia flounder.

Wira: Now ask yourself this. If the source is from the Malaysian police, would you believe the story?

FairMind: What is the big fuss about what Lee Kuan Yew said privately behind someone's back? It happens all the time even in offices, between neighbours and even among small children. If you hear what Mahathir said about Lee Kuan Yew behind his back privately, your jaw might dropped.

Realistic: It's just like in the US where former president George W Bush was misinformed, or deliberately misinformed, about the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Lee's intelligence source may not be right or was deliberately fed with that misinformation.

All these leaked cables are just somebody's opinions. Whether they are true or not, is anyone's guess.

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