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Who to 'police' the police?
Published:  Dec 26, 2010 8:04 AM
Updated: Dec 27, 2010 12:32 AM

your say 'Jensen (Chia, as I know him by), is the most likeable and generous person that you can meet anywhere. He definitely does not deserve this.'

Beaten and robbed by cops over expired road tax

Habib RAK: The myth that only a few black sheep are in PDRM (royal police force) is now busted. This blatant and wanton abuse of authority by not one or two police personnel but by more than 10 officers at different time and location indicates that brutality is widespread within the force.

Such abuse can only happen when we have highly incompetent police personnel whose only capability is to act and do work in thuggish and mafia fashion. If the police were professionals, they would have easily established the victim's background and credibility in no time.

Instead, they assaulted him and stole his money. This incident adds to the long list of blatant abuses by the police which once again demands for the implementation of IPCMC (Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission).

Anonymous: Jensen (Chia, as I know him by), is the most likeable and generous person that you can meet anywhere. I have my pictures framed by him in TTDI (Taman Tun Dr Ismail). He contributes every month to the poor. He definitely does not deserve this.

To know that this atrocious crime has been committed against him by none other than the very people who should be protecting society is sad and frightening. What should we do? Use your vote wisely to change this government that has no moral authority to make the necessary changes to the police force.

Rolls-Royce: It is simple; an abusive police force, a police force that is ill-disciplined, greedy, corrupt, and has no respect for human rights and human dignity will eventually have no respect for your political affiliation, race and religion.

Those who complained here I believed have not done so out of political reasons alone. We must always ask who is in charge of police force today. Who has the authority to discipline the police force today? The complaint is directed toward the authority in charge.

If Pakatan Rakyat is in control of the federal government and in charge of the police force today, I believe the people will go the street to demand that the minister concerned and the IGP resign immediately. They will demand that the police officers involved be investigated immediately.

Cala: Who is to ‘police' the police? What is the lesson learned from Chia Buang Hing's ordeal in the hands of thug-like police (from Kota Damansara police station)?

Let me cover two issues. First, while no complete solution is in sight, we should act to prevent the police from getting oversized. To do that, do consider splitting them up according to states. Second, following from (i), make state police chief answerable to the chief minister of the state. Ultimately, this new system ensures that the police are accountable to the people.

In conclusion, Chia's ordeal is yet another reminder of the brutality of the enforcement agencies. In this case, Chia is lucky to have survived the beatings. Say ‘no' to police gangsterism. Please, no more another TBH (Teoh Beng Hock), sir. One is too many.

Neders: I try not to consider this case to be a racial or political one. However, at the back of my mind, I am inclined to believe it is somehow connected with this ‘ketuanan' crap. This warped social engineering perpetrated by TDM (Dr Mahathir Mohamad) has implanted into the Malay pysche that they are indeed a supremacist race in this country and that non-Malays must be shown their place.

Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa will go along with this I am sure. Chia was beaten to a pulp at four locations, one of which was at a public car park. Didn't the police officer involved fear that they may be severely punished for this crime of assault and robbery? No, simply because they believe they have the tacit protection of the Umno regime.

I ask myself: am I paranoid? I don't think so. I look around me and racism is as thick as pea soup and the way the PDRM behave these days leads me to believe that the present regime is their political master. How sad and frightening at the same time.

Pain Killer: If indeed a thorough investigating has been set up, then all those police officers involved should be suspended. The police force must be seen that they do not condone the act, and that they will come down hard on the transgressors. The forensic team should be able to identify whose bloodstains were found at the alleged crime scene.

But why is it that my intuition is telling me that the spin doctors will make this case slip away into oblivion and forgotten?

Not Confused: This is the most disgusting incident that I have read since arriving here eight years ago. Words fail me as to how this country could have sunk so low.

Pakatan must take control of Putrajaya and put a stop to this unbridled abuse of power by the PDRM (and others). The entire force should be fired and rehired only after thorough vetting to ensure their integrity. The IGP (police chief) should resign immediately. Such incidents call for dramatic and uncompromising action.


Pietiring: Where do we go from here? I've been suppressing myself in saying that very few cops are bad, while the majority are good cops. But how do I reason out after going through Chia's horrific experience with the law enforcers. Do I have to wait until I get the other side of the story from the official source?

Hardly a few days ago, news were screaming with the horrific accident in which 27 people, mostly Thai tourists, were killed when the local bus in which they were traveling overturned. I simply cannot fathom why tourists are coming here to die along with thousands of Malaysians who have been killed yearly on our highways-turned-graveyards.

Victor Johan: There should be an official statement from the home minister. Should his statement be a non-commital one, and/or an inappropriate recourse be taken by him, the victim should press charges and the court hearing must be conducted on an urgent basis.

Citizen: This is terrible. Things are getting out of hand as far as the police is concerned. It is time that the 27 million Malaysians go on a protest march against the police and the government for crimes against the citizens of Malaysia. I call upon every political party to rise and act. Let all NGOs rise against the barbaric actions of the police.

Simon Lee: We are living in a false sense of security. This is a lawless county. When the very institution (the judiciary, the MACC, the AG or the police) that has sworn in the name of Allah to protect the rakyat and ensure peace in our nation, are the main perpetrators of crime against the innocent rakyat, and when the innocent rakyat are treated with such injustice: brutality, torture and abuse, we cannot imagine how real criminals: juvenile and petty criminals are being treated by such institutions. This may explain the countless death in the police lockup.

MySecret: I'm surprise they didn't find any ‘parang' in his car and that he did not attempt to commit suicide out of shame for not having a valid road tax.

Ravindran Supiiah: All I can say is to wish the PDRM Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. What a shame to our nation.

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