Bibles more 'dangerous' than nuke plants?

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your say 'They don't fear the danger of radioactive material spilling all over Malaysia, but treat the Bibles as if they contain radioactive particles.'

Home Ministry defends stamp on Al-Kitab

Malaysiawatch4.blogspot: It is common for scholars of religion to study the different religious holy books in order to understand comparative religions but most do not change their religions. Even if they did, so what?

In fact Malaysians as a whole could benefit if our schools provide a short term course on ‘Comparative Religions' that will give young Malaysians a basic understanding of the main religions in Malaysia. That would benefit us more than the current quarrel over ‘Interlok', which should belong to the trashy novel section.

So if a few Malaysians decide to change their religion, is it a national calamity? So much publicity has been generated by the inept stance of the government that some curious Muslims might want to browse the forbidden fruit.

Now we can understand why the government needs so many civil servants. They are doing useless and unproductive work by stamping the 5,000 Al-Kitab. In fact their work is worse than useless as it creates religious disharmony and unrest.

Of course, the minister is too arrogant to engage with the BSM (Bible Society of Malaysia). He does not need to as he is ‘Malay first'. Better collect those defaced Bibles soon or he will wave his keris.

Multi Racial: Remember this minister defended those cow-head protestors and now he defended the stamping on the Bibles. Indeed, it was his mistake and in other democratic countries, he would be asked to resign. Here in Malaysia, not only he did not resign, he did not even apologise.

To make matter worse, he talk arrogantly. Good luck to those in Johor who voted for him. I am sure those who voted him will be appropriately blessed.

Louis: Hishammuddin, by following blindly a practice of stamping the Bibles by the previous government just goes to show that you have no mind of your own. You have the power to stop the practice and you just refused to do it.

As a Christian, I feel insulted by the act of defacing the book containing the words of God. I am sure Muslims will feel just as hurt if the Quran is stamped with remarks like ‘For Muslims Only'.

Disbeliever: Stamping and giving serial numbers to the Bibles can mean only one thing: the BN government still considers the Bible a national threat.

Dumbkong: All people of all religions are always encouraged by their religion to read as much as possible to enrich their knowledge. This was what Prophet Mohammad said to everyone - go out and seek knowledge.

It has never been the task of any government to stop anyone from reading any book he/she fancy. A government can stop the sale of a book, but it can never stop the reading of the book. After all, reading is our divine-given right.

What the BN government has done is against our fundamental human right, and worst of all, against the true Islamic teaching. I call upon all pious people of all religions to stand up to this nonsense from the Umno government, who are bending backwards just to please a small group of their own people who have a distorted mind.

Anonymous_40a7: Where on this world can you find Bibles being stamped ‘For Christians Only'? Which country put serial numbers on Bibles? What country have a irresponsible, idiotic and insensitive Home Ministry? Only in Malaysia. God save us all.

Broom Squardo: Hishammuddin is foolishly arrogant, and deeply hurting Christians with his stupid and insulting comments.

Anonymous_5fb: I can't understand why Umno is so scared of letting the Malay Muslims read the Al-Kitab. Many non-Christians read the Bible and yet still remain who they are and not convert to Christianity.

I believe many Muslims have read the Bible as well and are still Muslims. Come on Hishammuddin, I believe you have read the Bible before as you studied in a Christian missionary school before.

There are better things to do than always playing the ultra-Malay and religious politics.

Gerard Samuel Vijayan: Please produce the Al-Quran that is stamped and has a serial number for public viewing. This is typical arrogance, conceit and rudeness from a Muslim-dominated government that has forgotten about the rights of minorities as protected under the federal constitution and also enjoined by true Islam.

For Umno, it is all about politics and the desperate need to project itself as the true defender of Islam and Malay supremacy. If the ‘Allah' word is the problem (which the rest of the Muslim world disagrees with) then tell the Appeals Court to hear and dispose the case at the soonest. What happened to the chief justice's KPI on this case?

It is unbelievable that an appeal can be pending since 2009 despite having 22 judges in the Appeals Court to hear appeals. Let the court decide. In fact, the Catholic Church was too kind to agree to the stay on the High Court judgment.

But this issue has got nothing to do with restricting the use of the BM version of the Bible and stamping it like some ‘dangerous' publication.

Soapbox_40a0: It seems to me that they don't fear the danger of radioactive material spilling all over Malaysia, but treat these holy books as if they contain material more deadly than radioactive particles. Well, maybe it might just blow BN into smithereens.

SusahKes: You know what saddens me the most? The fact that the usual bunch of eunuchs - MCA, Gerakan, MIC, PPP and so on - continue to tolerate Umno's warlord style and attitude. Umno won't be the downfall of Malaysia; it's these eunuchs who suck up and can't stand up to Umno's shenanigans that are leading Malaysians down.

Think: It should be fine if the Home Ministry also places a ministry stamp on copies of Al-Quran that says, "Al-Quran ini adalah untuk kegunaan penganut agama Islam sahaja" (This Quran is for the use of Muslims only).

Keturunan Malaysia: And this man is our home minister? So my fellow Malaysians, now you are seeing the stripes surfacing on the skin and with enough time, maybe even the fangs will start protruding out.

Quigonbond: Nothing irks me more than someone telling me that something is done because it has been standard practice. If such practice is outdated, what's stopping an illustrious minister from revising it?

Are the rationale against stamping the remark ‘For Christians Only' wrong? I doubt so. Why would the government be all riled up if a Buddhist, Hindu, atheist, agnostic, etc, wants to read the Bible? Now, they can't.


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