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Sex, lies and videotape
Published:  Mar 22, 2011 8:50 AM
Updated: 8:52 AM

your say 'How much more evil can the Umno government inflict on one man? Sodomy, adultery, stripped, jailed and assaulted. Enough is enough.'

Top opposition politician caught on sex video?

Ferdtan: How convenient when the Sarawak assembly had just been dissolved for election that this explosive sex video, purporting to be the opposition leader as culprit comes out in public. This certainly would be a 'no holds barred' campaign in the coming weeks. The whole episode stinks to high heaven.

Datuk T dared not reveal himself. He didn't report the sex video to the police which is the rightful thing to do. He, with impunity, can organised a video viewing sessions with the press without the interference of the police.

If the allegation, which is as recent as Feb 21, is true, then Anwar is the most stupid man on earth: knowing that the Umno regime is watching his every move. It is unbelievable that alleged tryst is in the country: we hear of opposition leaders, including Anwar going abroad when they had important matters to discuss to avoid the snooping from Umno.

How much more evil can the Umno government inflict on one man? Sodomy, adultery, stripped, jailed and assaulted. Enough is enough.

Pemerhati: The fact that the pornographic video was shown at Carcosa Seri Negara without any fear of police action of this illegal activity, strongly indicates that the organisers enjoy the same immunity and support as the cow-head protesters. That gives us a good clue as to who created and produced this drama.

Now the big question is, is this a work of fiction, similar to Sodomy II, created by using a look alike actor or is it as genuine as the Chua Soi Lek video? If we go by the Chua example, the government, if it is not practising double standards, would immediately ban it and prosecute the organisers of this illegal activity.

If the government does not do anything and encourages its dissemination, then it would be reasonable to conclude that this is another campaign by BN to smear and persecute the Pakatan leadership, similar to the Sodomy II trial.

If the performer in the video is really a Pakatan leader then Malaysians will have to choose between an alleged adulterer and one who allegedly steals billions and commits murder.

Abasir: The shady characters behind this video screening are hoping that stuff like this will neutralise anti-government sentiment and turn the tide against the opposition.

They still don't seem to get it. It is the growing anger and disgust at the wholesale looting of this country for the last five decades, the reign of mediocrity and gross incompetence in all our institutions and all the other attendant ills that has shifted support away from this gang of crooks and inepts.

If they had any substance in the first place, they would have focussed on self-improvement rather than spend all their waking hours plotting against and demonising the opposition. So it looks like idiocy will continue to reign supreme.

Singa Pura Pura: This is the most extraordinary story I have ever heard in my life. Of all the people in the world, this Datuk T (hereinafter ‘the narrator') was specifically chosen by the leader of the opposition to go on a reconnaissance mission to look for a missing Omega wrist watch - which had supposedly been stolen by a woman from China - in a room in which the leader of the opposition was supposed to have had sexual intercourse with this thief of woman.

What next? The narrator was a close confidante (and sexual liaison ala S Nallakaruppan) of the leader of the opposition, and he had retrieved the wrist watch from the thief of Peking. After a successful expedition and on his way home to return the watch to its owner, the narrator had a divine visitation.

Thunder, lightning and a dove from nowhere appeared. He was to save the world; religion, race, country and Umno included. He saw the blinding light and ended up as a king for a day in Carcosa Seri Negara. The Chronicles of Datuk T.

Multi Racial: There is a price to be in politics. I know the expectation from the public is way too high but unfortunately the same rules apply to everyone. Personally I would like all politicians to focus on improving the country rather than spending taxpayers' money catching those committing khalwat .

So let's ensure the same rules apply to everyone. DP Vijandran resigned because he was caught. Rahim Thamby Chik resigned because he was caught. Chua resigned because he was caught, but was elected back by MCA so it means this is acceptable to MCA. So the one in the video should own up and resign.

So should be the top Umno politician caught several years ago with a famous Malay singer. He should resign too. Otherwise, please focus on developing this country, reform the judiciary, police and MACC, improve security and fight racialism and corruption.

CHKS: Although I fully support Pakatan, I feel that if this top politician is the person mentioned in Kickdefella's blog, and if this person truly loves his party, the rakyat and the nation, he should step down no matter how people perceive extramarital sex in this part of the world.

He should note that he is not indispensable for no one is indispensable, and Pakatan can and will go on without him. He just have too many scandals. What the court say is another matter. People say, 'if there is no wind, why should the leaves move?'. Maybe Pakatan can even achieve greater heights without him. For the greater good, a sacrifice should be made.

Anonymous_3e4b: BN is now in desperate mode. They can't nail the opposition with corruption charges, so the best and only thing they can do is to manufacture sex videos and Sodomy II to implicate top opposition leaders.

If BN is so into the moral thing, they should kick MCA from BN because the MCA leader was caught having sex (oral sex for that matter) with another woman, who is not his wife. Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud should also be sacked for all the corruption allegations levelled against him.

Alicescat: Why doesn't the unidentified group expose the video to all and sundry? Why the secrecy, the security checks, the cloaks and such? To create more drama? To maximise the shock value of the video? Just put it up on Youtube.

Quigonbond: Earlier we have ‘Male Y', now we have clandestine showing of porn. To me, affairs are private matters so long as they are consensual. The politician will have to own up to his family, and it's really up to them whether to forgive him or not.

As far as the public is concerned, the question of whether the politician is doing a good job for the people. If he is, do we really care how he behaves behind closed doors? Unless he's stood up against extramarital affairs and now display double standards, do we really want to hold him to account? And that's assuming he's married. If he's not, this will blow up against BN, like in the Elizabeth Wong case.

Anyway, coming at the heels of the Sarawak assembly dissolution, the chances of this being cooked up is pretty high.

SusahKes: If the politician in question does resign, then where does that leave MCA's Dr Chua Soi Lek? Methinks that these vultures are only going to shoot themselves in the foot. By the way, do not for one minute think that this issue will cloud other issues such as Teoh Beng Hock or PKFZ.

Dev: BN is becoming a gossip-mongering party now? With Ummi Hafilda Ali as the leading spokesperson, they know what sells: sex, lies and video tapes. All this while the real issue of corruption, swindling, racism, and the blatant disregard of public opinion are quietly swept under the carpet.

Just as the Sarawak Report comes out with hardcore evidence of Taib Mahmud's wrongdoing, a 'mystery' party (at Carcosa Seri Negara, mind you) comes out with a sizzling sex story. If the issues are printed side by side in any newspaper, you know where the eyes will go first. Sex sells.

Lulu: Someone should lodge a police report immediately for

1. Possession of pornography.

2. Showing it to an audience.

3. Blackmail by an unidentified group which is demanding that the man in the video steps down if he does not want the clip distributed to the public.


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