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Extraordinary efforts against an 'ordinary' foe

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your say 'The fact that all these expired Umno politicians are resurfacing one by one to attack Anwar is because they fear spending the rest of their lives in prison.'

Daim: Anwar nothing without Dr M, Umno

Ferdtan: For Daim Zainuddin, a publicity shy former finance minister, to come out in the open to give an interview with Mingguan Malaysia to hit out at Anwar Ibrahim, is a tell-tale sign that all is not well in Umno.

It appears that former Umno leaders Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Daim are not confident the present group of leaders under PM Najib Razak can retain power in Putrajaya, and they have to come out to lend support (or lead) the fight against the Anwar-led Pakatan Rakyat.

If what he said about Anwar of being not effective, then why is he, including Mahathir and the rest of Umno leaders, both present and past, like to harp on him? We can sense fear, great fear in Anwar, that Umno has lost it all by coming up with all types of evil scheming, and the never-ending character assassination of just one man.

Anonymous_3f68 Daim of all persons fared no better than Anwar as finance minister and he is in no better position to blurt out at the Pakatan leader the way he did.

When he was the finance minister his nephew was involved in some low-cost flats with the Labuan Development Authority, which turned out to be an utter failure (like many Umno projects).

Looking at the present calibre of Umno ministers, they are only a shade better than Uganda's Idi Amin and non-ministers such as Bung Mokhtar Radin. They are in no way comparable to Anwar.

Nenek: If Anwar is not a capable leader and be the next PM, why is BN (Umno to be exact) so worried of him? His speeches are frequently and rudely interrupted by the police. He is accused of so many stupid crimes, including sodomy and extramarital sex.

Leave him alone and let him be an effective opposition leader, and you Daim Zainuddin, will have to swallow your words one day. If I could recall Anwar had many reformasi supporters among the current crop of Umno leaders but they all chickened out.

Daim, the opposition in Malaysia is not given enough opportunity democratically and BN is abusing all the government agencies to hurt Pakatan. Don't pretend to urge Anwar to be a credible opposition leader because there is no such word in Umno's narrow political vocabulary.

Sman: Satu demi satu, 'surat khabar lama' Umno menonjolkan diri memburukan Anwar. Ini semua adalah usaha terakhir mereka untuk menyelamatkan diri kerana mereka melihat tiada siapa lagi dalam Umno sekarang yang mampu mengalahkan Anwar.

Kalau lah benar Anwar tidak mempunyai apa-apa kelebihan, mengapalah Umno begitu bodoh membiarkan seorang seperti Anwar menjejak kaki sehingga menjadi menteri kewangan dan timbalan perdana menteri.

Pakman: Daim, what happen during the financial crisis 1997/1998? You and your cronies took advantage and speculated in the money market to save yourselves. I pity the ordinary shareholders who were deceived by your cunning act.

Why did you disappear from such a long period? Were the wealth that you fleece from the nation not enough? Do you believe then that Mahathir will not take action against you if you were to remain in Malaysia during the trouble period?

Your sudden appearance is yet another plot to bring down DSAI (Anwar) and stop Pakatan's march to Putrajaya.

Raja Chulan: Yes, Anwar is not extraordinary nor has he any special ability or achievement after all these years. Many, including me, would agree with Daim.

Similarly, Daim, or for that matter Mahathir too, when you compare yourselves with other world leaders, you are not great men of any sort. To me, Malaysia has to date yet to produce any leader in the same class as Deng Xiaoping, Nehru, Mandela, etc. These men served and sacrificed everything for their people and their country. They are true statesman.

On the other hand, I would safely say that many Malaysia leaders like Mahathir fall into the same category of leaders like Marcos. Suharto, Mubarak, Ali Jinnah and Gaddafi. These group are of political opportunist who used and abused their own people to stay in power and enriched themselves, their families and cronies.

Ablastine: Tell me Daim, counting all your dirty money, don't you think you are richer than Bill Gates or Warren Buffet? You are so capable that the money you robbed from the country is probably enough to make you the richest man in the world.

You think you can bring the money with you to your grave when you die? You think God will be lenient during Judgement Day if you can offer him all the dirty money you have squandered during your miserable life?

Take time to read the comments here and you know how hated you are in the country. The time of your reckoning will come and I assure you that all the dirty money you have squandered from the people will not help you one bit.

Rick Teo: Daim, you are not half the man Anwar is. In the past, he may have been an Umno man, but he has learned his lesson when Mahathir put him in prison. I believe he has repented and paid his price.

But you, you are a scum of the worst kind. You pillaged the country's finance when you were the finance minister. Compared to Anwar, you're a disappointment. History will depict you as an opportunist who did nothing but enrich yourself and your cronies.

Go enjoy your loot before you face your maker.

Bluemountains: The fact that all these expired Umno politicians are resurfacing one by one to attack Anwar is a very clear indication that Umno is on the verge of losing power in the 13th general elections and that they fear having to spend the rest of their lives in prison for the crimes they had committed.

To them, Anwar must be brought down at any cost.


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