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Bung Moktar, stop being a male chauvinist pig
Published:  Mar 29, 2011 12:46 AM
Updated: 2:50 AM

vox populi small thumbnail 'You stupid Bung Moktar Radin, obviously you have never driven as you're chauffer driven and so you won't know what we women drivers have to face.'

Women drivers are a menace, says Bung Moktar

HYL: I really feel sorry for that starlet who married him recently. She will sooner or later realised that she had married a MCP (male chauvinist pig) who has no regard for women and belittles them.

Women drivers are no more a menace than arrogant and MCP men on the road. I have driven behind men who drive me mad by checking their email or surfing the Net on their Blackberry or iPhone! And one of them had the cheek to give me an arrogant smirk when I overtook him. And he drove like 30mph and hogged the fast lane.

So you stupid Bung Moktar Radin, obviously you have never driven as you're chauffeur-driven and so you won't know what we women drivers have to face. We face some road bullies who like you seem to think women are nuisance on the road but in actual fact the bullies are the ones who endanger our lives.

Phra Ong Chao: Yes, of course it's all women's fault that people are dying on the road. After all, Mat Rempits and Ah Beng racers are all female.

Dood: In any mature democracy, such remarks would have been a huge embarrassment to the MP's party and lead to furious apologising. In Malaysia, on the other hand, these MPs get re-elected election after election

Frustrated: Bung Moktar Radin, you certainly are a nut. The last time I checked, most road accidents was not caused by women drivers. Just take bus accidents, for example, all were done by male drivers. Stop being a jerk and stop blaming women for reckless driving.

TKC: If you were to ask people in the auto insurance industry or to Google 'are women safer drivers than men?' you would get a lot of statistics saying that that is indeed so. In fact, insurance companies in some countries charge lower premiums for women drivers for exactly that reason.

I pity Bung Moktar. He must be itching to get himself into the limelight after seeing the likes of Rahim Thamby Chik hogging it via the porno tape scandal.

Fairnessforall: I would argue that most men are reckless and they are the cause of most accidents. Many men drivers don't bother to signal and they change lanes without warning, which can result in accidents. I wonder if they know what the signal lights are for.

There is a group of male drivers who speed on the fast lane and they bully every car ahead of them by flashing their lights and telling them to get out of the way. Yes, I know it's the fast lane, but we do have a speed limit. These men go at 140km or 160km an hour, which is ridiculous and dangerous.

If you look at most accidents, it's almost always caused by men. But then again, most men being men always like to blame women for their mistakes.

Black Mamba: For a man who was born from a woman, had two women as wives who bore him daughters and soon to have granddaughters, it's truly correct that words does measure a man, his intelligence.

Daim on Anwar: Unravelling fact from fiction

Tipu satu Malaysia: Daim Zainuddin is usually very critical of his party, especially since he retired and doesn't care to help spread party propaganda since he doesn't have to.

His analysis of Anwar Ibrahim is not only obviously flawed, he is spreading the nonsense like everyone else. But something is going on - Daim is worried - meaning the problems are worst than we realise.

Kyw: There is an element of truth in what Daim Zainuddin says about Anwar's incompetence. But all BN's machinations against Anwar are unnecessary. The fear of Anwar is the chariot that is driving BN to one blunder after another.

The persecution of Anwar can't go down well with the majority of the rakyat. Only good economic performance can save BN.

Ablastine: Even if what Daim says of Anwar or Pakatan Rakyat has some risk of being truthful, I think the rakyat will still choose Pakatan on the whole because being in power for so long BN with all its corrupted parasite leaders and cronies have been too well-entrenched and had undermined every important institution in the country.

If these useless looters are not flushed out by a democratic vote, there can only be one outcome for Malaysia and that is degradation. In reality, those who benefited directly or indirectly from BN rule comprise of only a small proportion of the population. The vast majority of people in Malaysia have been plundered to poverty by BN and there is no way they are going to vote BN again.

Anonymous_4024: What's going on - Rahim Tamby Chik lecturing about the banes of fornication and now Daim talking about the ills of corruption?

Cats and Dogs: Clearly BN is very worried about what will happen if Pakatan wins another 15 seats in Sarawak. It's not even about winning a majority, just enough seats to signal to the elites that BN, after two years of dithering on 1Malaysia, has not made progress in solidifying its base in Sarawak.

So bring out the old hacks, release Dr Mahathir Mohamad's book and get Daim and others to go on the attack. But they didn't learn from the last time when they went on such an assault, it completely backfired.

Democrat: The ruling regime in Malaysia made up of Malay royalty, politicians and capitalists who run and control everything that goes on this country. Daim represents the Malay capitalists who need Umno to be in power at all cost.

Pakman: Daim's sudden appearance is a nightmare to Umno/BN. A man of uncanny character in Malaysian politics, using Mingguan Malaysia , one of the most disreputable media to attack Anwar, is most disturbing.

Malaysians are wondering whether Daim's latest attack on a Pakatan leader was intentionally done to help boost opposition status, as we know he has few thing to settle against Mahathir.

Daim is in critical situation as his financial investment overseas are greatly affected by the political turmoil in the Middle East and Arab nations. Most recycled Umno leaders have been roped in by the present Umno regime to perpetuate their grip on the wealth of the nation.

Only a credible Pakatan opposition can ensure that the two-party system in Malaysia will emerge to act as a check and balance.


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