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Utusan speaks for Umno, not the Malays

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your say 'DPM, are you contradicting the PM's view? The PM said Utusan's call for ‘1Melayu, 1Bumi' has nothing to do with the government and Umno.'

Muhyiddin raps MCA for 'boycott Utusan' call

Joe Lee: At least now the no-balls MCA knows that in the corridors of power, they are several rungs lower than mickey-mouse Perkasa. Real shame this.

From being a key player in the struggle for independence (Tan Cheng Lok, et al), the MCA has now descended into a bunch of self-serving powerless corrupt jesters in the court of Najib Razak, and now having to endure endless threats and insults from all the Malay-firsters, including Muhyiddin Yassin and assorted Perkasa goons and hoodlums.

Don't bother about trying to get support from the Chinese. The few of you left who are still in Parliament are there courtesy of the Umno-sponsored Malay votes. Your real ‘tuan' in Umno will pull the carpet under you.

So MCA (and for that mattter, MIC, Gerakan, SUPP), please go and hide - without Umno's support, you are nobody. Only some of the dumb Chinese don't understand this. The rest of us will be pleased if you just disappear.

Onyourtoes: Utusan Malaysia can do whatever they like, it is ‘their right'. But if Chinese newspapers go beyond their limits (though I don't know what these limits are), they will have to face the "music". See the contradictions, the baloney and the double standards?

Anyway, the sudden hawkish attitude toward MCA by the Malay First DPM and Perkasa may just be a strategy to re-galvanise support for MCA. Desperate time calls for desperate measures, everything is possible.

Bil: Najib watch your back, someone is after your job.

Rayfire: DPM, are you for real? Instead of investigating why there is an adverse reaction from the non-Malays due to the seriousness of the allegation made in Utusan , you decided to blindly defend them, stating that the newspaper was the Malay voice.

If I were you, I would be deeply concerned. Unless you intend to sabotage PM's bogus 1Malaysia plan. It looks like it to me. Now I am deeply concerned with the future of the nation under your leadership.

Kingfisher: Muhyiddin seems to recognise different standard bearers for national unity as compared to his colleagues in MCA. As is often typical of his rhetoric, he seems to applaud parochial sentiments promoting Malay nationalism.

While the MCA may be technically weak in its argument in this instance, considering Utusan's reputation for racial overtones in its reporting, it is rationale to call for its boycott. Many are surprised that it has not happened sooner.

No Crapping: So what now, MCA, you have been slapped in the face again, now by a racist DPM. Previously it was Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz, who likened you to an abused wife who continued staying with an abusive husband. Where is your pride, MCA?

It is apparent that Umno does not see you as equal at all. That is what the Chinese had been telling you - we are oppressed, discriminated and marginalised all this while since 1970 and it got gradually worse in 1990s. Now, it seems there is no turning back unless you have the guts to make the first move.

So much for Najib's 1Malaysia, even his deputy does not support him. What a joke.

Flabbergasted: Muhyiddin said: " Utusan only reported what the Malays felt."

Dear Muhyiddin and Hishammuddin Hussein, what do you think will happen if the Chinese and Indians report what they really feel?

Gerard Samuel Vijayan: If the Chinese and Indian press publish a quarter of what Utusan is allowed to print, they would be shut down and their editors arrested under the ISA.

The Utusan is a crass communalistic paper that borders on racism, all in the perceived name of Malay dominance and rights. It panders to the insecurity of poor and uneducated Malays in the rural and semi-rural areas who still harbour fears of the non-Malays.

By spreading suspicions and deception, the Utusan serves the Umno agenda that only it can safeguard and protect Malay interests. Which of course is a fallacy because Umno stands for elitism, preservation of narrow self-interests and retaining absolute power through the control and restriction of the press, a compromised judiciary, a corrupt police force and weak state institutions such as Parliament, the MACC and the EC.

The fact that a slew of outdated and undemocratic laws are still relied upon by government to control dissent and public opinion is a testimony of this.

Singa Pura Pura: It doesn't take a political scientist to analyse and to conclude that ‘1Melayu, 1Bumi' and Malay-first all simmer in the one and same cauldron of racism. It is apartheid plain and simple, only the temperature differs.

The saddest part is that Muhyiddin can whip the MCA with impunity. That is the fate of all parties that subsist under the 'naungan' (protection) of Umno. He may slap, whip, flog and kick them to his racist heart's content, and still be sure that they would not be able to summon up sufficient dignity to desert him and Umno, the godfather.

People Power: Najib, for goodness sake, please tell all of us whether Umno is supporting the ‘1Melayu, 1Bumi' movement? If yes, then at least the whole Malaysia will know that the 1Malaysia slogan is bullshit.

As PM, you said that "the government had nothing to do with the '1Melayu, 1Bumi' movement proposed by Utusan ", but your deputy seems to think differently and he is in fact saying that "This is their right to do, but we as a government cannot say 'do lah', or else we will have '1India', '1Chinese', '1Bengali', and '1Mat Salleh' in the future".

Indirectly he is sympathetic to their cause. Why is it that you and your deputy seem to go in different directions. If you don't fire him, you will expect a wipe-out in the next GE13, and you will be kicked out as PM. We know who we shall vote for in Sarawak when the GE13 comes.

Ksn: DPM, are you contradicting the PM's view? The PM said the Utusan's call for ‘1Melayu, 1Bumi' was one person's view and it has nothing to do with the government and Umno.

You say Utusan is advocating the Malay and Malaysian voice. Which Malaysians, sir? Which view do we accept, yours or the PM's? Is this your strategy to sabotage the PM's 1Malaysia slogan and looking for ways to topple him?

Incidently, the call by MCA about boycotting Utusan is nothing but silly. How many non-Malays, especially the Chinese, buy and read Utusan anyway.

Malaysian1st&Last: Now its official who the thorn is at Najib's side - 1Malaysia or 1Malay?

JBGUY: If Utusan can get away with making seditious statements then the home minister should just shut up and allow all the other papers to print what they really want to print. Stop monitoring the vernacular papers because if Utusan can be the voice of the Malays as claimed by the DPM, then the Chinese papers and Tamil papers should rightly present their community views.

The DPM clearly is not representing all Malaysians and he will only be the future PM for Umno Malays only.

Wira: Now that your plan has backfired, MCA chief Chua Soi Lek, go beg for forgiveness from Umno.

James Dean: Muyhiddin, Utusan and Umno do not represent all Malays. You have just confirmed that Utusan had Umno's blessing in making all those remarks that borders sedition, so that is why no one from Utusan have been prosecuted.

It is crystal clear that Utusan , together with Perkasa, are used by Umno to cow the other communities.


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