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Smut goes on prime-time TV
Published:  Apr 29, 2011 1:05 AM
Updated: 4:01 AM

your say 'All talk about protecting Islam and the Muslims from immorality is just a cover for the ruling coalition to maintain political power.'

Bishop deplores latest sex video 'outrage'

Cannon: We, human beings, have a sense of fair play and decency. Today, our senses are outraged by the injustice and indecencies committed by this Umno regime in the name of its gutter politics.

Smut is spewing out in the public space and overflowing into our homes. Public morality is under assault. Our children and young people are subject to filth and 'fitnah' on prime time TV news.

It's a crying shame our country has descended to the level where morality is situational, depending on whose side one is on, prosecution is selective and justice is nowhere to be found for the poor and downtrodden.

Will the other religious authorities speak up and rebuke the government for allowing this disgraceful state of affairs to continue?

Hibiscus: Despite the disgust from the public regarding the sex video when it was first uploaded on the Internet, we now have TV stations airing the video. The authorities cannot deny that they approve of their showing on TV as these stations are controlled by them.

They have come down hard before on those that made TV broadcasts which they disagree. If they don't quickly take action against those responsible, then it just means they are condoning the public showing of sex videos on TV and the selling of porn.

Another dangerous implication is that the government, which is supposed to uphold the law, is in fact violating it in broad daylight. Parliament, which made the laws, must censure the government.

Louisg: Sad to say, Bishop Paul Tan, you have trivialised the effort of some who believe that the nation could be hijacked by a person who publicly projects himself as a religious person but in private has an allegedly deplorable personality.

Let the free media scrutinise him before we give him the seat to lead this nation. Bishop, I suspect you have taken a very unfortunate politically partisan stand. What if the allegations are true?

Survivor: Lousig, you are dead wrong. All Christians who love God have a duty to bring to attention if the authority is involved in lewd and immoral act.

The bishop has not just done his duty as a Christian but he has the moral responsibility to tell the authority that they are wrong to let the so-called sex video be shown in public without due regards to the children who may be inadvertently watching it.

Pro-Rakyat: Bishop Paul, you should be impartial in this matter. Don't you think the actor in the video had also committed a big sin? Why don't you also ask authorities to also investigate the actor?

Muak: If we, the right-thinking Malaysians, continue to allow the BN government to remain in power, this is what will continue to happen.

The BN leaders, from Umno, MCA to MIC, are all bankrupt of any decency. They no longer have any morals left. Umno has plenty of sex maniacs (one Bung Mokhtar Radin comes to mind), members of MCA, on the other hand, found it fit to elect Dr Chua Soi Lek as president and MIC, remember the DP Vijandran sex video?

These so-called "leaders" seem to have only one pre-occupation ... sex, sex and more sex.

Ah Boss: Malaysia is a country with sick governance. Thanks to the authorities relentless pursuit of the Anwar Ibrahim trials, the Malaysian youth have been exposed to sodomy, rape, consensual sex, etc ... all the salacious words in the dictionary which never aroused any interest or curiosity until such terms were splashed all over the media. Don't blame the society for our decline in morality.

Sandakan: By airing snippets of the video, the Umno government has confirmed that it is not interested in protecting the citizens from smut. All talk about protecting Islam and the Muslims from immorality is just a cover to maintain political power.

Political power gives Umno the opportunity to loot and steal from the people. I hope those who voted Umno/BN will wake up before it is too late to save Malaysia from ruin.

Louis: I must thank the Datuk T's sex video, which has single handedly 'educated' young children about sex. My eight-year-old nephew came back yesterday from school, asking the father to show him the said video clip because some of his classmates have viewed it.

The authority has been so obsessed with bringing Anwar down that it could not care less about the adverse consequence. Sadly, its objective was not met, but the collateral poison on young children's mind is obvious.

Anonymous_3e4b: The actor is definitely not Anwar. Want proof? Go to Anak Sungei Derhaka ' blog and search for the title 'Sekejap ada janggut, sekejab takda janggut'.

The sex video on Feb 21 shows the actor without ‘janggut' (beard). However, on Feb 22 when Anwar attended court for his the Sodomy II hearing, he is spotted with a ‘janggut'. Case close.

Observer: Dear Bishop, hope you express the same moral outrage about priests who molest boys. But more disgusting than that is the way the church tries to sweep all the dirt under the carpet. I would love to see priests like that exposed on TV3 though.

Anonymous123: Finally we have a Christian leader who dare to voice his opinion. Christian have far long prayed for such leader to represent them.

Playfair: Bishop Paul, as a Muslim I thank you for you forthright comments on this sordid affair. Again, as a Muslim, I am totally ashamed that others of my faith who hold positions of responsibility are struck dumb at such a vulgar and debasing exposure.

Are there no Muslim leaders who have the conviction of mind to speak up against this travesty? All this spin about Malaysia being a 'moderate' Islamic country is just plain bluff and hypocrisy. And it takes a Christian brother to show us up. Wassalam .

Solaris: Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting. All parents should get together and form a group and collect signatures and campaign against such postings on the media and worst still during the prime-time news. TV stations should be held accountable for being so insensitive and action should be taken to close down these stations.

I could not answer my children when they asked me, "what was that, mum". I almost cried in shame.

Atan-Toyol: What happen to the ' alim ulama '? Not a word of disgust from them? Do they approve of what is going on in the Muslim community?

Every Thursday night they lead Tahlil Arwah at mosques. Is that all they can do? Aren't they supposed to correct the ills that have afflicted the community? I am ashamed of what's happening. Malay leaders are not showing good example to the rest of the country.

Anonymous_411d: Thank you Bishop, for making the statement. I think this very wrong of TV3 to show such videos on air. This looks like TV3 is promoting pornography. This is really embarrassing Malaysia and it seems that the government is very proud of what they are doing. I sometimes wonder what type of leaders we have in Malaysia. TV3 owes Malaysians an apology.

Dingy: This sex video is definitely Umno's work to humiliate Anwar and Nurul Izzah in public. By giving title ‘Papa Nurul', it is to shame the opposition leader and bring down the popularity of Nurul.

The mainstream media and national TV stations are working together with this corrupted government to destroy Anwar and his family. The general public who condemn this act should rise and reject this.

Against The Wind: How can the government of the day tolerate such irresponsible behaviour of the part of TV3? What is happening to our beloved country? Why is such nonsense allowed to go on and on?

So far none of the three Datuk Ts have been charged. The police owe the public an explanation and we have every right to know what is happening. To send the strong message, the right thing to do now is to suspend the licence of TV3 immediately.

But trust me, nothing of this sort of action will happen. How sad.


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