'Crooked' man, 'crooked' bridge, 'crooked' PM

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vox populi small thumbnail 'An allegedly crooked man claiming compensation from a crooked project hatched by a crooked PM to build a crooked bridge.'

Court throws out Eskay's RM20 mil claim

Gerard Samuel Vijayan: The judge should be commended for his wise words and timely reminder to the government. This is how Umno has done business for decades starting with the ‘great' Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

In his obsession to create a super-rich Malay business community, the government was directed to award huge public projects under closed or negotiated tenders to cronies of the party. In return the party got funding and some of its leaders at division and branch level got lucrative sub-contracts and supply contracts.

In some cases, even these went to crony companies of ministers and their families. The majority of Class F bumiputera contractors got nothing as most jobs went to Class A or B contractors. So the Malay agenda was served by the vesting of wealth and status on a select few.

Of course over the years, most of these elite instant Malay millionaires and billionaires went bust or had to be bailed out using public funds, including Mahathir's sons. These practices continue under Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Disgusted: This is what NEP is all about to Umnoputras. Easy money by way of getting plum contracts without open tenders allotted to their RM2 company and then farm it out for commissions and then laugh their way to the bank to enjoy the bounty whilst the rest of the rakyat break their backs to make a living in the tough business environment or merely earn wages which barely keeps them above water (because of the prices of everything going up exponentially) and pay taxes.

Abil: Shazryl Eskay Abdullah, now I understand your sandiwara against Anwar Ibrahim, your claim that it was Anwar in the sex video and your alleged role in the production and exhibition of the video, is all to somehow influence the courts to favour you in this case, since you are doing a great favour to fix Anwar, who is an anathema to the present government.

Anonymous_1a1d: Eskay claimed RM20 million in commission fees for crooked bridge? No wonder the High Court dismissed his suit against Merong Mahawangsa.

Not to forget, RM534.8 million in commissions for the Scorpene submarines. What about other mega-projects? It bleeds my heart to know such deals are real in Malaysia!

If these commissions can be channeled towards real economic values, such as better infrastructures and agriculture developments in the rural areas, Malaysia will be more developed than Singapore.

Docs: An allegedly crooked man claiming compensation from a crooked project hatched by a crooked PM to build a crooked bridge. This pretty much sums up Umno politics - you need to be crooked to get ahead.

Teoh chose death before dishonour, says MACC lawyer

Anonymous_40ca: TBH's (Teoh Beng Hock) death was because MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) officers were negligent in their duties. Instead of keeping an eye on TBH, these morons were wanking in their pants with pornographic materials in their laptop.

And to blame the death on a dead person who cannot speak back, what a convenient accusation.

Singa Pura Pura: Yes, that is so true. Some of us lawyers would chose 'dishonour before death'. But thank Allah, not all of us are like that.

Myop101: MACC lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, you think this is a gang war is it? Death before dishonour, my foot. You are relying on hearsay, not facts.

Going by your argument, I should expect a few MACC officers jumping off the building now for dishonouring the commission for watching porn during working hours using government resources.

Why aren't they doing that? Is it because they don't have pride and dignity?

Cala: Shafee, please don't be ridiculous. No one would buy your crap for telling that the late TBH would choose to end his life in order to protect his superior for whatever reason.

First, there is no proof that Selangor exco Ean Yong Hian Wah (TBH's boss) or TBH had done anything improper. Second, whatever the issue was, the sum in contention was a paltry RM2,400. Tell me, does it make any sense to take one's life?

On the other hand, if we assume that TBH had been harshly treated by the Selangor MACC boys, an act which could well happen in view of their past mannerism and habit of mistreating any suspect or witness alike, then a poor TBH might have a disoriented mind that might cause him to think irrationally.

Hence, is it not in the interest of RCI and MACC lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah to address this possibility (of Selangor MACC's questionable treatment of suspects and witnesses)?

Meenakumari: Please don't create more anger. Suicide for a paltry sum. It's not like the billions of ringgit involving the PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone) project.

Good lord. It's not easy for a straight man to commit suicide. Even drug peddlers facing the death sentence don't try to take their life - they fight to free themselves till the last day. Moreover, Teoh is about to get married and his fiancee was pregnant.

Kgen: Where is the charge? The fact that MACC has not charged Teoh's boss shows clearly that Shafee's idea was the product of his sick, twisted mind.

Md Imraz Muhammed Ikhbal: Let's establish the most underlying and fundamental point here. YB Ean Yong, the boss of the late Teoh was cleared of all charges by the MACC merely weeks back as reported in the news. And now MACC's lawyer has the audacity to suggest such a ludicrous scenario?

In an immediate response to his idiotic insinuation that Teoh chose death before dishonour, may I likewise as an honour to the late Teoh counter that by posing a similar line of questioning?

"Could it perhaps be that MACC chose cold-blooded murder before imminent public humiliation?"

Retnam: Shafee is talking about cheques worth about RM3.2 million. DAP has to explain what these cheques are, if they are true. There is no point in scolding Shafee. He has to be brought down with cold logic. Will DAP please explain what these cheques are?

Changeagent: Muhammad Shafee, if you have any proof at all that Ean Yong had systematically channelled 'large portions' of his RM3.2 million allocation for DAP activities in 2008 and 2009, then go ahead and charge him.

But if he was cleared of all wrongdoings, it means that the MACC do not have any incriminating evidence against him at all, as you have falsely suggested. Hence, if you do not have any substantiated or legally admissible proof of any fund misappropriation, do not even imply that TBH had taken his own life by choosing 'death before dishonour'.

The deceased simply had no logical or comprehensible reason to do so.

Anonymous_4182: Ninety-one comments from the public on this issue. The rakyat have said it all. MACC should just simply stop to spin useless spin to us. We are not buying any. A sheer waste of time and public money, no?

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