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Ibrahim Ali's jihad against a fictitious foe
Published:  May 16, 2011 8:18 AM
Updated: 2:28 AM

your say 'If they don't arrest Ibrahim Ali, we know Umno is involved. If this is not incitement of racial and religious hatred, I don't know what is.'

Perkasa ready to crusade against ungrateful Christians

Quigonbond: Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali is no help to Najib Razak for saying the prime minister is playing a game. That means all overtures by the PM is now proven to be nothing more than a vote-getting exercise, devoid of sincerity in resolving problems.

On the other hand, what Ibrahim is doing is being syok sendiri (self-infatuation). He creates his own enemy, launches a crusade against that fictitious foe, and hopes that the enemy will respond.

His scheme is just missing one ingredient. Ibrahim thinks Malaysians are as easily spooked and provoked as he is, but we're more mature than that, and he won't find his enemy actualised. In the end, his followers will find the truth and leave Perkasa.

Lim Chong Leong: If they don't arrest Ibrahim, we know Umno is involved. If this is not incitement of racial and religious hatred, I don't know what is. And they banned Zunar's cartoons?

I can only urge all to stand firm and be patient. They want blood but we will not give it to them. They want us to draw blood so they can bring the whole machinery down on us. We will just have to be patient. Vote them out.

It's a good thing not many are listening to them. Only about 150 of their goons were there to listen to his rantings, just like the PM's ceramah in Kuching that drew only 500, even with free tupperwares. So, there is hope.

On Your Toes: Ibrahim, nobody is challenging you or the Muslims. It is only you challenging everybody, including your own Muslim brothers and sisters who you're putting in bad light.

But I don't think the people are buying your imaginary threats seriously. I think slowly Malaysians are becoming less emotional and gullible. They know only too well this is a fight for your own benefits and survival. It is never about the welfare of the people or their religious beliefs.

So you can go on instigating and beating up the war drum. I have an inkling that it is not going to work.

Wira: We are comforted that only 150 racist followers attended the Perkasa ceramah calling for blood while tens of thousands of Muslims would respond if the police give permission to hold a rally against corruption in Putrajaya and BN-ruled states.

I remember certain leaders leading thousands screaming for blood at a stadium where Umno organised a rally there a week before Operation Lallang. Malaysians have certainly grown more mature since then with better education and knowledge.

M'siaKiniFan: Ibrahim, accusing people based on rumours is a totally irresponsible act. Christians barely make up 10 percent of the population in Malaysia, yet you say it is a threat to Islam? It really doesn't make any sense. The war against bigotry should start with you.

Dr Thinker: Maybe Ibrahim Ali is sick. Just out of concern for him, I would like to suggest Ibrahim see a psychiatrist. He might be having paranoid delusional disorder, a mental illness often having fixed beliefs that are certainly and definitely false.

For example, a patient might think that A is trying to kill him, even though A is just eating ice-cream. Or that his wife is having affair with someone although she is absolutely faithful.

Untreated paranoid delusional disorder can be dangerous to both patient and the community. Ibrahim, get well soon.

Pakman: Orang Melayu yang berfikiran rational tidak mudah diperbodohkan oleh Raja Katak Brahim. Inilah dia, manusia yang bertopengkan Melayu dan Islam mempersendakan agama demi kepenting sendiri dan mengunakan agama kejalan menuju kehancuran.

Isu yang tidak logik dan sengaja dicipta untuk menyalah gunakan perkataan jihad dengan sendiri menunjukkan kebodohan dan kejangkalnya fikiran Raja Katak.

Jihad sebenar yang perlu diperjuangkan adalah jihad menentang rasuah, salah guna kuasa, penindasaan rakyat jelata, ketidakadilan dan budaya fitnah yang semakin menjadi-jadi. Itulah jihad sebenar.

Islam tidak mengajar ummahnya berdusta dan menindas sesama manusia. Jihad sebenar ialah menegakan kebenaran dan menentang kemungkaran.

Anonymous: Ibrahim, it is you and Perkasa that does't know how to protect your religion. Islam protect all mankind irrespective of race or creed. Your narrow interpretation of Umno Islam had given bad name to those who really practice the real tenet of Islam.

Clouding the issue with 'Christians challenging the sovereignty of Malays and Muslim' is the most irresponsible statement coming from the Perkasa president. No doubt, Malaysia preaches freedom of speech, but uttering seditious statement can lead to dangerous outcome, especially from members of Perkosa.

Let see where the limit of immunity, granted by home minister to Perkasa, is.

Phoenix Star 88: This whole 'Christian state' debacle has gone from being silly to outright insane. Doesn't Perkasa have the brains to verify the ludicrous claims of Utusan Malaysia before issuing threats of holy war?

They now sound more threatening to non-Muslims than PAS ever was in the past. At least some Umno leaders are sober enough to denounce the Utusan article.

Perkasa and Utusan seem to be so drunk with the obsession to get rid of Anwar Ibrahim and the DAP that they make mountains out of thin air. Most Malays in this country are kind and courteous, but there are some recalcitrants who are bent on exploiting race and religion at whatever cost for the sake of political power.


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