Moderation? Clean up our backyard first

Modified 18 May 2011, 1:19 am

vox populi small thumbnail 'The nation is crying out for firm action and we get more sweet-smelling words. The only thing moderate about Najib are his words.'

Moderation is the way forward, says Najib

Loyal Malaysian: Malaysia is "synonymous with moderation, inclusiveness and good governance", said PM Najib Razak.

I beg to differ. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool thinking Malaysians. Moderation? Your government forbid Christians from using the word ‘Allah', claiming it is exclusively for Malaysia's Muslims.

Inclusiveness? You are the ring leader in the immoral and unscrupulous power grab in Perak by using the government bureaucracy, security instruments and judiciary. Why? Your government cannot accept that the rakyat of Perak had rejected Umnoputras.

Good governance? You have the decency to say this. Your government used of all the instruments of state to persecute Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim. That's good governance?

I wonder how much donation Umnoputras are giving Oxford University this time.

Bert: What a hypocrite. Najib can't control the extremism of Utusan Malaysia , Ibrahim Ali and Pembela, and he wants to preach to the world on moderation. Please take care of your backyard and then you can go and preach to the world on moderation.

Cannon: The nation is crying out for firm action and we get more sweet-smelling words. The Perkasa goon and Utusan are mocking the PM. If Najib does not act to rein in the troublemakers, he is going to be up-ended like Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Malaysians will have to learn that we must not elect compromised leaders. Such characters are unable to make hard decisions in tough times and can't assert leadership because of the baggage they carry. The only thing moderate about Najib are his words.

AnakPinang: There must be a special school for Umno where the hopefuls learn how to maintain poker faces while telling the most blatant lies, live corrupt, adulterous lives while swearing on the Quran and be a flaming racist yet exhort moderation.

Maybe he was at Oxford as a specimen for research into the culture of the Umno Muslim in Malaysia where it's all show and no substance.

WangMalaysia: What a cart of crap, Najib. If moderation is the way to go, then you should not be hauling up just those that were allegedly plotting to turn Malaysia into a Christian state, but those who made these baseless allegations. And once it is proven to be false, the perpetrators of the seditious allegations be tried and jailed.

While you not only give those who make these false allegations a slap on the wrist, you gave them a free reign to make even more seditious statements, and even a declaration of war. What kind of PM are you? Moderate? I bet my bottom dollar you are not.

Black Mamba: Najib gives this lofty speeches from New York to Oxford about moderation but is he practising them? No!

A clear example back home is Ibrahim Ali. A bigot filled with hatred who spew violence against the minority, and is condoned by the Najib administration. I suggest Najib stop hoodwinking the West on moderate Islam when he can't rein in a loose cannon in his own backyard.

Dr David KL Quek: It is hard to reconcile Najib's articulated vision of moderation, from his seemingly artful neglect of this vaunted ideal in his dealings at home: the scurrilous scandals and the irrepressible excesses of 'protected' racial and religious bigots, and constant baiting of our battered minorities.

Muslim lawyers: 'Crusade' out of the question

Anonymous: Question to Association of Muslim Lawyers Malaysia (PPMM): Please state specific cases where non-Muslims have questioned the position of Islam in the last 20 years? We hear too many stories which play on the emotions of Muslims and creating fear in them so that those in power can defend their positions.

Fellow Malaysians, the time has come. Stand for what you believe. Please do not bow to emotional blackmails. The future of our children are in our hands. Let's not be the sinners for not rejecting self-centred politicians and leaders.

On the day of Judgment/Hari Kiamat, we have no excuse for not acting against injustice, corruption and poor leadership. We are personally accountable for voting for/against these leaders. All of us are jointly responsible for their actions.

Ksn: There are two things PPMM president Zainul Rijal Abu Bakar said which need clarification.

One: Some group has always questioned the position of Islam. Which group? Second: This is not the time to defend Islam, with ‘jihad'. Defend from whom and who is attacking Islam?

Will you answer the two questions above?

Paul Warren: "Zainul Rijal said it is ‘very saddening' that feelings of tolerance had eroded to such levels as to lead Ibrahim Ali to make such remarks."

Who exactly being intolerant here? So Ibrahim is an angel, who has to respond very reluctantly to intolerant people?

He also urges non-Muslims to respect the position of Islam as the religion of the nation as stipulated in Article 3(1) of the federal constitution. Now it would seem like not only Ibrahim Ali and the Umno-led government, but also the Muslim Association of Lawyers too are proceeding under the assumption that non-Muslims have failed to respect Article 3(1) of the constitution.

May I ask the association to please cite very specifically all those incidents and also all the Christians who have made statements that might support their assumptions and contentions.

Roberts: Zainul, just what do you mean by "if the purported plot to 'Christianise' Malaysia turned out to be true"? It is taking like forever to determine whether it is true, and that should tell you that it is not true.

Alicescat: For 53 years we have accepted the fact that Islam is the official religion of this country. For 53 years we have lived and we will continue to live with this fact and there was never a time when any Malaysian has ever question the position of Islam in this country.

Why is it so difficult for some people to accept the fact that we have accepted and respected the position of Islam in this country? We have accepted the fact that Islam is the official religion of this country. Please accept the fact that we have accepted.

Let's move on. We need to move our economy forward. We need to fight corruption. Or we may end up losing our way of life.

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