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Scorpene scandal: Najib should be the one to testify
Published:  May 30, 2011 8:34 AM
Updated: 12:37 AM

vox populi small thumbnail 'Zahid, the day you testify is the day you are no longer in Najib's cabinet. Or you have been kicked out of Umno.'

French probe: Defence minister willing to testify

Tholu: Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, you were not the defence minister when the Scorpene submarines were purchased. So why are you so eager to testify?

And if you have to get the cabinet's approval to testify, why are you speaking on the matter? Shouldn't it be PM Najib Razak as the head of the cabinet who should make the decision.

It never ceases to amaze me how some politicians assume that all 27 million people of Malaysia are naive and stupid.

People Power: Najib was the defence minister at that time, so he has to testify. Will someone inform the French authority about that?

Poppyie: Zahid should have responded that he as the current defence minister would very pleased to accompany the then defence minister, under whose tenure the submarine deal was executed, to present themselves to the French authorities as requested.

Dood: "I'm ever willing to go to court if I am requested, provided that it is approved by the cabinet. But if the cabinet doesn't allow, I don't have to go." So says Ahmad Zahid.

Well, it doesn't take a genius to realise that in the event he is requested to go to court, the cabinet will "conveniently" not allow him to do so. After all, Umno/BN knows that, unlike in Malaysia, they don't have the power to manipulate the courts in other countries.

Bluemountains: Zahid and Najib need not worry because we have a very capable and competent attorney-general. But in a French court, I am not too sure if he can perform like he always does in Malaysian courts.

Artchan: Zahid, the day you testify is the day you are no longer in Najib's cabinet. Or you have been kicked out of Umno.

Utusan to Anwar: Emulate Turkish leaders and resign

Pemerhati: This latest Utusan Malaysia's demand suggests that the same, mentally challenged masterminds in Umno are directing this operation.

They are too dumb to realise that their whole plot to tarnish Anwar Ibrahim has been discredited by the photographic evidence which shows Anwar appearing in court the next day after the alleged incident with a beard, whereas the Anwar lookalike, who is alleged to have performed in the video the previous day, does not have a beard.

A thousand experts sourced by Umno can say anything they like but this ‘beard evidence' clearly indicates that Anwar did not perform in the pornographic video on the day alleged by the trio.

If Utusan truly believes that immoral people should quit politics then for a start it should ask for the removal and prosecution of people like Chua Soi Lek, Najib and Abdul Taib Mahmud for reasons that a lot of Malaysians already know.

Anonymous_3f1f: Awang Selamat, you don't seem to understand those who resigned were caught with their pants down whereas DSAI (Anwar Ibrahim) was framed.

Why are you so persistent in asking DSAI to resign? Why are you so frightened of him? There must be something very wrong with those whom you are trying to protect.

Please go ask Chua Soi Lek to resign since he was caught in a sex video, which he has admitted openly.

Realistic: Utusan Malaysia's or rather Umno's and PM Najib Razak's strategy is to make sure DSAI's sodomy case continues to get attention in the media until the general election.

They should ask Najib (who is embroiled in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder and the submarine scandal) and Taib (massive corruption, cronyism) to resign first before anybody else.

Anonymous: Are people still reading Utusan ? They should have been banned and not lightly reprimanded after their irresponsible reporting that the DAP and a group of pastors were plotting to create a Christian state.

The paper has zero credibility and without credibility the paper is worthless.

Ferdtan: Utusan is all sound without substance. The fact that the sales of Utusan are dropping could only mean that their readers are deserting them.

In attempting to disparage Anwar with wild accusations, and with its 'holier- than-thou' attitude requesting Anwar to resign as an opposition leader, it may just turn out to have an opposite effect.

This is just one of the many libelous materials that had been written about Anwar. The overkill will not harm him anymore: in fact, he gains more sympathy from it.

Abil: Utusan's agenda is ‘Ketuanan Melayu'. It promotes disunity by false claims against Christians thus trying to cause disorder in order to achieve perpetual Umno dominance. These accusations and innuendoes against Anwar is the fear that Umno will surely be defeated in the next elections.

Some accuse Anwar of sexual dalliances, some accuse Najib as having some involvement in the murder of Altantuya, and some accuse Taib of being involved in massive corruption. If Utusan is fair it should demand all three to go.

Dood: This is what is known as yellow journalism.


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