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What 'services' did Perimaker provide again?
Published:  Jun 3, 2011 8:25 AM
Updated: 5:03 AM

your say 'When a company issues million-ringgit dividends, it's obvious the corporation is just a shell for disbursing cash to its shareholders.'

Another Najib buddy tied to Scorpene scandal

Kit P: Perimeker issued dividends of RM56.2 million in 2009 (66 percent of the turnover) and RM18.7 million in 2010 (81 percent of the turnover).

When a company issues dividends at that kind of level, it's obvious the corporation is just a shell for disbursing cash to its shareholders. It means the company has very limited or no real-life business operations worth talking about, because if you have real operations, you incur significant costs.

Come on, PM Najib Razak, what's the story again about the ‘services' the government paid Perimekar to perform?

Lim Chong Leong: Perimekar was formed with a singular goal in mind - to siphon off RM500 million. These people claimed that Perimekar was paid for maintenance services but former company director Lodin Wok Kamaruddin says the contract was already completed when the subs were delivered. So after the delivery of the subs, there's no need for maintenance?

There are inconsistencies at every corner and lies upon lies involving this deal. But Najib is not involved, so we are to believe that elephants fly.

Pity him: The intricate web of deceit is slowly being dismantled. The RM500 million commission has gone to some individuals with government connection/approval, supposedly for the defence of the nation.

Many of these beneficiaries probably live in huge mansions and own jet planes, but one thing is for sure - the stolen wealth will forever be their curse.

Bhajnik Singh: This is disgusting. We are talking of hundreds of millions being disbursed to these people and for an alleged paltry sum of RM500,000, Altantunya Shaariibuu was blown up? May God the Almighty send all involved to hell.

Louis: Life is so easy if you have contacts with Najib. With the sale of one submarine and one can live in luxury for the rest of one's life. On the other hand, the poor have to work day in day out just to make ends meet. How unfair the world is.

Najib asks us to sacrifice much of our small luxuries by using less electricity, while he and his first lady go globe-trotting almost every month. Can't they cut down their travels?

Similarly, the exorbitant commission that he dished out to his cronies could have been used to finance the petrol subsidy so that we can afford to drive our children for short local holidays.

Black Mamba: A defence minister whose job is to protect the nation turned out to be the enemy from within, raiding our national kitty. National resources are being used to buy submarines for the Navy with commission allegedly paid out to the Armed Forces pension fund (LTAT) as a minority shareholder of the procurement company. Very perplexing when interested party is greased too.

Buffalo_Bill: Which right-thinking Malaysian believes our present the government when they say they have no choice but to burden the rakyat with increased petrol prices, electricity costs, etc?

Scorpene scandal: 'Show us your passport, Najib'

Dhammika: PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution will not get to see PM Najib's passport for the year 2002. But there is still hope for the French side to check on their immigration records to determine if Najib's entry and exit were recorded there.

Lucia: Najib's travel/immigration records can be erased, just like they erased the immigration records of Altantuya Shaariibuu. It's no point checking for proof on Malaysia's side as they can always cover up everything. We'll have to depend on the French for proof.

Anonymous: One thing that put Malaysia firmly in the rank of third world countries is how its leader never have to account for his conduct. I don't care if Najib is innocent or not - if he can't do the simple thing of accounting for his conduct, then he is not fit to be a PM and should resign.

Geronimo: Najib, you can hide but you can't run away. The noose is slowly tightening and if I were you, come clean and confess all your sins to the Malaysian people.

Cala: Remember those days in communist China, the Gang of Four was literally untouchable. They roamed towns and gave orders to whoever they pleased. Together, they turned China upside down by sending doctors to distant farms for re-education, and replaced them with young Red Guards to run hospitals.

Then what happened after Mao Zedong's death in 1976? The ‘queen', Jiang Qing, along with three of her cohorts was immediately arrested by the regime under Deng Xiaoping. All were sentenced to death.

The moral of the story is - certain problems will take a longer time to resolve.

Subs affair: Najib's 'friend' must testify, says Suaram

Anonymous_5fb: Greed is the one that has gotten these people into trouble. Abdul Razak Baginda and his wife, Mazlinda, should volunteer themselves to reveal all, once and for all, before more and more people get implicated.

Confess, repent and seek for forgiveness from Altantuya and her family. As it is now, the whole of Umno and Malaysia are being dragged into this submarine scandal.

Meranti Kepong: "Payment of commissions on defence contract amounts to corruption and in punishable under French law."

If the ‘third person' turns out to be none other than Najib and that he is proven to receive part of the commission, how would the French court order him to face the music? I assume that the French authorities would inform Malaysia's MACC but the anti-corruption commission is under the control of Najib, so how would the sentence be carried out?

The best thing to do is for Parliament to ask Najib to quit his PM's post and that he be subject to local laws. Create a precedent in this damning case and Malaysians will believe that there is still law and order in the country, not one law for the public and no law for the powerful.

Sarawakian_3ff9: In the 60s, there was a song which I forgot the title, which goes like this: "They're coming to get you hahaa..., they're coming to get you hehee...".


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