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An Obedient Husbands Club, anyone?
Published:  Jun 5, 2011 1:46 AM
Updated: 2:37 PM

your say 'Wives are not there just for their husbands' amusement. Wives are individuals with their own needs and expectations. And rights.'

Club to coach wives to be 'good in bed'

David Dass: There should be a 'Be loyal to Wives' club. There is a reason why in the West, the ‘obedience to husband' component of the marriage vow has been removed. And that is because it reinforces an anachronistic view of the wife's role in a marriage.

Today a marriage is viewed more as a partnership and wives are educated and have careers. They are no longer as dependent on their husbands and need not tolerate neglect or abuse by husbands.

The attitude of men has to be adjusted. Wives are not there just for their amusement, and to provide them with children and to look after them. Wives are individuals with their own needs and expectations. And rights.

The idea that a man owes no loyalty to his wife and can actively look for a second and third and fourth has to be examined closely. That idea also frees a single woman to actively courting a married man.

So in what respect is a woman required to be obedient to a man? If she loves and respects him and he acts sensibly, that will not be a problem.

P Dev Anand Pillai: Another problem may arise from this - if the wife becomes too good in bed and the husband is unable to satisfy her, it can become disastrous.

With the number of Africans and Bangladeshi men playing the role of gigolos to local Malay and Indian women, perhaps this club should help the husbands out in this department as well.

TehTarik: When everything comes easy on a silver platter, what else is there to think about, other than sex. Sex, sex, sex.

Many of these Umnoputras have everything they need - from mansions to luxury cars. And most of the money has come easy through contracts and other rent-seeking activities. They have a lot of free time. You can only play so much golf in a day.

But the question still remains. Will these highly-sexed men prefer a 50-year-old wife or a fresh 20-something lass.

Snapdragon: This one takes the cake. Is that all Umno can think about? Sex, sex and more sex.

Is Obedient Wife Club vice-president Dr Rohaya Mohamad for real? She's advocating the enslavement of women by their husbands. Once the women are enslaved, I can guarantee the husband will be looking for three more to enslave.

Can I be one of the coaches to show the wives how to submit in bed? I'll do it for free.

Not Confused: Absolutely pathetic! What century are these people living in? In every country, except Malaysia it seems, women are equal to men (and so they should be), and the male chauvinistic attitude of women obeying men has long gone.

It's nothing to do with Islam, it's just as it should be.

Nor Azizah: What an idiotic way of thinking with blatant disregards towards how Allah Himself uphold the dignity of wives as equal partners to their husbands in marriages.

It looks like these popularity seeking and chest thumping morons are trivialising the sanctity of marriages as ordained by God to mere sexual rendezvous and satisfactions of one party - the husbands.

So how if it's the wife who can't get sexual satisfaction from the husband? It is really silly for this group of wives to be indulging in a lopsided bird-brain view of marriage. There is nothing Islamic about their opinions.

Nirvana: "‘It is important to be a good sexual worker so that the husbands do not go to prostitutes,' said Rohaya, who has served with the Health Ministry for 15 years and written speeches for former ministers Dr Chua Soi Lek and Chua Jui Meng."

So how come Chua Soi Lek went to a ‘prostitute' even after Rohaya had tutored him well?

Anonymous_VV: A man's lust cannot be satisfied by a whore. The answer is to be God-fearing and instill respect and good values. Men are bastard when it comes to sex, they can never be satisfied.

Hence Muslim women should beware of these vultures. Even the best of whores cannot hold on to their men.

Onyourtoes: Did all these women conduct any study before coming up with all these moronic opinions about being obedient to their husbands?

In any society, unless men have learned the meaning of being fair and responsible, I think no amount of obedience and subservience is going to make any difference. In fact, it may even accentuate the already bad situation.

Dr Rohaya, what you said is your one person's opinion. You have no empirical and research findings to back you up. More so, you are just a one-quarter wife to your husband.

Lynn: What would their esteemed advice be to stop the wives from straying I wonder? Husbands need to be like "whores" in bed too no doubt?

This is so ridiculous, it's really beyond words. Don't blame the women if you stray and seek out prostitutes, we are human not animals and if the men has no self-control like a human should have, then the only solution in my mind is the chop off their d**k.

Problem solved.


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