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Dr M should repent - start with the IPP deals
Published:  Jun 9, 2011 12:26 AM
Updated: 12:47 AM

your say 'From all the negative comments from Malaysiakini readers, Mahathir must surely deserve the award for Malaysia's favourite villain.'

In tit-for-tat, Karpal urges Mahathir to repent

Tkc: Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad is the single biggest liability for Malaysia. Even in his twilight years, he is relentless in the pursuit of his ‘divide and rule' strategies that had served him well when he was running our country with an iron fist.

No one in Umno/BN dares to cross him due to his infamous vindictiveness so much so that nothing moves without his tacit approval. And his tacit approval will depend on whether his son gets to be the next PM or whether his cronies get the lion share of the cake.

For the sake of our country, we look forward to the day when we are finally rid of this menace.

Louis: Bukit Gelugor MP Karpal Singh is absolutely right about Mahathir. Mahathir had tons of sins and should repent now before it is too late.

The rakyat is now burdened with high electric tariffs all because of him. The highway tolls keep rising, and he too has a part to play in it. Now he is old and finding himself unwanted, he tries to make himself important by talking nonsense.

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew is still sought after because he gives good advice. I agree, Mahathir is our biggest liability.

Quigonbond: The term ‘welfare state' has a not-so-illustrious past as it connotes a people who are lazy and rely on handouts by the state.

What Malaysia wants is not to go down that road - or to borrow a phrase - give a man to fish and he will finish in a meal, teach him to fish and he'll have meals for a lifetime. We should only be required to provide welfare to those who are infirm or physically/mentally challenged.

As for those who still have the capacity to work, the social re-engineering must be about enpowering them to stand on their own two feet. BN has failed for the past 53 years to engineer this upward mobility. Pakatan Rakyat can turn this around if given a chance.

Gordon Gecko: From all the negative comments from Malaysiakini readers, Dr M must surely deserve the award for Malaysia's favourite villain. It's so sad to see the elderly statesman being condemned by his own people.

At this point of his life, he should just sit back, shut up, enjoy his retirement, and save whatever dignity he's got left. The million dollar question is will Mahathir repent? I think not.

Malaysiasakit: Absolutely spot on, Karpal. This was the man who destroyed the country single-handedly. From oppression of opposition members to dodgy privatisation to racial strife to the complete and utter degradation of all public institutions and the general decline of the Malaysian society - he was the man, and we can't thank him enough for all he had done.

CityMan: Mahathir is the worst PM we ever had. A hypocrite and extremely egoistic, he believes he is always right. The IPP and PLUS highway agreements show that the people are not his priority. They were all signed during his time.

Dingy: Dr M had done more harm than good for the country. He literally destroyed the judiciary system for his own benefits.

I remember in early 1980s, he pushed for heavy industrialisation when Malaysia was not in a position to implement it. Just look at the steel industry and the losses the country had to endure. For the car industry, because of high price we have to pay for our Proton, the people suffered.

Universiti Malaya economist Chee Peng Lim was sidelined for commenting that Malaysia was not ready for heavy industry as we didn't have economies of scale. Many other economists dared not response for fear of backlash.

Whatever he did for the country, it was for his own benefits and to enrich himself and his family. The public have lost complete respect for him.

SickNegara: Ask Mahathir why in other countries people get a Toyota Camry for the same amount we pay for a Proton?

Ask Mahathir why he made so much noise about APs (approved permits) before, and now that his son takes charge of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, he keeps his mouth shut? Who are getting the APs now?

Gunner: 'Projek IC Mahathir' in Sabah has been the dirtiest trick that Mahathir did. Not less than 600,000 immigrants were granted instant Malaysian citizenships...

JBGUY: I used to be an admirer of Dr M at one time but look at the state of Malaysia today - endemic corruption at all levels, a failed education system, racial and religious polarisation, a less than impartial judiciary, police and the MACC - all of which were a result of Mahathir's rule.

Tun, you have done enough harm to this country, please refrain from causing more harm. We the rakyat have lost all respect for you. At least in your twilight years, speak out for a fair and equitable society and right all the wrongs you were responsible for.

Moontime: There is a reason God prolonged Mahathir's life - so that he may see the destruction of all that he cherished, especially Umno and the setting-up of a truly 'for the rakyat' government by Pakatan.

It's so unfortunate that this former PM could never be a statesman - a wise figurehead or ‘sifu' for aspiring politicians. Mahathir believed only in himself and refused to admit his wrongdoings by selective amnesia.

I'm sure he won't follow Karpal's suggestion to repent and retire gracefully from politics altogether. Such concepts are alien to him. When the time finally comes for him to meet his maker, sure, there will be tears, but most of it are the crocodile-type.

Don't worry Mahathir, I will cry for you, not of sadness but of joy, for I know Malaysia will be a better place without you.

Lusiapa: Any God-fearing octogenarian would have realised the need not only for repentance but also reconciliation with his fellowmen and above all, restitution, primary of which is the restoration of the once glorious judiciary that he so mercilessly destroyed.

It's a pity and a national disaster that a person so well endowed should choose to use his God-given talents not for the betterment of mankind but to continue stirring up and encouraging racial animosity and distrust among Malaysians even at this late stage of his life.

It appears that nothing can ever move this heart of stone.


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