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RM100 mil spent in one day: Cut Rais Yatim's pay
Published:  Jun 13, 2011 9:04 AM
Updated: 1:07 AM

vox populi small thumbnail 'Why is there no action when a minister made a wrong decision and wasted taxpayers' money? Cut Rais Yatim's pay by RM10 for his decision.'

Artiste Day: 'Rais blew half year's budget in 1 day'

Just Me: Waste is the name of the game. Of the RM100 million, maybe only 20 percent goes to the real project.

Indeed, the petrol subsidy is not really subsidy. We have paid in advance for it in the form of car taxes, which is the highest in the region. So giving some back is not a subsidy. In Thailand, which has a smaller passenger car market, they have no local car producer, but their auto industry is much bigger than Malaysia and employ more people.

From the difference in the car prices and extra loan we have to pay and service the bank, we can have at least six to seven years of free petrol.

Flour is cheaper in Malaysia and subsidised, but instead the average instant noodles prices are at least 30 percent cheaper in Thailand. Diesel is not subsidised in Thailand and yet, their trawlers have been fishing every day and growing.

So let us sit back and think again. Have we done our economy injustice? Has our planning gone wrong. Isn't it time we ask why?

Freemsia: With the amount of hard-earned taxpayers' money being used for wasteful projects like these, no wonder subsidies are cut. We have a useless, incompetent, arrogant, blur and no hope of an information, communication and culture minister in Rais Yatim.

SusahKes: Pride goes before a fall. When you have a minister who thinks he's God's gift to Malaysia, then this is what you get.

In truth, Rais has got no clue as to what he is doing - he's just warming the chair before he's shown the door like former home minister Syed Hamid Albar. In the meantime, remember his face when you think of arrogance.

Dingy: An allocation of RM100 million for a one-day event is too much. In all BN expenses for any project, much had leaked out to their cronies' pockets. In this case 99 percent was probably leaked out. This government is always generous with expenses, all in millions. What better ways of siphoning out taxpayers' money than to organise events by inflating expenses.

How to inflate expenses? For example, one bungkus of nasi lemak biasa normally cost RM2.50 at complexes would cost RM250. You remember Auditor-General's Report on the screw drivers? It's difficult to finish RM100 million for a one-day event unless a dollar worth is inflated to RM1,000. Good money, earned without breaking a sweat.

AntiRacial: Why is there no action when a minister made a wrong decision and wasted taxpayers' money? Cut Rais Yatim's pay by RM10 for his decision. This will serve as a warning to other ministers before they decide on any spending.

Spending on any project or function should come from a ministry-level decision and not simply decided by the ministers themselves. I bet there will not be any explanation or action on this matter over the mistake made by Rais. We need to stop all this nonsense before Malaysia go bankrupt.

Lingam K: This is the ogre who condemned budding actress Sharifah Amani, who innocently said "I look stupid if I talk Malay", meaning that her Malay is not immaculate.

This is the guy who teaches Malaysians to be patriotic during Merdeka by waving flags. This the bloke who arrogantly castigated and mocked a journalist who asked a question in English during a press conference.

This is the ignoramus who said that not a single word must be changed from ‘Interlok' to maintain its plot and sub-plot, not knowing that it has already been edited even before the controversy. He is a blundering incompetent. God saves Malaysians from him.

Kgen: Isn't this the same misguided fool who recently blocked 10 Internet sites on the pretext of piracy? Rais Yatim is a menace to the youth of Malaysia.

Justice Seeker: What to do? As long as there are fools who support the corrupt Umno/BN regime, there will be looting. They will use all kind of excuses to rob the rakyat's money. In the name of country's defence, they stole billions. Now in the name of artistes, they steal in the millions.

UKM, who on earth uses fiction as history book?

Anonymous_4031: History is history; it cannot be changed even if we wish to. Unbiased history is history, biased history is fiction. Fiction cannot, and should not, be made as truth. Let honest historians emerge and write history as it was, not twisted and turned to glorify some people and to demonise others.

Islamic history is not history per se, but Islam. Being so, the subject should be called Islamic studies, which should be optional and not forced down the throats of non-Muslims.

Let a new History syllabus be created with all the events that happened before and during and after 1957 (the Merdeka years) - Part 1: Pre-Merdeka period, Part 2: Fight for Merdeka and Emergency period, and Part 3: Present period.


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