It's clear, Ibrahim Ali out to create chaos

Modified 20 Jun 2011, 11:59 pm

your say 'Ibrahim Ali is openly threatening racial violence against the Chinese community. As usual, we expect the home minister to do absolutely nothing.'

Anything can happen on July 9, warns Perkasa

Anonymous_40a7 : "I believe the Chinese community, many of them, will have to stock up on food at home," said Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali.

Is that a thinly veiled threat against the Chinese community, Ibrahim? You should be charged under ISA for this... oh wait, I forgot he's untouchable.

By the way, I feel bad for the people of Pasir Mas who voted for this bigot because instead of having a person who serves his constituency faithfully, they ended up with someone who is hell bent on destroying everyone he doesn't see eye to eye.

"If you want to arrest, arrest everybody, as long as our nation is at peace," said Ibrahim. Yes, I agree. Starting with you.

Quigonbond: Chinese storing up food? Don't be ridiculous. There is no racial tension, just Perkasa thugs trying to prevent the masses from exercising their constitutional rights.

Perkasa is just an outsourced outfit of the Home Ministry - their new strategy is to use thugs to stop peaceful gatherings instead of sending in the FRUs after all the bad press in 2008. It's laughable of course, since permitting the thugs to do their dirty job, they end up tripling their 2008 error.

Instead of gathering and test their actual strength, they prefer to resort to threats of violence to win - typical of a school bully who is full of false bravados on the outside, but chicken on the inside.

Dhammika: Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali is the real national threat. If there is a clash, who else will be responsible? How can the police let him have the freedom of speech to sow hatred and racial enmity?

If the police are do their job, then they must set a site for Perkasa to rally far away from Bersih's.

Disgusted: Ibrahim and Perkasa has made me more determined than ever to be present at the Bersih 2 rally - not to provoke violence but to take part in a peaceful march.

Remember to bring along a lot of water and a mask or protective goggles to overcome the tear gas and chemical-laced water sprayed by the police. If Ibrahim and Umno provoke a riot then they will face the wrath of rakyat in the general elections.

Malaysiakini and the ‘media rakyat', do have your cameras ready to capture all that happens so that the nation and world will know what type of government rules Malaysia and that they are no better than Libya, Bahrain and Syria. This is the way ‘Islamic' rulers behave.

Md Imraz Muhammed Ikhbal: And Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein still wants to assert that no one is above the law? Ibrahim Ali is above the law, and it is high time our home minister stop thinking we are idiots.

Bozo: Don't threaten us with chaos, Ibrahim. The only people who would create problems will be Perkasa.

Bersih will continue its march peacefully and we are ready for any eventuality. Let democracy prevails. Perkasa is only good at burning flags, photos and creating trouble.

AnakBangsaMalaysia: Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa are openly threatening racial violence against the Chinese community. And as usual, we expect the police and home minister not only do absolutely nothing, but actually go out of their way to play the role of cheerleading Perkasa.

We have not forgotten that Hishammuddin Hussein himself personally appeared at a press conference to endorse the actions of the Perkasa/Umno mob who defiled a severed cow's head in Shah Alam, and that the police stood by and did nothing.

When the entire judicial apparatus is as corrupt as it is in Malaysia, we expect nothing. The system is too rotten to be repaired; only a thorough change and reform can save Malaysia now.

Anonymous_5fb: Ibrahim Ali, you said you want to help the home minister by getting Malaysians to observe the law, but you broke the law by burning and stomping on pictures of Bersih chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan and issued threats that there will be chaos if Bersih 2.0 is going ahead with its rally.

Don't be a hypocrite. It seems you learn well the art of hypocrisy from the infamous doctor. It is sickening to see your type of Muslim that brings shame to Islam, as if Islam allows you to create chaos.

Malaysian Born: It's amazing that this fool is actually threatening a May 13 type action against the Chinese as retribution for the Bersih march going forward, and he is doing it openly.

TehTarik: The Sturmabteilung (SA), or Stormtroopers, functioned as a paramilitary organisation of the German Nazi Party. It played a key role in Adolf Hitler's rise to power in the 1920s and 1930s.

SA men were often called ‘brownshirts' for the colour of their uniforms (similar to Benito Mussolini's blackshirts). The hallmark of these stormtroopers was the use of violence to disrupt peaceful rallies by opponents of the Nazi Party .

The stormtroopers also believed in the superiority of the Aryan race. The SA regularly threatened Jews and other minorities. They also questioned their patriotism and threatened to expel them from Germany. Can you see the eerie similarities?

KSN: What are the police waiting for? Ibrahim Ali has promised, in his own words, chaos. If that is not a threat to national security and peace, then what is?

Multi Racial: This time Ibrahim Ali has gone too far. He talks without thinking, and he thinks he can say and do anything without consequences. It is obvious that if there is a riot on July 9, Ibrahim Ali and his people are responsible for it.

Malaysians of all races will not be threaten by this racist bigot. Shame on you, Ibrahim Ali.

Tamma: A kampung (village) boy can figure out what Ibrahim Ali is up to. His people will wear yellow T-shirts and mix with them and damage public properties. Then the government will put the blame on Bersih. Am I right?

Buffalo_Bill: How can the BN government, which claims to be the true champion of multiracial Malaysia, tolerate this Malay supremacist-cum-racist? All we hear is deafening silence from our 1Malaysia PM.

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