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How long will Hisham let Ibrahim run amok?
Published:  Jun 21, 2011 8:23 AM
Updated: 10:27 AM

your say 'It appears Ibrahim Ali has now been mandated by Najib to set in motion the events to realise the counting of ‘crushed bodies' in their defence of Putrajaya.'

Bar Council: Use Sedition Act against Ibrahim Ali

Rubystar_4037: Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, if you are doing your job, then you should know that Ibrahim Ali is a clear and present danger to the harmony and peaceful existence of all rakyat in Malaysia.

Ibrahim knows that the Home Ministry will not touch him, Utusan Malaysia will fan his fiery brimstone speeches, Dr Mahathir Mohamad is behind him, that he has tremendous value to Umno, the RMP (Royal Malaysian Police) will not arrest him, he will not be put under the ISA and that he is above the law.

Everything Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali says and plays to the gallery are all disgusting and go against the norm of civil and moral values of our society, in which the fabric that holds it together is now so fragile that all it needs is a small spark to lit up a conflagration of racial and civil unrest.

How long is the home minister going to let him run amok before it is too late? Do not discount the fact that he may be the agent provocateur in the run-up to the Bersih march.

Anonymous: If no action is taken against Ibrahim Ali this time - he has already made many other baseless and wild and seditious allegations on other occasions this year alone - it obviously shows that the government is blatantly bias and will never walk its talk on ‘1 Malaysia'.

TehTarik: Ibrahim Ali is a threat to national security and must be arrested under the Internal Security Act and interned in Kamunting. It is shocking to see the home minister and the police trying to appease Perkasa and its leader.

Umno appears to be playing a double game with Perkasa. This is similar to what is happening in Pakistan where the religious fundamentalists that were once courted by the government are today literally destroying it.

Perkasa and Ibrahim are slowly but surely pushing us into another racial conflagration.

Kyw: Why must Perkasa choose to rally on July 9? They can choose to rally on the 10th and nobody will condemn him.

But he purposely choose to coincide its rally with another's. He is out to create trouble by intimidating others. Democracy means we are free to talk or act anyhow we please so long as it does not deprive, infringe or endanger others from enjoying their rights.

Ibrahim Ali is a busybody. He is out to obstruct and deny others their right of expression. He should be behind bars, not in Parliament.

Bozo: Hello, Mr PM. Why are you so quiet? Your call for a transparent government in the Langkawi International Dialogue amounts to nothing in Malaysia. Look at yourself first before you talk of good governance.

The country is going down the road of chaos while you are happily entertaining Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe.

Anonymous_3e86: The BN government won't anything to Ibrahim Ali as they are in favour of him starting another May 13. This is what BN wants and is hoping for.

BN is afraid to face the rakyat in the general elections for fear of losing. But the rakyat isn't stupid enough to fall for that ploy. The rakyat are smart enough to avoid a confrontation with Perkasa.

The Bersih rally is for electoral reforms for fair and just elections. Is that not the way the electoral system should be? Is asking for a fair and just electoral system too much to ask? The fact is that the system is now manipulated by BN to their advantage.

Umno Youth's claim to defend the present electoral system is ridiculous - it merely suggest that they are supporting an unfair system. So is Perkasa's.

With or without the rally, BN will lose another chunk of the votes in the coming GE.

Wira: The Bersih walk, with a pledged 100,000 supporters from PAS, will be mainly Malay led. Umno and Perkasa are Malay parties too.

The Chinese will provide the electoral support during the general elections for their favourite parties and are not regarded as active participants in this protest. I don't see why the Chinese should worry.

Anonymous_40a7: "We condemn the racist remark by Ibrahim Ali, it is wholly irresponsible and uncalled for, if not seditious," said the Bar Council.

Next thing you know, Ibrahim the rambling madman will call for jihad against the Bar Council, and the police shrugs their shoulders, saying "What can we do?"

Multi Racial: Gerakan's Mah Siew Keong is supporting Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa to get Bersih to call off the demonstration on July 9. Like Ibrahim Ali, Mah said if the demonstration was to go ahead, it will create political instability.

Is Mah implying cheating in election will not create political instability? These days, it is best for these politicians to keep their mouth shut if they do not have the courage to do what is right.

If Mah follow what Malaysians want, he should join Bersih in the demonstration.

Michael Celo: I can only suspect that Ibrahim Ali has now been mandated by PM Najib Razak to light the fires and set in motion the events to realise the counting of "crushed bodies" in their defence of Putrajaya. I wonder if Ibrahim Ali's own body will be in that number.

TKC: Sometimes when I look at these guys making war cries, I wonder what would happen if trouble really breaks out. A man like Ibrahim Ali could probably run 20 steps at most before he gets a heart seizure - giving a literal meaning to "over my dead body".

Docs: I'm a bit confused here. Could Umno please clarify who is running the Malaysia government - BN or Perkasa?


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