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Dr Jeyakumar detained, Ibrahim Ali walks free
Published:  Jun 28, 2011 9:39 AM
Updated: 3:03 AM

your say 'Ibrahim will walk away with a small fine, but Pakatan Rakyat leaders will find themselves ineligible to contest elections.'

Ibrahim Ali hauled up for alleged sedition

DannyLoHH: The double standard of treatment is glaring. Sungai Siput MP Dr D Micheal Jeyakumar was arrested and remanded for seven days for having some T-shirts with him, whereas Ibrahim Ali, who had openly threatened bloodshed and violence, is "probed" for two hours and then let go.

Penang deputy police chief Abdul Rahim Jaafar, you are doing a really good job of portraying the image of the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) as the running dogs of Umno.

Samuel: What Ibrahim Ali's message is that the Malays are stupid to be made use of by other races (in this case by Bersih chief S Ambiga). So if Bersih is lead by a Malay leader, then it is okay?

You see what kind of human being this Ibrahim Ali is to use race as an excuse without basis. Malaysia will not achieve racial harmony with this katak around who will lompat here and there to seek his fortune and use racial issue as his platform.

Bender: Ibrahim Ali's misplaced concern that the rally is backed up by Malays shows how distorted his mind is. What's wrong with Malays fighting for justice? It's about time.

If it turns out that majority of people who join Bersih are Chinese or Indians, I wonder what filth will come out of his mouth and what crusade he will declare then.

Seriously, this Ibrahim Ali character has no intention whatsoever to see the Malays become developed. He'd rather have them become more like him - stupid, racist and full of hot air.

Ace: Just another big wayang kulit again. Ibrahim Ali was probably invited in with a red carpet and treated to premium imported coffee and snacks, and after two hours, told to go out and put on a show to the press outside.

Pemerhati: Umno is trying very hard to win the next elections by all the crooked methods it can think of. For instance, in the recent past it tried to create racial tension by masterminding the cow-head and pig-head incidents so as to influence the Malays into voting for BN.

The recent ‘Datuk T' trio's pornographic video incident and the ensuing farcical investigation and trial of the trio was engineered by Umno to discredit the opposition leader. The latest seditious Ibrahim Ali outburst against the Chinese and the ‘Hindu woman' was again an attempt by Umno to create racial tension.

By now it has become very obvious that Umno is carrying out another charade similar to the ones it carried out after the cow-head and pornographic tape incidents. In this instance, Ibrahim Ali will be given the maximum opportunity and publicity to attack Bersih and create tension.

After all this is over, Umno will almost certainly come up with another issue to create tension and demonise the opposition.

Kannan M Sakti: Gerakan Aman (Peace Movement) - I wonder if they know the meaning, because the man who's wearing the ‘Gerakan Aman' is burning S Ambiga's photo! Bikin tak serupa cakap (what they say is not what they do) - itulah Geng Ibrahim Katak Ali yang kononnya menerajui Gerakan Aman.

Ketuanan Rakyat: The Datuk T were given VIP treatment for showing pornography, Ibrahim Ali will similarly be treated as a VIP for doing Umnoputras' dirty work for them. Can we expect fairness from ‘ketuanan' Umnoputras-led government police?

Solaris: Of course he's unfazed. I'd be too if I were him. No master would intentionally hurt his loyal attack dog for doing what it was told to.

L Joy: This is a showpiece to blind the public about Umno's hand behind Perkasa. They have to have this show so that they can really take action on Bersih and Pakatan Rakyat leaders.

Ibrahim will walk away with a small fine, but Pakatan Rakyat leaders will find themselves ineligible to contest elections. The judiciary will take care of this for Umno.

Nik V: We need to prepare for the reality that the ‘reformasi' for a new Malaysia will not come easy as the current Umno-Perkasa-BN government under Najib Razak will not be prepared to give Malaysia back to all Malaysians without putting up a strong resistance.

We need to hope and pray that the regular police personnel loves the rakyat and his own family more than the few old political masters and superiors who are intent on turning our own security forces against the ordinary Malaysian in order to hold on to their corrupt and unrepentant ways.

Terus: If Perkasa and other government-linked NGOs are prepared to clash and intimidate a peacefully-organised Bersih rally, can you imagine what they will do if Umno-led BN was to lose the next general election?

Ibrahim Ali's "advice" to Malaysians of Chinese descent is really frightening.

Blogsmith: Mana ada keadilan? The police are now so clearly bipartisan. Wear red or yellow T-shirt get locked up, but those who threaten violence, go free.

Police summon Ambiga, Samad Said

YF: National laureate A Samad Said was one of the early pure Malays who have berjuang (struggled) for negara, bangsa dan agama (country, people and religion). The fact that Samad is not supporting Umno speaks volumes and show that Umno is not for the Malays but for selected "desperate parties".

Sarajun Hoda: Bersih must go on. I suggest to all the rally people to go give themselves up, peacefully, for arrest at the nearest police stations, if that is required to correct the wrongs of the present government which thinks it knows everything and arrogantly never listens to people's cries.

MySecret: All Bersih participants should be prepared to be detained or even locked up for 24 to 48 hours. Let's not kid ourselves. Get ready for that badge of honour. It's a cause well worth the story for your future generations. History will definitely be on your side.

Passing Cloud: The BN government is losing control fast. It's desperate and no one is safe. Who's its next victim?


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