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No ISA, but EO? Same difference
Published:  Jul 3, 2011 7:47 AM
Updated: Jul 3, 2011 11:09 AM

your say 'ISA is too hot a potato for Umno to handle these days when the world is watching how it is abusing the law to serve its own ends.'

PSM 6 re-arrested under EO after release

Kee Thuan Chye: The PSM 6 involved with "subversive elements"? What subversive elements? The real subversive elements are those who are desecrating our democratic system by behaving like thugs and intimidators. Those are the ones who should be arrested.

Go after the Umno-BN fat cats, not the poor PSM minions. Why are the component parties in BN keeping silent? How can they see all these injustices being done and remain quiet? They are risking being totally rejected by their remaining supporters at the next GE (general election).

Swipenter: No ISA this time, but EO? Same difference. This is the beginning of a new version of Ops Lalang with a twist, designed to intimidate opposition politicians and members of NGOs not aligned with Umno/BN.

ISA is too hot a potato for Umno to handle these days when the whole world is watching how it is abusing the laws of the country to serve its own ends.

Kosongcafe: The home minister and the police should realise that it is pointless to set rules which they are unable to enforce. Banning yellow Bersih T-shirts and anything to do with Bersih suggests paranoia and it looks silly.

We all know it is impossible to round up everybody wearing such, and on the day of the rally, impossible to control if the turnout is going to be massive. The sheer number of people would have made the police vulnerable. There will be collateral damage when the people stampede, not that they wanted to.

The police will be held responsible because what the organisers requested for is just a couple of hours of police-controlled march to the palace - a not unreasonable request in the eyes of the public.

BTN: The police force who was supposed to protect citizens like us has been used by the government of the day to torment and threaten any voices that goes against them. It will come a time when citizens believe they need protection from the police, and when this happens, this country will fall into deep trouble. May this day never come.

Soul: The rally has not even started, yet so many innocent people have been arrested. The police are wasting taxpayers' money when they should be going after the criminals. Will we be able to reach the police should there be a crime happening on July 9. The criminals and actual law breakers are going to have a field day.

Malaysian_56f: Congratulation to the police! Preventive actions are much better. These idiots seem to have a dangerous political agenda. They want to become street fighters like what happened in Libya, Egypt and Syria.

These idiots are the stooges of the west who really wanted to destroy Malaysia economically and politically.

Lonestar: The authorities appear to have gone crazy. Now it is the EO, what next? It is now an eyeball-to-eyeball situation, who will blink first?

Joe Lee: For their blatant abuse of the human rights of so many of its citizens, Malaysia now stand condemned in the civilised world. The regime is sick and has lost the plot. 1Malaysia is now proven to be the fake that it has always been since day one.

We are now going down a slippery slope of further stupid mis-steps by a corrupt regime that has no vision of nation-building, no idea about respecting the rights of its own citizens, except to continue to steal the remaining wealth of the country.

Malaysians had better fasten their seat belts; we could soon be in unknown territory. When in its death throes, the regime will lash out at all and sundry. The police state is here. Malaysia needs its own Arab spring to push back the forces of evil.

The only question that remains is this - will evil continue to win in Malaysia and will good finally triumph? The stakes cannot be any higher.

DannyLoHH: The abuse of power is so blatant. The wrongful arrest and the injustice done are so foul that the word ‘disgusting' can no longer able to describe my feelings toward the action of the police and the ruthless Umno ruling regime.

TehTarik: The detention of Dr D Jeyakumar is bad news for BN. It will almost certainly ensure that BN will lose the Indian votes.

Dr Jeyakumar is the nephew of the late Tan Sri Danaraj who was the foundation dean of the first medical school in the country - University of Malaya. His father was a life-long civil servant and retired as the chief physician in Penang.

Both his uncle and father were doctors of impeccable honesty and integrity, and dedicated their lives to the country. Similar to the father of Bersih chief S Ambiga, who was another medical doctor considered by many as the Father of Urology and was founder of the National Kidney Foundation.

Both Jeyakumar and Ambiga could easily have raked in millions in the private sector, but instead they are sacrificing their lives to save this country.

Kgen: The BN govt hasn't learnt its lesson. They created the Hindraf 5 which galvanised Indians against BN, now they are repeating the same mistake by creating PSM 6.

Jeritanbatin: Congratulations Bersih 2.0, you are halfway to achieve your actual motive. You have made the rakyat realise that your request for a peaceful rally is justified.

Indirectly, you have proven to the rakyat the kind of government running this country, and how unfair and undemocratic BN/Umno can be.

Disbeliever: Malaysia is 'Animal Farm' where all are equal, but some are more equal than others. Dr Jeyakumar and others have been detained under the EO, yet big-mouth racist Ibrahim Ali walks free. Why, oh, why?

Pants on Fire: I see Dr Mahathir Mohamad's big shadow. We are back to his police state. God help us please from this evil regime.


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