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Are police waging war against the Agong?
Published:  Jul 7, 2011 12:50 AM
Updated: 4:24 AM

your say 'Who are the communists - the rakyat or Umnoputra? They are doing what Mao Zedong had done by clamping down on the rakyat.'

DAP: Continued clampdown an affront to Agong

Swipenter: The Umno regime and PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) must immediately desist from harassing Bersih 2.0 supporters and release all those detained under the Emergency Ordinance immediately now that the Agong has spoken and a compromise has been reached.

The Agong's consent in meeting S Ambiga and two others and the go-ahead given by Najib to have the rallyin a stadium is nothing short of acknowledging the legitimacy of Bersih 2.0.

Unless of course, there are other forces opposed to PM Najib Razak and the Agong and/or some kind of a power struggle is playing out behind the scenes and Bersih 2.0 is being used as a convenient scapegoat to mask the power struggle. This happened to Umno in the mid-1980s under the early years of the Mahathir administration.

Abasir: I was stuck in traffic for an hour during which time I cursed Najib and his gang of crooks for this blatant abuse of state machinery. I am sure other road users felt the way I did. I am also sure that all of this BN-engineered hardship, waste of expensive petrol and time, and colossal loss of productivity will translate into votes.

I urge Najib to continue with this lunacy. It will be his road to destruction.

Ipoh2: It seems that despite the agreement to move the rally to a stadium, Najib/Umno/BN is being nasty and still persisting in preventing the rally from taking place.

Or at the very least, to drastically reduce the number of people attending. This is the result of dealing in good faith with two-faced snakes.

Quigonbond: The king has already proclaimed that Bersih 2.0 has good intentions. How could anything with good intentions be deemed illegal?

Further, Najib has agreed for Bersih 2.0 to gather at a stadium, so why the hypocrisy of continued clampdowns onBersih 2.0? It looks like the Najib is confused, and his administration is in disarray over this matter.

S.citizen: From what is happening, it is the police who are waging a war against our beloved king. Their behaviour is really disgusting.

They have no respect for our constitution and the rule of law. I have lost all the respect for them. Najib, be a man of ethics and practise what you preach.

Muak: "Polis sudah derhaka kepada Yang DiPertuan Agong!" There shouldn't be any more crackdown after the king has called for the government and Bersih 2.0 to meet.

The king has also met up with Bersih 2.0 and has acknowledged the movement's concerns.

A regime that says one thing and does another needs to go. A regime that allows Ibrahim Ali to question and challenge the king has to go.

A regime that manufactures ‘evidence' to frame its citizens does not deserve to be in power. A regime that does not heed to calls of the very people that put it in power has to be voted out of office.

DannyLoHH: A police force that does not up hold the constitution, a police force that does not respect rule of law, and a police force that arrest woman for having a yellow badge in her pocket with message that call for clean and fair elections, is not a police force of a democratic state.

The police force has gone way overboard, it should be blatantly clear now that there is a dire need for the IPCMC (Independent Police Complaints and Misconducts Commission) to be set up.

Meluat: Indeed we are now a police state. But the rakyat who want change must persist. Wear and carry anything yellow.

They are trying to use scare tactics on Bersih but please remember they are the scared one. The insecurities are mounting hence all these extreme measures.

Chuath: So does anything Najib says really matter then? This is not unexpected. We do not have high expectations that the police will act according to the law.

May87: Malaysians, we have to continue to unite to make our stand and our voice to be heard that such blatant ignorance to proper rule of law will not be tolerated. Malaysians shall continue to unite to push for a fully-flourished democracy, not the dictatorship we seem to be living in now.

MyMalaysia_4c4: Who are the communists now - the rakyat or Umnoputra? They are doing what Mao Zedong had done by clamping down the rakyat.

Just imagine, to the extend of arresting one who had a Bersih 2.0 badge in her bag and those who wear yellow. Isn't yellow the colour of the Agong? Is Umno waging a war against the Agong?

Army's simulation exercise: 'Disperse, or we'll shoot'

David Dass: This is unreal. "Disperse or we will shoot." Is this rehearsal simply designed to frighten would be demonstrators from demonstrating?

The king has proposed a solution. The PM appeared to have accepted the king's proposal. And the problem was resolved. The stand-off was averted.

But now the government says Bersih is an illegal organisation, the police say that no permit will be given to the them as they do not meet existing criteria and the stadium officials say that they will not allow the stadium to be used.

Why is the king's proposal already accepted by the PM not accepted by the rest. We would show disrespect to the king if we suggest that he participated in a ruse to induce Bersih to announce acceptance of his suggestion.

We must accept that the king was sincere. We must accept that the PM meant it when he accepted the proposal. So what has gone wrong?

Anonymous_3del: It will be a sad day for this country if a standing army is being deployed to kill fellow citizens on the orders of a corrupt and desperate regime out to muzzle the people's dissent against election malpractices of a brazenly biased Election Commission.

My understanding of the sacred duty of the armed forces is to protect the nation against external threats and enemies.

Are we plunging into the level of some tyrannical banana states where the army becomes a cat's paw to carry out the despots' wishes to cling to power by killing kith and kin?

The FRU and police force are already known to be brutal in their handling of peaceful assemblies.

What now with the army ordered to use live bullets on unarmed civilians? I hope the authorities are merely calling their bluff. Otherwise we will descent into a failed state.

Tel: What is the government trying to prove by having such an exercise during such a time? What do they mean by 'we will shot'? Are they warning us, the rakyat? Are they trying to create Middle East-type tensions in Malaysia ? Or are they just plain stupid?

BTN: I believe that all this signs point towards one thing only and that is change is imminent and cannot be stopped anymore. The government who professed to the world that they practice democracy is actually bullshitting as long as they are secured as government.

These stupid idiots are so afraid to lose. Winning and losing is normal in a healthy democracy and if there is nothing to hide, there should not be any fear of losing.

P Dev Anand Pillai: In 1969, a group led by then Umno Youth chief Harun Idris was allowed to go amok and now we have the second generation of Umno leaders ready to use the army to shoot at civilians.

This regime has come to a point that it is ready to kill its own people, and it is beyond redemption.

It is now up to the people to massively vote against it and ensure that no other Southeast Asian immigrants who have been given IC cards are able to vote.

Massive rigging will take place and we have to capture this on video to pass on to the election watchdogs of the world and to the United Nations to show how elections are rigged in Malaysia.

The moment the army has been given instructions to shoot, we can't reason with this government anymore.

Anonymous_4196: I appeal to the army and police, don't kill innocent rakyat. We are not going out there to cause chaos.

There is no need to threaten the rakyat. Violence has no place here. The rakyat are assembling peacefully for the betterment of Malaysia. It is for your children and our children's future.

Dood: I feel like a Palestinian now.


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