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Wake up, BN doesn't play by the rules
Published:  Jul 7, 2011 1:26 AM
Updated: 2:38 AM

your say 'How come a 'titah' from Agong can be ignored by BN government? Is this a crisis of sorts about to begin between the royalty and Umno?'

Home minister: Bersih still illegal

SusahKes: This is precisely why Umno will never learn - not until they are sent to the political wilderness.

If S Ambiga didn't meet with the Agong or refused to back down from the rally, then she and Bersih would be labelled as traitors. And the likes of Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein would have a field day portraying them as such.

But when an Umno leader refuses to acknowledge the Agong's acquiescence of Bersih, he deems himself as above the law and does what he pleases, just to keep himself and Umno in power. Home Minister? This is more like Lawless Minister.

So now what? The police will not entertain a request for permit because Hishammuddin deems Bersih as illegal? Take a guess as to the number of tai-chi tactics that Umno and its compliant servants will play to make life difficult for Bersih. Maybe the only solution then, is to hit the streets.

Anonymous: How come a 'titah' from Agong can be ignored by BN government? What a bad example for rakyat to follow. Is this a crisis of sorts about to begin between the royalty and Umno? Hope it doesn't happen. No one likes it this way.

Wira: Hishammuddin, every government order issued is done in the name of DYMM YDP Agong. Are you now suggesting that the king met with an illegal organisation? Don't you have any respect for the king?

KJ John: Politicians can play games with the lives of others, but it is God who decides and moves to establish justice and righteousness. Hey, Hishammuddin, God is watching and you are not making much sense. The king moved to stop the nonsense, but good sense has still not prevailed. Do we need Tsunami II before you learn?

Geronimo: Now we can really see the true colour of these uncouth Umno leaders. First, Ibrahim Ali dares to question HRH (His Royal Highness) for granting Ambiga and her two colleagues an audience. Now, here comes this bozo who more or less tell HRH, "So what!"

So, who's next to insult the HRH? Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Najib Razak, Muhyiddin Yassin and Khairy Jamaluddin? The people should rise to the occasion to protect our king from these bunch of traitors.

Anti-Fascist: This slap in the face should wake Bersih 2.0 up. BN doesn't play by the rules and doesn't even pretend to listen to DYMM YDP Agong's advice. Bersih 2.0 still wants a stadium?

AnakBangsaMalaysia: And what does the Agong have to say about this belligerent statement from the home minister as well as the continuing illegal arrests of Bersih 2.0 supporters and abuse of detainees by the police?

What does the Agong have to say about the explicit threats of violence against unarmed civilians emanating non-stop from Umno-Perkasa, PDRM, FRU and the Army?

Quigonbond: That's Umno flexing its bully muscles. In saying so, Hisham is telling the king that his opinion means nothing, that the king's proclamation that Bersih's intentions are good is inconsequential.

From this day forth, Umno losses its moral authority to terrorise the rakyat in the name of defending the royalty.

Tsc: This is good cop (Najib), bad cop (Hishammudin) routine. They never intended to play fair. Otherwise, they wouldn't have done what they have done, including the police telling they might enlist help from the army.

Even the Agong was dragged into the mud. So Hishammuddin can override Agong?

Anonymous_40a7: With Hisham's statement, it means Umno now considers themselves above the Agong in the hierarchy of power in Malaysia. This is despite the Agong giving consent to Bersih's activities.

So much for Umno shouting ‘Daulat Tuanku' and pretending to be the defenders of the monarchy.

DannyLoHH: The ruling regime has lose all legitimacy in its continuous crackdown on Bersih. The crackdown is illegal as it is denying the fundamental freedom of assembly of Malaysians as enshrined in the constitution.

The law they used to acts against the supporter is also illegal as these laws contravene the constitution law of Malaysia, which is supposed to be the highest law of Malaysia.

But they got away from it because they have compromised the neutrality of the public institution, especially the police force and the court. The country is fast descending into a pariah state.

Ghkok: 1) How can a group that is a coalition of 60 registered NGOs be illegal?

2) How can a group whose mission is to fight for free and fair elections be illegal?

3) How can a group that just had a meeting with the Agong be illegal?

4) How can a group that is offered a stadium (by the government) to hold their peaceful really be illegal?

5) How can a group that is supported by millions of peace-loving Malaysians be illegal?

6) How can a group that is chaired by a former chairperson of the Bar Council be illegal (surely she knows what is legal or illegal)?

Hisham, you tell us. Or are you telling us that they are illegal just because you say so? Who the hell are you to say they are illegal?

Prussiablue: I knew it. The fact that massive roadblocks all over KL and even as far as in JB yesterday meant the government has no intention of 'legalising' Bersih. It's all a trick. We have not choice but to take it to the street as originally planned.

David Dass: The ball is in the court of the minister. The king has said to Bersih - "Have your demonstration in the stadium." Bersih has agreed. The prime minister agreed. The nation sighed with relief. An ugly confrontation was avoided.

Now we are at a stalemate again. The stadium officials say no. The police will not issue a permit. The cabinet dithers. And the home minister says that Bersih is an illegal organisation. And the crackdown continues.

Is this honorable conduct? Is this flying in the face of advise from the king? Even Dr Mahathir Mohamad acknowledges that demonstrations are a democratic right but should only be exercised as a last resort.

And if the stadium demonstration is not allowed then is the government creating a situation where the only avenue available to Bersih and their supporters is a street demonstration? Why is this happening?

Dood: Okay, Bersih still illegal? Then please go and arrest the king then for being involved with the illegal organisation.

Gerard Samuel Vijayan: If the government cannot offer an acceptable venue for the rally on Saturday and continues to place obstacles and restrictions in the path of Bersih 2.0 in defiance of the king's edict, then the rally should move back to the streets and forget about engaging with the government.

Hisham is taking about rule by law and not rule of law. Most arrests were made when Bersih 2.0 was not yet banned, so release these persons including the PSM activists as a sign of good faith otherwise the government must face the consequences.

It is obvious that the police, and now the Army, are beholden to Umno/BN and not the people so why must the people continue to restrain themselves when their freedoms and rights are being blatantly taken away by a lawless, corrupted and ruthless regime that wins elections through fraud, cheating and bribery?

The whole world must see the truth about Malaysia and investors should stay out of a country that is authoritarian and undemocratic in the extreme.

Bil: Can anyone please tell me who is ruling the country?


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