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Councillors in the dock: Another one for the books
Published:  Jul 7, 2011 2:29 AM
Updated: 2:33 AM

vox populi small thumbnail 'Malaysia will enter the Guiness Book of Records as a Third World country for disallowing the wearing of yellow.'

Yellow tees: 11 councillors to be charged tomorrow

Ong Guan Sin: The case will surely collapse as there is no basis of circumstances and law to support the 'illegal' declaration against Bersih 2.0 T-shirts. It is a total waste of public resources to pursue the case.

As a 1Malaysia government so fond of setting itself key performance indicators (KPI), this waste of public resources should be factored into its KPIs - the rakyat will judge you accordingly. In fact, the public resources are abused in this case to just inconvenience and burden the good people of Bersih and its supporters.

Anonymous_4135: Agong, when you allow Bersih 2.0 to hold the demonstration in a stadium, Bersih has promised that it will be done properly.

However, your government agencies have proven that they are all out to make life difficult on your people by putting up roadblocks in the morning, conduct arrests and intimidate opposition meetings, and whatever underarm tactics available to stall matters.

It is almost a foregone conclusion that whoever drives to Stadium Merdeka on Saturday will face more more roadblocks, searches inside the car, even greater intimidation ever before. Drivers who drive there will almost be certain get a traffic summon for parking illegally, which is never a problem when a football match is going on.

I plead with you - this is what the rakyat have been moaning about time and again: the blatant abuses of power by our police, judicary, Election Commission, etc.

Keep Your Head: The police are harassing the people and wasting taxpayers' money to go after the entire town council on unfounded charge.

Minister Hishammudin Hussein does not have the power to declare a society illegal, nor the Registrar of Societies, as the rulings needed be gazetted first. The police and DPP should be reprimanded and the people be released immediately.

Anonymous: It appears that the 'Polis Raja Di Malaysia' have nothing better to do than set up roadblocks to prevent people from attending rallies (not realising the waste of petrol caused by the jams) and charging people for wearing T-shirts of the 'wrong' color. What a waste of taxpayers money.

To make up for the losses, BN has to think of other ways of burdening the rakyat, such as imposition of GST, removal of subsidy on essential goods such as petrol, gas for cooking and industrial use, sugar, etc.

I wonder whether 'pemimpin' BN are aware of the ultimate consequences of the increases on everyday living expenses . The price of nasi lemak has increased from RM1 to RM1.50, roti canai has increased from 90 sen to RM1.10, bread has increased from RM3 to RM3.20, coffee/tea has increased from RM1.20 to RM1.40, etc.

How I wish elections were held tomorrow for me to show my utmost displeasure and frustration over my 'great leaders'.

Dev: Are they going to charge the Agong for holding talks with an "unlawful society" as well?

Alan Goh: Charging the 17 for wearing yellow T-shirts. What a joke. Malaysia will enter the Guiness Book of Records as a Third World country for disallowing the wearing of yellow.

After the comical Sodomy II High Court trial, let the world watch how another comical trial is taking place, with the compliments of the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM).

KJ John: The idocrats cannot think and therefore do stupid things and waste the people's money and public prosecutors' time. To the councillors, we are with you, and your courage makes us want to make change happen, and it will. You have set a good example by your leadership and courage. My salute to you all.

ONG: Since the government had declared 'Bersih' to be an 'illegal' movement/organisation, I find it strange that the same government now allows members and followers of the same 'illegal' movement/organisation to hold a legal rally/demonstration, even if within the confines of a stadium.

Is it possible that the government wants to nab the whole lot Bersih members and followers and having them all within the confines of a stadium will make the task of arresting them easier?

Confuse_d: In Perak, black is banned, Hindraf orange is banned, DAP's red is banned, now Bersih yellow is banned. Better ban all coloured clothes.

Perkasa rally on, unless permit withheld

Dingy: The Agong interfered so that there won't be chaos due to clashes. Ibrahim Ali is bent on to create trouble even if the Bersih rally is held in the stadium, so the Agong's desire to see a peaceful rally in the stadium will become null and void.

Since the police are with Perkasa, where do Bersih stand? Going back to the streets would be considered going against the Agong's orders.

Karma: By today, we all now know Perkasa has nothing better to do than to bark at anything yellow that moves. They are as confused as the police. Their purpose is just to make loud noise to be heard until the general election. Once they are routed, they will be gone.

First, they protest against street demonstrations. Now they also want to protest in the stadium. Indeed, they are ready to fight like angry people, threatening chaos. Yet, the police are doing absolutely nothing.

The world is confused why Malaysians are fighting among themselves with Perkasa barking angrily everyday like as though there is a war looming ahead. Yet, no one is barking back at them. Really clownish and stupid.

Soap Opra: The major difference between Bersih and Perkasa is that the former is fighting for something they believe in, while the latter is merely looking for a fight.


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