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Najib dishonest with 'rally in stadium' offer
Published:  Jul 8, 2011 9:28 AM
Updated: 2:47 AM

vox populi small thumbnail 'Judging by the strings of deceitful antics shown by the PM lately, I'd say the words PM and sincerity don't even belong in the same sentence.'

Round 2 of tug-of-wills goes to Bersih

Mokhsein Abdullah: I am puzzled why there has been no new statement from Istana Negara after S Ambiga's audience with Yang Di Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin.

I'm not doubting the announcement by Ambiga as to what transpired during that audience, but it would be such a great boost to Bersih 2.0 if a new statement from Istana Negara were to corroborate the announcement by Ambiga.

That should once and for all make the PM, the PDRM, Perkasa and whoever else in that motley crew to back down and toe the line.

The question has to be asked, why would the Agong consent to an audience with the leader of an ‘illegal' group?

The fact remains that Tuanku Mizan consented to the request for an audience, and the simple inference to that is that Tuanku does not consider them an "illegal" group.

So why are PM, the home minister and the PDRM still harping on about Bersih 2.0 being illegal? It looks like they are the ones who are insulting the royalty.

Anonymous_4196: Let's look at this whole situation logically - isn't what the rakyat ask for is good for the country? Rakyat just want free and fair elections.

PM Najib Razak, do you agree that our country should have free and fair elections? If yes, Najib and BN ought to support the call. Have a time obligated plan to reform the election process and clean up the voters list. And it should be completed before the next general election.

In this way, the rakyat will have no reason to hold peaceful assembly to voice their concerns. Najib will be known as Bapa Reformasi. BN may win more support and international community will applaud your effort - truly a government for the rakyat.

But how come BN and Umno are dead against this 'good' thing?

Anonymous_4031: The Bersih rally is on July 9. The Agong has asked Bersih not to have a street protest; and PM Najib said the other day that Bersih could have it in a stadium.

But now, Stadium Merdeka is not for booking by Bersih. Funnily, Najib tried to pass the buck to the police - it is up to the police to issue or not issue the permit, he said.

Why be PM when he could not order the police to allow Bersih to have a rally in a stadium? If he is too weak a leader, he might as well step down.

Anonymous: What is wrong with our government leaders? No bones in their tongues, of course.

Bersih illegal, its leaders banned, no rights to assemble, no freedom of expression, yellow shirts - terrorism and red shirts - patriotism. Meanwhile, the silat groups, Perkasa, Umno Youth, which deliberately seek to confront a peaceful rally, are wira negara (national heroes).

The street rally illegal but stadium rally boleh , declared the PM. Now the power to decide on this is transferred to the paranoid police. The home minister, the cousin of PM, appears to be not in charge of the police.

Can the government take care of the aspirations of all the rakyat, not just Umno/BN cronies?

irvana: Najib, how can rakyat believe you again, when you are even manipulating over the stadium issue. Do you expect Malaysians to believe that you will ensure a fair election?

Malaysians need a PM who can be trusted and depended upon, not a manipulator. You should seriously consider resigning now before the entire Malaysians lose everything and you and your family will be blamed for the disaster. I feel sorry for your Dad.

Subramaniam Ramasamy: I think if the prime minister is sincere in practicing democracy with 1Malaysia concept, he must make every effort to get approval from the Merdeka Stadium management to allow Bersih to hold their rally.

He should also be part of the rally as the PM of this country, if he claims he is the PM for all Malaysians. He should be one of the speakers for the day to demand fair and just elections in Malaysia.

I sincerely hope the PM will rise to the occasion.

Bender: I'm sorry Mr Subramaniam, you're being too naive, I'm afraid there's no more hope for the PM. Judging by the strings of deceitful antics shown by the PM lately, I'd say the words PM and sincerity don't even belong in the same sentence.

Najib is so corrupt no amount of sincerity will be able to revive him. He has lost all judgement. His moral compass is screwed beyond repair. Right from the beginning, 1Malaysia is just a dope meant to cloud people's mind while he and his cronies plunder the country.

If you've been following the development of Bersih's attempt at the rally over the past few weeks, I think its enough for you to realise what you're hoping for is just wishful thinking. It's good to have a citizen like you but, seriously, you need to wake up.

Angelus: And so we await your next move, PM.

SPAD: No bus permits to KL Friday, Saturday

One Hand Cover The Sky: I will not be surprise that there will also be a total power blackout in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday. All LRT services will be grounded and no traffic lights too.

Onyourtoes: See the Third World tribalism at work. The buses shall go without permit then. Based on what provisions of the law or constitution does an official (whose salary and perks are paid for by the rakyat) routinely make an arbitrary decision that affects the life of citizens?

We the people have probably helped this country to become a typical Third World country if we continue choose to do nothing.

Edwrong: "Thoughts that have important consequences are always simple. All my thinking could be summed up with these words, 'since corrupt people unite among themselves to constitute a force, honest people must do the same. It is as simple as that.'" - Leo Tolstoy


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