COMMENT It's too good to be true.

In fact, in the way the struggle has evolved thus far, today's denouement at a place of historical memory and present neglect is especially fitting.

Stadium Merdeka, focus of today's ‘March for Democracy' by electoral reform pressure group Bersih, is in a sense the perfect metaphor for the confrontation between forces contending for the nation's soul.

In the struggle between those pressing for national revival and historical recovery, symbolised in Bersih's agenda of reform, and the hordes representing the burial of the country's founding democratic legacy, the stadium - in what it was and in what has become of it - is a providential venue for the contest.

Bersih's choice of Stadium Merdeka as the scene of its stand for democracy obeys one of those fortunate inspirations by which the flow of history conspire to make fortuitous...

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