Give Najib a yellow carpet welcome instead

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your say 'The papal audience must be cancelled. What moral authority or democratic credentials does Prime Minister Najib have?'

Don't 'reward' Najib, Amnesty urges Pope

Live Right: Stern action must be taken by the international community to suppress the draconian and brutal repressions of PM Najib Razak's administration and his police force for quelling the peaceful Bersih rally.

The lies of his ministers must be exposed so that the global community will realise the wickedness of Malaysia's ruling government.

Raikonen I hope that when receiving our dear PM, the British government and the Pope will literally lay out a yellow-coloured carpet to drive home the point.

Nik V: What is wrong with British Prime Minister David Cameron and the Pope Benedict? Are they so far removed from reality that they don't understand that by doing what they are doing, they are giving power-crazy PM Najib a platform to regain some form of credibility while the ordinary citizens of Malaysia pay a terrible price for their actions?

Shame on them for not standing up for the very principles they claim their nation or church are supposed to stand for.

Gerard Samuel Vijayan: The UK government ought to raise these concerns at the highest levels since, by now, the British High Commission must have briefed the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on the Bersih 2.0 rally and the clampdown by the government.

A general disdain for any form of dissent and peaceful protest by Najib's government, the excessive use of force, indiscriminate arrests and detentions by the authorities, ought to be condemned by the UK. It is only in Malaysia that any form of public protest is treated like a major threat to national security involving violence and destruction.

In reality, it was the police that was firing tear gas and water cannons and using force to disperse peaceful protestors. The country's dismal human rights record ought to be also highlighted.

I suggest that Malaysians living, working or studying in the UK mount a peaceful protest against the PM's visit in London. The papal audience must be cancelled. What moral authority or democratic credentials does Najib have?

Avatar1: PM Najib does not only deserve the ‘reward' for violating human rights, he has also been kicking the ‘Allah' issue and other issues involving the Christians here like dirt.

Fellow Malaysian: No wonder Malaysia is grouped as belonging to one of the lower half of Amnesty International's list of countries in terms of its human rights record. The unfolding of the atrocities and the venting and using of brutal force by the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) in the recently-concluded Bersih street rally against protesters showed they don't give two hoots to human rights abuses.

The Pope, as the head of Catholics and being a symbol representing world peace and respect of human beings, ought not to be seen as lending credence to one who abuses his powers as a country's leader by receiving him in the Vatican.

Cold eyes: The UN Human Rights Council should immediately suspend membership of Malaysia in its council until Najib repents and shows remorse and rectifies the human rights record to the satisfaction of the Malaysian people.

The UK and the Pope should not receive him - or at least they should postpone the reception of Najib. Failing which, they can be considered as abetting in and condoning the atrocity done by Najib in last week's Bersih rally.

United Malaysians: In the case of PSM 6, it is clearly shown that the minister and the police abuse their powers. First, they were charged under section 122 of the Penal Code for waging war against the king. After they were freed, they were re-arrest under the Emergency Ordinance.

One funny thing was, in the list of the 91 who were banned from joining last Saturday's Bersih rally, it included two of those detained under EO. Isn't this abuse of power?

Rubystar_4037: It will be against the protocol of international relations if Najib is not at all welcomed by the UK prime minister and the Pope.

But then, there may be other solutions, kike sending a lowly officer far down the chain of command of the UK government to receive Najib and his first lady, and the Pope can send a lower-ranked priest to meet Najib.

Traj: It is such a shame that the honourable Archibishop of Kuala Lumpur Rev Murphy Pakiam will be lending credence to Najib and FLOM (First Lady of Malaysia) by accompanying them to meet the Pope.

After all the insults borne by the Christian community in Malaysia by the actions of the intolerant authorities, Najib will have grounds to claim that Christians support him, as the Archbishop himself no less, accompanied him to see the Pope.

Najib is dirty and a conniving person, believe me. He displays a clean and sincere front but is the mastermind of the dirt dished out by his apparently incompetent ministers, Perkasa and all the BN-linked NGOs.

JBGUY: Much as I admire Amnesty International and the UN Human Rights Council officials stand on this matter, their appeal to David Cameron or the Pope will fall on deaf ears. This is because the Western world generally do not want to rock a boat especially if the captain purports to be a moderate Muslim leader.

Thus far, Najib is projecting himself to be a moderate Muslim fighting to reform a corrupt government, one that discriminates against the other races, etc. However, the reality is that he is the perpetrator of all that is evil in Malaysia. He just uses others to do all the dirty work.

When even people in Malaysia cannot see Najib for who he really is, would you expect the West to do otherwise?


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