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Cartoons, yellow tees, now ties - what's next?
Published:  Jul 14, 2011 11:55 PM
Updated: Jul 15, 2011 7:19 AM

vox populi small thumbnail 'When are they going to learn that Bersih, when it's in the rakyat's hearts, cannot be removed from the rakyat by banning yellow ties and T-shirts?'

Police to tighten noose against Bersih neckties, too

DannyLoHH: Is there a way to file a class suit against the police and the home minister for their unconstitutional and unlawful outlawing of all things Bersih?

Wearing a Bersih shirt or shirt with the word ‘Bersih', or even just the Bersih logo should not be illegal as we are a democratic country. Wearing a Bersih shirt does not mean we are a member of the ‘outlaw organisation' nor does it necessarily mean we're providing (material) support the organisation.

It merely shows that we are supporting the cause of the organisation, which is calling for free and fair elections. Are the home minister and police declaring that the call for free and fair elections is illegal?

Madhavankuttyk: I wear what I wish. You cannot stop me. You will have to charge me, but I will wear it again and again and again.

One brain cell: As to be expected, BN won't go down without trying to do maximum damage to anyone they accuse of being against them. They're completely out of sync with reality.

In an era when information can spread at almost the speed of light, they're obsessed with intimidating the public and arresting the notion of freedom itself.

Lone_star: Shah Alam police chief ACP Ahmad Zahedi Ayob is one gormless individual. When is he going to learn that Bersih, when it's in the rakyat's hearts, cannot be removed from the rakyat by banning ties and T-shirts? His actions can only result in more having ‘Bersih' hearts.

Fairness for all: Good Lord, the police really amaze me with their stupidity. Instead of going after criminals, they are going after those who wear Bersih neckties. This is going to far. Next, they will say every Malaysian who wants to pee has to get a permit from the police.

As Malaysians we should not tolerate this ridiculous banning of Bersih ties. We should be allowed to wear what we desire. It looks like the government wants to be taught another lesson.

Court upholds ban on Zunar's cartoon books

Ong Guan Sin: Justice Rohaya Yusof made the judgment without actually reading Zunar's cartoons, and missed out on having a good laugh. She studied solely the minister's order, like a teacher correcting a student's composition, correcting his grammar and vocabulary, without evaluating if the student's story was sound and reasonable.

I am just puzzled - why did the judge refuse to have a good laugh from Zunar's cartoons? Why?

Lets be fair: If she doesn't support the ban, does she think she'll lose her job? Are the judges held at ransom?

P Dev Anand Pillai: This is another attempt to stifle the Malay mind, which has now began to question and will not accept being stifled, silenced and forced to adhere to the official line anymore.

If pure propaganda and gossip is allowed to be published by Utusan Malaysia , the Umno mouthpiece, then why can't Zunar publish his books?

Eric Koay: What is so sensitive about cartoons? Judge Rohaya Yusuf, do you think Tom and Jerry provoke racial tensions? Get a life.

Cartoons are for laughs... unless what the cartoon depicts are true. Does that mean what Zunar drew about Rosmah Mansor and Altantuya Shaariibuu is true?

Swipenter: "The court takes into view the sensitivities surrounding the country," said the judge. What she actually means is that anything that is even mildly critical of the Umno-led government is offensive to the sensitivities of Umno and, therefore, must be banned and swept under the carpet.

Tan Koon Seng: Zunar, I suggest you consider crafting out another edition of a cartoon book, this time entitled ‘1Funny Judiciary'.

Pakman: Zunar and Kim Quek have been denied their freedom to air their creative ideas because their ideas and reflections on events in Malaysia do not favour the ruling government.

How can the government improve its image if even creative ideas are stifled and banned? Malaysians have matured. Such a ban is an insult to their intelligence.

Anonymous_3e8f: Can Justice Rohaya cite just a single case of violence or disorder as a result of looking at the cartoons by Zunar? I have the cartoons. They really are humorous.

Ferdtan: Even judges like Rohaya Yusuf are afraid of cartoons? As kid you must have found demons everywhere - even under your bed.

It looks like you have not grown up - you still fear the cartoonish 'demons' that do not physically hurt anyone - but challenge the minds and intellect of the BN figures and their supporters. This judge suffers from 'cartoonphobia'.

Sabahan: Some judgments are so prejudiced and defy logic. I know they have to protect their rice bowl, but not at the expense of appearing silly and prolonging the suffering of the people. Why can' they be brave like those demonstrators at the recent Bersih 2.0 rally?

Simon Lee 3ed5: Many thanks, Zunar, for making us laugh. Your great sense of humour and courage in taking on the corrupt clowns in power making fools of themselves gives the rakyat hope for a better tomorrow. Every stroke of your pen drives fear into the corrupt and despots.

Bender: First, they say Bersih 2.0 T-shirts are going to destroy the country. Now, cartoons... I wonder what's next? Onions? Beansprouts?


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