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Pak Samad is no ordinary man
Published:  Jul 16, 2011 10:34 AM
Updated: 2:37 AM

your say 'With his frail frame, old age, struggling health, he weathered Bersih 2.0 and to me, he is the real hero to Malaysians.'

Pak Samad labels Najib's gov't as 'cruel'

Kingfisher: It is sad for many of us Malaysians to read of the anguish, anger and disappointment of a senior gentleman and a national laureate at the improper manner in which a young PM dealt with some of his peoples' peaceful aspirations for transparency and fairness in national elections.

Many would like to think that the PM was ill-advised regarding the harsh and irresponsible measures adopted by the government to suppress Bersih's efforts.

Some would suspect that many in his group feel that they have been bequeathed with leadership and authority to exercise power and force indiscriminately against those who question their inadequacy for good governance.

Many would be also increasingly concerned that some in his group would have the audacity to assume that government agencies responsible for law and order and for national security can be deployed indiscriminately to serve their ill-advised objectives.

Multi Racial: Pak Samad, I wish there are more like you who dare to speak up. With exception of the few who benefitted from Umno's cronyism, the majority of Malaysians fully agreed with you.

I wish you well and may God look after you, S Ambiga and many others who sacrifice to lead Bersih 2.0.

Pakman: Pak Samad, I hope you will be an icon to the younger generation in fighting for the rights of the rakyat. Your spirit and courage to right the wrong by the current regime is shared by all peace-loving Malaysains.

Hopefully, the younger generation will soldier the way to a better government for our future generation. May Allah always bless you with good health.

Jaguh: What we have here is a man of integrity, who has gone through the epics of Malaya to Malaysia and knows what is good for the rakyat and the country.

Continue hammering the elitist families who hang on to power no matter what. It's because these cronies allow it to happen. They condone it as they have always being dependent on the government.

Yes, Malaysia today is ruled by a feudal system and no one has actually mentioned it, except for Pak Samad. With his frail frame, old age, struggling health, he weathered Bersih 2.0 and to me, he is the real hero to Malaysians.

PM: "In Japan, if ministers have done something wrong, they would bow out... but in this country, people crave for power," said A Samad Said.

"They live comfortable lives and the reports that reach them contain only nice things, they do not feel (the people's needs). It's time that the leadership came from the bottom and not from the top," added Samad.

Hello BN/Umno, listen to Pak Samad... he is no ordinary man.

Anonymous_3fc4: Pak Samad, how very true. I hope more Malaysians, especially Malays, will now stand up and be counted.

Just look at all those taxi permits and APs (approved permits), they are all held by a few of those Umno cronies, while the ordinary Malays are left out.

Righteous: The rakyat should build Pak Samad a monument for his selfless contribution. I will let my children and grandchildren see photos of you, and understand the cause and belief you so profoundly and fearlessly stood for.

We may not see change in our times, but the seeds are sowed.

Korea: I watched (on YouTube) how arrogant the police officers were when they were talking (or were they?) to Pak Samad.

Do they know that Pak Samad's pen is a million times more powerful that their weapons, and his humility is a billion times greater than their arrogance. We are with you, Pak Samad.

Bobby Cheng: Thank you, Pak Samad for your wise words. The country needs wise men like you to speak against lies, manipulation and oppression. When you speak, people listen. Many will pay attention. The government is to the servant of the people. Not the other way round.

Galpasqueen: Pak Samad, you are one of those personalities who commands a raging influence through your divine pen.

The BN team is drowning in its own corrupt practices and evil wrongdoings. They have come to a point that even the rakyat have to experience their cruelty first hand. But what they don't realise is that all this is just the beginning to a new dawn.

Vocal Malaysian: Pak Samad, why don't you return the national laureate award as a sign of protest against the government?

What's the point of having an award given by a cruel government? It is better to be a nobody than to be recognised with an award given by a despotic government.

Poet Samad Said to boycott gov't functions

Ben Hor: Pak Samad, don't boycott the government functions. Attend them, but wear yellow. When asked why, just say it is your favorite colour and it is a tribute to the royal colours of the Agong.

Anonymous_401a: A Samad Said's national laureate title should be revoked. This is the second time he went against the wishes of the YDP Agong - the first was when he was asked to present himself presentably for an official ceremony at Istana Negara. He refused. So he was left out in the ceremony. Bersih 2.0 was the second time.

Perhaps he should go live in a cave where he will never to required to take a bath. Malaysia is a civilised society. We have no need of this kind of character.

Jaguh: Let's start a campaign to buy Pak Samad's poems. At RM10 a piece, Pak Samad should be in good stead to pursue the aims of Bersih.

Mohd: There is not a single word in any dictionary that deserve the description of who Pak Samad is. Salute!


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