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Another case of police probing themselves
Published:  Jul 17, 2011 7:49 AM
Updated: 11:54 PM

your say 'Expecting the police to investigate the police assault on Tung Shin Hospital is like asking a robber to testify to the honesty and kindness of another robber.'

Two special police teams to probe Tung Shin claims

Sarajun Hoda: How stupid does the police think Malaysians are? The people do not trust the police anymore, so why would they trust their investigations?

It is like asking Ali Baba to investigate his 40 thieves. People do not trust Najib's government. People do not trust the police. People do not trust the judiciary. The Agong perhaps is their last hope, and who should call for a royal commission of inquiry.

Saengch: I hope the police team sent to interrogate the doctors is not there to intimidate them into changing their words.

Anonymous_3dba: These two special teams will intimidate the doctors and whoever to rebut their statements and eventually they will even claim that nothing serious took place and the tear gas was just "flying on their own" in front of these doctors.

Gandhi: This is like the proverbial allowing a fox to guard the chicken coop.

AnakBangsaMalaysia: Expecting the police to investigate the police assault on Tung Shin Hospital is like asking an armed robber to testify to the honesty and kindness of another armed robber.

As long as there is no Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC), the Malaysian police will be out of control. The police have essentially degenerated into nothing more than thugs in uniform who bully their way through Malaysian society.

DannyLoHH: The image of the police is one that serve the ruling elites interest rather than upholding rule of law. Therefore anything short of an IPCMC being set up is unacceptable. We are fast descending into a police state if we're not already one.

Cinaputra: IGP (inspector-general of police), if you need two teams and the health minister to look into this open-and-shut case, you are only showing the people the level of your incompetency.

You are too arrogant to own up and apologise. Instead you choose to cover up, lie and threaten those who were witnesses to the incident. Now the health minister is saying some party or parties are trying to do him in - boo hoo hoo.

DMY: Why is it not Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein who is making this announcement? And where are the IGP as well as the KL acting chief police officer, who were the first to deny that such an incident did happen? This is indeed the culture of "passing the buck" at its finest.

Kuduka : Now they are looking for non-Malays to be the scapegoat - CID chief Ku Chin Wah and acting IGP Amar Singh kena taichi (have been shafted) already.

Sabahan: Sheer rubbish. Police investigating police misconduct. The police have lost their credibility. I won't be surprised if those investigating are the same ones who gave orders to assault the demonstrators at any cost.

Unfortunately, the police at the Tung Shin Hospital were ignorant and not aware that they cannot attack a hospital. My guess at the outcome of the inquiry: a few low-ranking police officers will be made scapegoats to satisfy the angry public.

Kangaroo: You can have any amount of special teams; it is not going to help. Just call the people who took the videos of the incident - the evidence is overwhelming.

Simon Lee 3ed5: Another public relations exercise in futility. With kangaroo courts, ostrich ministers, a corrupt force and the collapse of every public institution, the outcome is expected.

Who are you trying to fool? All this big talk about investigating the people's movement Bersih and the doctors-witnesses, while the corrupt continue to rule and wreak havoc against the people.

Go instead to investigate the $24 million diamond ring, the $100,000 handbags, the $500 million commission, the $200 billion plundered, countless deaths in police lockup, A Kugan's death, Teoh Beng Hock's death, the 1.5 million illegal immigrants, escalating crime rate, snatch thieves, mat rempits, millions of illegal Ah Longs and so on, and an incompetent home minister.

For A Better Malaysia: My 12-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter can solve this confusion in less than five minutes. It is joke how the government needs a high-powered committee to sit for God-knows-how-long. It is a total waste of resources and pure wayang kulit , BN government-style.

Oh My God : They must be joking. I suggest we save the taxpayers' money and get on with our lives because we are 100 percent sure the outcome of the investigation. There are tonnes of videos and photographs that we can view, and aren't those good enough?

Maybe we need Datuk T again to convince the nation.

Artchan: The police should just collect all the YouTube videos. Don't waste the doctors' time. They are looking after patients and have work to do, unlike the cops hiding behind trees (to book vehicles) when the ‘need' arises.

Stories: We are all liars, and the videos and photos are faked. Let's start a ‘Hisham should resign Facebook page'.


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