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Daddy's letter brought tears to my eyes
Published:  Jul 21, 2011 8:25 AM
Updated: 2:54 AM

your say 'My son asked what is Bersih and why people want to march? I told him I'm marching so that he does not have to do so in future.'

Why Daddy chose to stand with the crowd

Anonymous 7: Well done, Da Huang Daddy. Your letter brought tears to my eyes. Yes, this is our country, and I want it for my child too. I feel sad for not being there, but thank God for people like you, Da Huang, and the tens of thousands of others.

Judging by the numbers of people at rally, that itself is a victory.

Viral: My son asked, what is Bersih and why people want to march? I told him I'm marching so that he does not have to do so in future. I marched for a better Malaysia and I'm glad that we are all Malaysians and no matter what Umno says - all the races are one and Bersih 2.0 proved that.

140V: After the march that day, my bed-time story to my two boys was about how "Appa joined a group of people that Appa never met before and fought an evil monster".

They asked if Appa killed the monster, I said no, but the monster knows that we are getting stronger and one day Appa will go once again fight the monster, with many, many aunties and uncles to make it safe for you and your friends to play outside and never worry about the monster again.

Malaysian_1st: I have to admit this: I am ashamed for not being one of the Bersih marchers - the so-called silent majority. But be assured that our heart are with you, Da Huang.

Moontime: It was truly a historic moment especially for those who participated in the rally. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with the rest of us.

When I read your experience in the rally, goosebumps came all over me as I knew that we as Malaysians have reached the desired level of maturity, unity and the ‘muhibbah' spirit. This is the real 1Malaysia.

I'm so proud of you. It is a legacy worth sharing with your descendants for generations to come.

Rayfire: Thanks Da Huang, you have just summarised the feeling most had on that very day. I may have bumped into you at Tung Shin Hospital or at Jalan Pudu during this event. Though I may not know you, I am thankful that you, along with many more true Malaysians, were there with us to stand up for our rights to clean and fair elections.

To those who think this is an opposition event, you don't know what you have missed. The true meaning of unity when we sang ‘Negaraku' with pride and humility was simply overwhelming. There were no Malays, Chinese, Indians and Others on that day - just Malaysians.

Big Picture: I'm in tears reading this. To all Malaysians who took part in the Bersih rally: well done. You have made us proud. Da Huang, thank you for sharing your story. Your daughter must be very proud of you.

AnonymousA: Yes, this is another touching Bersih story from an eyewitness. I think only those who attended the 709 rally can testify that they have lived as Malaysian on that Saturday. Da Huang, you are another brave soul, and surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life.

Mirror on the Wall: Nothing the ruling regime does will come anywhere near this patriotic surge that individuals felt during the Bersih march.

And all it took was just a few fair-minded individuals, who have transcended all racial, religious and cultural barriers without any fanfare or big bucks, to bring together Malaysians. There are no words that can aptly describe this phenomenon - just ‘Bersih'.

AnakPinang: Thank you for that moving account - my tears welled up reading about how we came together as a nation that day. I am humbled by acts of kindness, care and solidarity shown by Malaysians of all races and ages.

Yes, 709 was historic and brought home the enormity of the deceptions and divisions that have separated us all this time. Those who didn't manage to go should know that when the going gets tough, they can rely on fellow Malaysians.

Shanu: I cannot help but be proud of you as I let my tears flow freely. I wish I was your daughter.

Auntie Bersih spooked by Facebook attention

Nik V: Many of us do understand, Anne Ooi. We're all sorry as it must feel like you've been dragged into the deeper end of the Malaysian struggle without your permission. You wanted to do your part, but on your terms like most of us.

The one thing I hope you will see from this is it shows how the rakyat is so desperately looking for a hero in our troubled times and we turned to you because the pictures of you were so meaningful to each and every one of us.

We wish you the best and that God will provide you the solitude and answers you seek.

Lucia: That's Anne Ooi for you, whom I have known many years back when she was at the same church as me (in Penang). Always humble and modest and friendly. I'm glad that a lady her age managed to catch so much attention.

Swipenter: A reluctant heroine but what a heroine nevertheless. Our country and her people need you in their hour of need to inspire us to fight for a clean, transparent and accountable government.

KJ John: Real heroes are not invented by Hollywood or Bollywood. They are made by circumstances of life and based on their choices. It took courage for Auntie to make the choices she made that day. May God continue to bless Malaysia with more souls like her.

Detergent Bersih: Dear Auntie, we do not mean to cause you trouble. But your courageous act humbled us and makes us question ourselves - on what we did not do and what we could possibility contribute next.

Geronimo: Auntie Anne Ooi is sure some lady of substance. She was not afraid to face tens of police ready to blast her (and in which they did) with tear gas and chemical-laced water, but a simple social network media like Facebook is scaring the daylights out of her.

It is certainly a case of, when faced with injustice, the heart and spirit fears no one, not Najib Razak, not Hishammuddin Hussein and certainly not the PDRM. They can break Auntie Ooi's body, but they can't break her spirit.

Solaris: Ambiga Sreenavasan, Maria Chin Abdullah, Anne Ooi. Women are moving democracy and social justice forward with their integrity, steadfastness and courage. They are more than deserving of their right to gender equality in this country. God bless these ladies.

Compass: Anne, you shared your salt with me on the steps of Tung Shin Hospital before the FRU came in to flush us out. Remember?

Proarte: Politicians may see themselves as the main motivators in the Bersih campaign. However, if they are smart, they will understand that keeping Bersih politically neutral will be more effective in garnering the rakyat's support.

The reason is party politics by its nature is divisive. Bersih's ideals and aims cut across party politics and is a unifying factor. It is self evident that anyone who is opposed to Bersih is undemocratic and fascist in mindset.

'Aunty Bersih', who is a retired Chinese lady, would surely have not supported Bersih if it had been a PAS-directed endeavour headed by Mat Sabu.

Paradoxical as it may seem, the fact that it was a coalition headed by Ambiga, the highly educated Hindu lady with a 'pottu' on her forehead emphasised the non-partisan nature of the protest as it was a given that the majority of the rally participants would be Muslim Malays.

It is this reality which panics and petrifies Umno, whose political modus operandi is based on racial division.

Good men: Doing what is right, because it is right, not for the limelight, or any other reason. Anne Ooi is a true Malaysian heroine.

JSTOM: She doesn't watch TV or read newspapers - that cuts out the BN propaganda. She doesn't know computers - that cuts out the alternate views. So where does she get her info from?


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