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Kit Siang - a rare breed of a politician
Published:  Jul 31, 2011 7:42 AM
Updated: Jul 31, 2011 8:57 AM

your say 'Kit Siang, how many Malaysian politicians are like you? You are a Malaysian hero, and don't let them tell you otherwise.'

Kit Siang: Five days, I was in darkness

Ferdtan: "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way" - quoted by American author John C Maxwell.

You have shown us the way since May 1969 when you took over the helm of DAP, knowing pretty well of the risk involved: in fact, you did; you were detained under ISA immediately after.

The opposition then was a lonely journey, but you trundled on, inspiring many along the way. Your ‘never say die' is your greatest forte, inspite of your many setbacks that you suffered.

You were demonised often without justification by the huge majority of the BN lawmakers in Parliament, shouting you down each time you want to expose their many follies.

Even now, the mainstream media, especially Utusan Malaysia , never spared you vilification for their evil political reason.

In the end - you can proudly say: ‘I did it my way'. Keep well, Kit Siang - you are truly an ‘Anak Malaysia'.

Bill44_sltiger: The Lord Almighty will take good care of you. At one of your campaign talks at the Chin Woo hall, I did tell you to come to Ipoh and never leave.

I was to meet CV Devan Nair in Paramount Gardens, and you came to fetch me in your Fiat 850. That was the first time I met you, and of course, we met many times later.

Your sincerity, integrity and dedication cannot be questioned by anyone. You built the party from scratch. You are indeed a true Malaysian. And take care of you health please, Kit.

Anonymous_05: Uncle Kit Siang, you stand tall among Malaysians. Your decades of championing the weak and oppressed and your unyielding fight against injustices are well known. I wish you good health and happiness.

Kee Thuan Chye: Kit Siang, you are a rare breed. How many Malaysian politicians are like you?

How many can claim the kind of stamina and perseverance you have shown through your quixotic efforts over the decades to help make Malaysia a better place?

You are a Malaysian hero, and don't let them tell you otherwise.

AnakPinang: This is a towering Malaysian who has sacrificed so much for this country. I am in awe of him.

Even with his vision impaired, his main preoccupation is how he will continue his mission for a better Malaysia.

Such drive and single mindedness from someone in the face of personal hardship and sacrifice is a lesson in itself, and profoundly humbling.

FellowMalaysian: Kit Siang, you are one of the thoroughbreds who has selflessly devoted and sacrificed your entire life for the country.

You have fought alongside many other great warriors in the name of justice, freedom, democracy, transparency and good governance.

With your insight and forbearance, Malaysians of all races have come to admire your courage and appreciate the single greatest value anyone could give to their fellow countrymen - that you showed us what humans are capable of achieving.

The road may still be long and arduous, but with your ever watchful eyes and caring guidance, we shall continue in our march to see a truly democratic country.

Anonymous_3f49: The country is grateful for your contribution to the nation's politics and no less now. Long may you continue to enjoy good health.

Your sincere and honest views are a breath of fresh air. May Pakatan continue to enjoy further success under your guidance.

Multi Racial: You have done a lot for the country and as far as I am concern, you have very few peers who can match your contributions, and none of them from BN.

We believe you are sincere and committed to do good for this country. We thank you for that. Just take care of yourself and stay healthy as we need you to be around for a long time to come.

Plastic Rose: Get well soon, Kit Siang. History will judge you as one of Malaysia's greatest sons - a true patriot who has served our nation with total commitment, dedication and courage in the face of adversity.

Anonymous: Through the years, DAP has withstood a 'baptism of fire' and no one can challenge the sincerity and integrity of the party and its leaders, especially under your capable leadership.

Your son (Guan Eng) in Penang is what he is because of you, a chip of the old block. Despite the brickbats, the Penang people are happy with the new government led by him.

Keep up the good work. The road ahead is far from smooth but be true to yourself and your beliefs.

Superwoman: We will be your eyes and ears during this difficult time. We admire your courage and your effort, and fight you must.

Retnam: LKS, please don't retire until BN is given a big kick and knocked off. Continue in the ensuing Pakatan Rakyat government for a long time.

This is the request from all Malaysians who want to see the end of the evil BN government and the start of good government.

Quigonbond: It's kind of selfish, but I'm hoping Uncle Lim will continue a bit more.

I'm hoping that with the coming general elections, Pakatan wins, and he can demonstrate the good that DAP can do for the country by assuming perhaps the deputy premiership (realistically speaking - although ideally I'd rather Malaysians be colour-blind and choose the best of best to be the PM, including him).

I hope your eyes will be well again soon, Uncle Lim.

Henry: "Ditch his dark glasses..."? His shades are cool!


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