When will the Christian bashing end?

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your say 'It is high time for the Selangor sultan and the Agong to step in and stop this season of Christian bashing by the Islamic authorities.'

Church raid: Dinner was HIV/AIDS fund raiser

David Dass: There are those who are uncomfortable with the close relationship between Muslims and non-Muslim organisations - not just Christian organisations.

The future of Malaysia is best served with true racial and religious harmony - where all Malaysians work together, shoulder to the wheel, for the advancement of all.

We have to find a way to enjoy our differences and consolidate our similarities. We should not allow anyone drive a wedge between us.

Traj: It is high time for the Selangor sultan and the Agong to step in and stop this season of Christian bashing by the Islamic authorities.

We, for sure, cannot rely on our brave but stupid home minister to do this. I'm certain the king and sultan would not maintain their silence if there had been any affront to Islam. Likewise, they should also not stand by quietly in the wake of Christian bashing.

CriticalThinker: Both sides - the church and Jais - should be more cautious in their actions. Due to the racial and religion sensitivities in the country, why would DUMC (Damansara Utara Methodist Church) invite our Malay brothers into a church? Other public venue would have been more appropriate.

Jais, on the other side, should first investigate before they barge into the church searching for evidence.

YF: Churches, like all other non-Muslim religious organisations, hold community activities/services and they do not segregate between Muslim and non-Muslim.

And often times, they conduct these activities in the church because they do not need to spend money on rent when they already have their own ready premises. Muslims need to familiarise themselves on how people of other faiths or religions do their community service rather than gate-crashing every time a Muslim enters the vicinity of these places.

Such disrespectful matters would not have happened 30 years ago. Today Jais' (Selangor Islamic Affairs Department's) paranoid behaviour is a clear indication that more dialogue and understanding of non-Muslims are needed by these overtly zealous folks.

Lover Boy: In the Klang Valley, there is a Buddhist group, a charitable organisation started by a Buddhist nun. Her main mission was to provide dialysis machine at a very subsidised rate to those with renal problems.

Those of you who know this organisation will know that there are many Malays and Indians being treated at the centre. The clinic is in the compound of the temple and no one ever complained about that.

I am not naming the name of this noble organisation for fear that Jais may just raid the place and stop the dialysis machine used on our fellow Malaysian Muslims - all because it has the name of the organisation on it, thus rendering it non-halal.

Moontime: If indeed a mistake has been made, Jais must apologise over the incident. PAS exco Hasan Ali did not consult his non-Muslim peers before issuing the statement supporting Jais' actions. That was his mistake.

Perhaps he should learn the art of consultation, mutual respect and remove altogether his holier-than-thou attitude. His statement is detrimental to PAS' image and lend credence to the speculation that he is in cahoots with Umno and Perkasa in this case.

Multi Racial: This is getting ridiculous. Something needs to be done. There needs to be trust given to citizens, both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Sometimes it made me wonder why among Muslims they have doubt in their own fellow Muslims. What made them think their fellow Muslims are so weak and could be easily fall pray to proselytisation.

Give some respect to your fellow Muslims and other religions as well. I suggest Jais be assigned to do something more useful for this country like fighting real crime.

YellowBoxer: Allah says: "O ye who believe! If a sinful person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest you harm people unwittingly and afterwards become full of regret for what you have done." (Sûrah al-Hujurât: 6).

Who is without sin? Which human being is without sin? All humans, except the prophets who are considered ‘maksum' - all including the person(s) who tipped the Jais.

Did Jais verify the truth of the news? I doubt it very much. Jais is not practising what they preach. Allah knows best.

Anonymous: PAS information chief Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said that "Muslims who had attended the fundraising dinner must reflect on their actions to decide if they have unintentionally caused others to assume the worst about the dinner and the church."

Really? Why are we always blaming the victims? The attendees are open-minded and loving Malaysians who were there for a good cause, and they get scolded for being so?

Why is there no statement like: "Muslims who tipped off Jais should not jump to conclusions before finding out the real reasons, because it will unintentionally cause others to assume the worst of our religion."

If none of you ministerial dim-bulbs can figure that out, then step down, regardless of which party you're from.

Jeremy Ng: Whoever who ordered the raid did a disservice to the good name of Islam and to all real Muslim believers. You are telling the world that Malaysian Muslims are so weak in their faith, and they need Jais as God's guardian to enforce compliance.

At the same time, you are trying to create racial disharmony by propagating that Muslims should segregate themselves from non-Muslim believers.

FairMind: Is it wrong for the 12 honourable Malays of Muslim faith to sit together with their fellow countrymen, be they Christians, Buddhist, Chinese, Indians, police officers, labourers, road sweepers, construction worker, men or women, to do a good cause to raise money for the less privileged and the sick?

They are not there to chant Satanic verses nor proselytising. Why is Jais or Hasan Ali so paranoid? The persons responsible should be sacked to curb the wanton high-handedness and set as an example to all Malaysians.

Lim Chong Leong: Why the need to raid like it was some drug lord's factory producing drugs, if the purpose is not to sensationalise the raid for sinister political motives, particularly when it involves sensitivities of religion?

The whole ordeal stinks of Umno's ‘1Malaysia' filth. So true to the words, "You respect me first, then I respect you."

Even to raid a drug lord's factory, you need a warrant.


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