Little China: Chua's fear-mongering won't work

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vox populi small thumbnail 'If the Chinese are frightened of ‘Chinese disunity' in the first place, they would not have thumped your MCA's nose and that of Gerakan's in 2008.'

Soi Lek: DAP pitting Chinese against Chinese

Swipenter: MCA chief Chua Soi Lek (CSL) is sounding more and more like Umno's calling for Malay unity in order to frighten the Malays into voting for Umno-BN and voting against PAS and PKR. Otherwise, they would lose political power and, along with it, everything else.

This time Chua is trying to frighten the Chinese the same way. It won't work. If the Chinese are frightened of ‘Chinese disunity' in the first place, they would not have thumped your MCA's nose and that of Gerakan's in the last general elections.

What we Chinese and all Malaysians want is a just, fair, responsible, accountable and transparent government that can end all forms of corruption, racism, religious extremism and discrimination.

Quigonbond: Soi Lek, why do you persist in looking at DAP through the lenses of MCA? Just because MCA has failed to carry out its obligations working within BN does not mean that DAP is going to fail in the same spectacular way in its relationship with PKR and PAS.

The two coalitions are very different animals. BN is racial and corrupt, Pakatan Rakyat stands for social justice and balanced progress.

Of course, if the country is short of cash, then everyone suffers, but that's everyone suffering (i.e. no additional schools for all races), as opposed to current Umnoputras profiteering at the expense of the rest of non-business-tycoons Malaysians.

David Dass: CSL and the MCA are also stuck in an old paradigm and as long as they remain stuck, they will preach the old mantra of the important of the race being united. Like Umno and the MIC.

The truth is that 1Malaysia is already upon us. The young no more think like the old. It must be issues and not race and religion that bind us. Race and religion have been used as barricades and are barriers to us achieving true unity as Malaysians.

A two-party system is here to stay. Malaysians of all hues will be on opposites of the political divide. And that is not a bad thing. All parties will have to accept one simple fact. No one race can rule this country without the participation of the others.

So it is essential that we think as Malaysians. That our leaders think of themselves as leaders of all Malaysians. That all are moved and affected by injustice in whatever form it presents itself.

All must be concerned with the plight of the poor and the disaffected. Race-based politics must become irrelevant.

Ttloo: Just because DAP is fighting for justice irrespective of race and religion at the expense of Umno-BN, MCA is trying to portray to its Umno master that MCA is still relevant to secure positions in the BN government.

Chinese in Malaysia do not need 'small China' but fairness and respect from all communities in the spirit of 1Malaysia. MCA needs to be given a dose of botox to stay young to understand the needs of Malaysian.

Md Imraz Muhammed Ikhbal: DAP is not pitting Chinese against Chinese and neither is PAS pitting Muslims against Muslims. Both PAS and DAP have proven themselves to be political parties that embrace virtues and shun racism. Pitting is therefore hardly the applicable word here.

DAP and PAS shall both join hands with PKR to stand up against the hypocrisy of both Malays and non-Malays from BN. If Pakatan were to rule, no one race will have their unity diluted. As a matter of fact, the race of Bangsa Malaysia will be ever more united and formidable.

CHKS: Chua is talking rubbish because:

1) DAP is becoming increasingly popular with all races in Malaysia; it is MCA which is race-based and yet has failed miserably in its role to champion that agenda;

2) Nowhere did I read that DAP is building a little China. It's policy of moderation which includes all races;

3) Discussing seat allocations with party partners does not mean DAP is racist, but because DAP has the guts. MCA, and for that reason Gerakan, are cowards;

4) Most importantly, where did Chua get the idea of ‘Chinese fighting Chinese'? I think most Chinese are behind DAP, except for BN cronies and families.

Call Me Jibby: Umno has claimed that the Malays/Muslims are marginalised in Pakatan Rakyat-ruled states, while MCA claimed the Chinese are left out in Pakatan-ruled states. Umno also accused PAS and PKR of splitting and diluting Malay political power, and now MCA accuses DAP of pitting Chinese against Chinese.

The simple solution: Umno just needs to swap seats with MCA, so that the Malay candidates from Umno will not contest against the Malay candidates from PAS/PKR while the Chinese candidates from MCA will not contest against the Chinese candidates from DAP. Problem solved.

Cannon: Chua should wake up to the fact the Chinese are not divided. They are resolutely united behind Pakatan and are determined to oust BN in the 13 th GE. MCA is deaf, blind and dumb to the excesses of Umno. Chua has no good leg to stand on except to roll over and allow Umno to walk all over MCA.

Umno is able to abuse its power and break the rakyat's bond of trust because MCA and the rest of the so-called component 'partners' of BN have failed miserably. They are powerless and helpless in the hands of Umno.

They can't even correct Umno's wayward behaviour, let alone talk about representing the interest of their communities. The leaders of MCA are all in for the ride in the gravy train. They deserve to share Umno's fate.

Alan Goh: Chua, the Chinese are not as stupid as you think. The Little China in Malaysia that you mentioned exists only in your head and to confuse the Chinese community.

DAP and Pakatan are for a Malaysian Malaysia, a country that subscribes to a ‘bersih' government and one that is free of corruption, where everyone is equal. Umno does not believe in these things.

DAP walks the talk and subscribes to leadership by example with the likes of Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Karpal Singh, Teresa Kok, Gobind Singh Deo, etc, unlike MCA with it smelly fish head president and deputy president.

Anonymous: Chua, if MCA has become almost irrelevant today it is not because the Chinese do not want to support you. MCA has betrayed them for too long. This has been caused by all the selfish leaders in MCA after Tan Siew Sin.

Maybe you should retrace back what happen after Tan, and all the infighting which weakened MCA's standing in Alliance and subsequently, BN. Those who won in the tussle for post and positions in MCA and government, respectively, were only keen in furthering their own selfish ends.

Because of self-interest, they did not stand up for the Chinese community and became subservient to the dominant party within the coalition. So, please stop blaming the Chinese for not wanting to support you know. MCA has failed them for so long that you will have a tough time winning back their trust.

Geronimo: "We will not talk openly about the seat allocation, we will leave it to the wisdom of the prime minister," says Chua.

That's the problem with you, Chua, and MCA. You just don't have the guts to make any decision on your own, but leave it to Umno to decide all and sundry.

Put your foot down, only then you can say you are worth your salt. How can you earn any respect from the Chinese community when you continue to play the role of the running boy for Umno?

Fair_Election: When the governments spins news that Penang is unstable and Kelantan is only for Muslims, people who live there know that these are lies created by the federal government.

The fact is, the Internet has made the world a smaller place, and Malaysia has one of the highest Facebook users in the world. People in the country are constantly keeping in touch with what is happening and we know that reports such as this are again lies from MCA, driving wedges between race and religion.

It is not DAP but MCA that is pitting Chinese against Chinese.

Onyourtoes: DAP can't fight for the Chinese? Well, you are right because DAP is not just fighting for Chinese, and DAP is not interested in fighting with you or MCA alone. DAP has never claimed to fight only for the Chinese, unlike MCA.

But MCA, having claimed to be the Chinese representation in Alliance and BN government for last 50 years, may I know what have you got to show?

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