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RM50 to brave tear gas and arrests?
Published:  Aug 15, 2011 1:52 AM
Updated: 1:55 AM

your say 'Bersih supporters don't need RM50 to participate in the rally. In fact, they are happy to pay Bersih RM50 to participate.'

Bersih rally participants get RM50 each, claims Rais

Gerard Samuel Vijayan: Information Minister Rais Yatim is talking like a deranged person trying to defend the indefensible.

Unlike Umno which usually pays RM50 per protestor with a free drink, a packet of nasi lemak and free transport using taxpayers money, Bersih 2.0 does not have RM2.5 million to pay 50,000 demonstrators to take to the streets.

The incidents in London were a riot and not a rally. Despite that, the UK police were slow to react, unlike in Malaysia where a peaceful protest was treated like a terrorist attack on Kuala Lumpur.

The only provocation in KL came from the police because they were behaving like licensed thugs and gangsters with the blessings of Umno.

EFF: BN knows it can't fool the people who have access to alternative media, so it attempts to fool those who don't. Note that this report on Rais Yatim is from Bernama .

We all know we weren't given free meals, let alone paid RM50. All these blatant lies in the mainstream media is a political strategy, and I'm afraid they may end up serving their purpose. That is by far the most alarming thing.

Justice Pao: For RM50? You must be joking to think that the rakyat can be so cheap as to settle for RM50 to be tear-gassed and water cannoned?

Stop living in your delusional world, Rais, and wake up to the fact that the rakyat have wisen up to the looting and corruption of Umno.

Faz: Just because Umno-BN use money to do everything doesn't mean that others would do the same.

Mamakputra's Stooge: Given that there wasn't a sea of yellow unlike in Bersih 1.0, so what even if what you said is true, Rais?

Do you want a full-page ‘Terima Kasih' advertisment in Utusan Malaysia and The Star from Bersih 2.0 organisers to thank you for saving them millions which they would otherwise have to pay if not for all the harassment and threats from the Home Ministry and the police on anything yellow, including the incarceration of PSM 6?

Shabaruddin: How is it that me and my group of 15 friends did not get money nor food?

Anonymous_3e4b: Supporters for free and fair elections don't need RM50 to participate. In fact, the supporters are more than happy to pay Bersih 2.0 RM50 to participate. They are not like all the Umno stooges - no money, no work.

Khairuddin Mohd Yusof: For all you know, Rais might have paid RM50 for his doctorate. That I would believe.

Jiminy Qrikert: All my office colleagues and my friends and I went - on our own accord without prior arrangements - for free! We were not paid and we did not get any free meals.

Not only did we not get any money from anyone to be there, we donated to the cause. Yes, we fork out our hard-earned cash to contribute to the Pakatan Rakyat elections war chest.

Our money does not recognise colour or creed. Our money recognises only the cause of change in the 13 th elections.

PB Win: Rais, in Bersih, members of the public were calm and disciplined but the police were rowdy and attacked them. In London, the public were rowdy but the police were calm.

By Election Fan: Only Umno/BN will pay for the participants for their gatherings. Only you know how much exactly you need to spent ( makan , minum , transport and pocket money) just to get the ‘crowd' to boost your image.

None of us would take RM50 to risk being attacked with tear gas and chemical-laced water. We loved this country more than you looters do. That is why we braved the danger to save our beloved nation from you.

People Power: Some people have so little conscience left that they can lie blatantly in the face of truth and facts. Such a man cannot be trusted with anything of value like money, position, power, trust, property or child. They are a sad example of a wasted life.

Anonymous_05: Police reports should be made to investigate the minister's allegations. If it is true, actions should be taken against the person(s) or organisations making the payments should they have broken the law.

However if it is not true, appropriate criminal charges should be instituted against the minister for making false allegations.

Multi Racial: Oh damn, I have been conned. I was there to support Bersih 2.0 and was not paid a sen and not given a meal. Maybe I should go to Rais Yatim to get the money and meal since he knows so much that we don't know.

My advice to Rais Yatim is stop lying. Malaysians were there to support Bersih 2.0 with open heart and no amount of money can buy us or prevent us.

We know you are lying because we were there on our on free will and at our cost. And we are happy to do this nation a favour by waking all Malaysians up to fight against liars like yourself.

Lover Boy: Dear Minister, you are insulting me and my friends. First, I do not need RM50 or any other form of sponsorship. I came of my own volition.

Second, I bought the yellow T-shirt with my own money and it was not distributed free. Now I am keeping this T-shirt among my prize possessions because your government has declared it illegal. Please do not equate the BN culture with Bersih's culture.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Bersih's eight-point memorandum for a clean and fair election. Now that it is proven the electoral roll is reeking with phantom voters, what have you to say?


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