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Expect Hisham to do nothing about TV3
Published:  Aug 28, 2011 12:36 AM
Updated: Aug 29, 2011 8:07 AM

vox populi small thumbnail 'Is the home minister going to haul up TV3 to reprimand it for false reporting and inciting hatred against the Christian community?'

TV3 news on proselytisation fake, says NGO

Up2U: These troublemakers should be severely dealt with and the authorities concerned cannot hesitate in taking all appropriate actions within our laws against them, irrespective of which political divide they belong to.

Action must be swift to prevent others from doing such similar stupid acts. TV3 must apologise and be taken to task.

Hello: Now that TV3 has reported allegedly false news, what about it, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein? Will you suspend TV3 or withdraw its licence? Will you charge it with causing racial and religious tension?

StevenForMalaysia: It's an evil tactic by Umnoputras with the help of the civil service and crony media companies to create religious tension to scare the Muslims so that they dare not vote for Pakatan Rakyat.

Anonymous: The level to which TV3 is prepared to sink to tarnish the image of Christians is disgusting. Every right-thinking Malaysian of whatever race deserves an explanation for this despicable piece of gutter journalism.

Not Confused: Isn't this typical - the mouthpiece of a regime that is still living in the 1950s, is corrupt to the core, arrogant and unbelievably ignorant.

The MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission) should immediately suspend TV3's broadcasting licence and fire the top people. Of course, nothing will be done, and the equally brain-dead home minister will once again remain totally dumb.

The only saving grace is that surely not many actually watch TV3, do they? The quality of its output is abysmal and only panders to the mindless morons in the country who will lap up anything that is thrown at them. What a sad state this country has fallen into.

Gerard Samuel Vijayan: What do you expect from TV3 - the Umno lapdog. The editors and journalists there are the cheapest that money can buy. They have no integrity, ethics, professionalism and independence. They are their master's voice.

Fairplayer: Shame on you, TV3! Stoking unnecessary racial and religious fires and tensions. To whose ends and gains? Aren't these Muslims bringing disgrace to Islam, the very religion they claim to defend?

AnakBangsaMalaysia: Not only is this news report completely fabricated, it was fabricated with deliberate and malicious intent to foment racial and religious tensions between the Muslim and Christian communities.

This action by TV3 is not only a criminal offence, it should be considered high treason. And clearly this action was ordered by the people who own TV3 - Media Prima, or in other words, Umno.

JBGUY: Is the home minister involved in this despicable act of creating and provoking racial tensions? He seems to be doing nothing to the perpetrators of such vile acts.

Heads must roll, for these kind of acts can destroy the very fabric of this nation. Hishammuddin, the ball is in your court and your action or inaction will show the rakyat who you truly are.

Swipenter: Is the home minister going to haul TV3 up to reprimand them for false reporting and inciting hatred against the Christian community and demand a public apology from them?

Remember how they went after The Star recently for their mistake in including non-halal restaurants in their Ramadan spread?

Compass: That's it. If the government doesn't charge the TV station within 10 days, I shall make it my personal crusade to convert everyone I meet to support Pakatan Rakyat.

Malay DAP leader wants PKR to give way in seats

Prussiablue: Leaders should not go around demanding allies to cede seats to them in public. This may be portrayed by the public as lust for power.

Penang DAP committee member Zulkifli Mohd Noor only demanded PKR to give seats but never once mentioned which seat DAP is going to give to PKR. So, I suppose, this is a one-way demand. Is this the best way for Pakatan Rakyat?

This news will only be gobbled up by Utusan Malaysia and TV3 to show the arrogance of DAP. I agree the main consideration should be candidate qualification. For this, I think Zulkifli is not a suitable candidate.

Hmmmm: I'm all for a good mix of candidates of all races in all parties, not only DAP. If DAP wants to field Malay candidates in the next GE, why don't they eye the seats that Umno won, instead of PKR's?

If PKR or even PAS don't have strong candidates to take on Umno, then by all means, DAP should help.

Anonimous Z: It is only logical for a component party of a coalition to surrender its previously allotted seats which were lost or won but the candidates defected later, to its ally.

This will ensure the respective component parties field their best candidates. There is no point of fielding candidates who cannot be acceptable to the voters.

Those lost seats in Penang showed that PKR did not have the best candidates, as such, it is logical for PKR to surrender them to its ally in the coming GE13.

Onyourtoes: Zulkifli, please don't use race for your own personal ambition. Pakatan and DAP should be supported or not supported based on policies and performance, period.

This country only has a future if enough people are convinced that it is "the content of our character and not the colour of our skin" that shall determine who should be given the opportunity to govern.

Please help to realise this goal, not to accentuate the opposite.

Anonymous_3da0: Horse-trading for seats is normal. But if they're asking for seats held by PKR, which seats will the DAP give up in return? Are these existing seats as well?


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