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COMMENT All the friends I have met since the sudden termination of my Emergency Ordinance (EO) detention have been very clear - the EO6 were set up by the police and the BN government to spook the Malaysian public from participating in the Bersih 2.0 rally.

NONE They feel that it was ridiculous and totally unacceptable to charge that the EO6 and the PSM were threats to public order and national security.

But after several minutes of expressing their dismay and disgust at the gross misuse of police powers, and reaffirming their commitment to vote wisely in the coming general election, several of them asked, “So what’s the story about the T-shirts (depicting photos of communist leaders)? Did the police plant those too?”

No, the nine T-shirts - there were five with Suriani Abdullah’s picture, two with Abdullah CD’s and one each with Rashid Maidin’s and Chin Peng’s - were not planted by anyone. They were ours...

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