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Only the rich of all races not marginalised
Published:  Sep 2, 2011 1:13 AM
Updated: 1:17 AM

your say 'We can't be that dim witted. Do you really believed Umno is for the Malays, like MCA is for the Chinese and MIC is for the Indians?'

Tee Keat stands by 'Chinese marginalised' remarks

1M: "Chinese marginalised" is a known fact and is not worth reporting, but I do have some questions to OTK (former MCA chief Ong Tee Keat):

(1) Why did you have to tell the Americans? Why not talked to Umno your master, after all you were MCA vice-president at that point in time and were representing the Chinese community in the cabinet meeting?

(2) If you are still MCA president, would you so gladly, readily and eagerly admit to having made such a remark, or would you prefer to remain silent or even deny the whole thing?

SusahKes: Which is which, OTK? On one hand, you explain that you were representing the views of petty traders and others from the Chinese business community.

And yet, you are quoted in the Wikileaks cable as saying: "There was once a day in Malaysia when MCA would get the leftovers, but now we are just hoping to get some crumbs from the Umno table".

So, are you speaking for MCA or the Chinese community at large? These days I do not see the MCA as being synonymous with the Malaysian Chinese community.

And I will ask this again: Why are you still dancing with Umno? If you do not like Pakatan, fine, then stand as an Independent - anything but Umno. Instead, you continue to loiter inside the Umno club like Razaleigh Hamzah, and you expect voters to back you.

Myop101: The reality is that it is only the political and rich elites who don't face marginalisation. The rest of us, whether Malay, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans, Orang Asli and others, continuously being left out to fend for ourselves while they lord over us.

And Umno/BN represent the apex of these political elites that exploit everyone to be subservient to them. It is high time for these elites to taste the same mud and soil we have to be subjected to on daily basis. Vote BN out of office come GE13.

Kgen: When news of Lee Kuan Yew's "Chinese in Malaysia marginalised" comment broke, Umno leaders castigated LKY and MCA supported their howling like a chorus line saying that Chinese were not marginalised.

Now we have proof that the MCA president himself admitted that Chinese were marginalised. Why did MCA have to support Umno on what they themselves did not believe? They betrayed the Chinese community for their own selfish interests.

This proves that MCA are totally subservient to their Umno masters even on issues that go against Chinese interest. If Umno asks them to jump, their response is "how high?"

Sarawakian_3ff9: OTK, why do you sound so apologetic? If you guys in MCA had the courage to fight for the Chinese, MCA wouldn't be where it is today, a pathetic and spent force.

After all, we had been told over and over again that MCA leaders spent a lot of time behind closed door with Umno. What were you guys doing behind those doors? I guess you must be begging and counting the crumbs that Umno has thrown to you.

A bit late now isn't it to whine about how you were treated like maids by Umno. Had MCA leaders been man enough to stand up to Umno bullying, you would still be able to hold your heads high.

The fact is that you all knowingly submit to Umno bullying. As it is, even the Chinese now spit on you.

Hello: Ong is the most forthright senior official of MCA. This reflects very negatively on MCA and the reason being that even a forthright senior official is afraid to go to Umno about this grave injustice to the Chinese as well as other races.

So what value/use is MCA to the Chinese, of whom they are supposed to represent? If you can't voice the concerns of the Chinese and fight for their legitimate rights, what is the reason of your existence? The answer is zilch.

Onyourtoes: Tee Keat, let's put everything in perspective. First, your observation on Malaysian Chinese is not exactly earth shattering.

Second, don't ask the present MCA leadership what they ought to do on what you said. You and I know they have no position on this.

Third, if you are still the president of MCA today, what would you have said? I have a hunch what you would have said: ‘it was uttered in private'; ‘I was misquoted'; ‘it was quoted out of context'.

Don't try to be a hero here. You see, a right person can not be in the wrong party. MCA does not have the right DNA in politics, period.

MCA Member: I observe that there is a fair bit of criticism of Ong Tee Keat, attempting to portray him as a hypocrite. In my opinion, at least he is brave enough to say things publicly that the MCA leadership will totally shy away from, especially if the remarks offend big brother Umno.

In any case, OTK is not the problem. There is no point focusing on him. The real source of the problem is the government's discriminatory policies which alienated most of the non-Malays.

If BN is willing to formulate and implement fair and equitable policies, I don't see any reason why the voters will not vote them in again. But will they ever change?

ONG: MCA Member, on the subject of marginalisation of minorities by Umno as disclosed by Wikileaks, Ong TK "reiterated" that he was "merely conveying sentiments of the minority community."

He said: "It is worth reiterating that the comments purportedly made by me was largely my observation and assessment of the Chinese community's sentiment and perception...".

He stressed that he was only making an observation of accusations made by others. By explaining "purportedly made by me", he distanced himself from the accusation that Umno marginalises minorities.

As I see it, he is being careful not to antagonise Umno too much. Perhaps he's still hoping to get back into government in near future?

You also wrote: "If BN will to formulate and implement fair and equitable policies, I don't see any reason why the voters will not vote them in again." But you show scepticism when you also said, "But will they ever change?"

Yet you remain a MCA member. You sure are a confused MCA member.

Dr Irwan Jusoh: Come to think of it, the Chinese are and were never marginalised in Malaysia. As we can see that the top 40 wealthiest individuals in Malaysia are 90 percent Chinese.

Probably the Indians and the other minorities in Malaysia are marginalised, and they would need more aid from the government - not the Chinese.

Loyal Malaysian: Eight out of 10 billionaires does not mean the Chinese are not marginalised. Look at the 5-10% discounts given to all bumiputeras for the purchase of houses - this is a valid example of marginalisation.

Yes, let's see what the current MCA leadership has to say about this. It will indicate if they have accurately read the pulse of the Malaysian Chinese community, whom they claim to represent.

Black Mamba: Common guys, we can't be that dim witted. Do you really believed Umno is for the Malays, like MCA is for the Chinese and MIC is for the Indians?

Why are the majority of Malaysian races still falling behind other third world countries? BN is for the well-connected to make more money and flourish at the expense of all the maginalised majority.

Mexico took 75 years to finally kick out their corrupt ruling party in year 2000 since they became a nation. Are we going to take another evil Dr M's term to come to our senses?


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