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Don't hate MCA because of their 'hot' members
Published:  Oct 6, 2011 8:38 AM
Updated: 5:28 AM

your say 'For all we know, these girls at the MCA Youth AGM are probably from good families, even if misguided in their political affiliation.'

Were the MCA beauties for real?

Ferd Tan: Beliawanis MCA chief Tee Hooi Ling said that the seven MCA beauties are 'quite new' members of Beliawanies.

So if there are new, what's the criteria for them to be chosen to be the delegates to the Youth annual general meeting - that they need to look sexy and glamorous?

This shows that MCA, by using beauties to prop up their waning support and interest in their AGMs, is really clueless in fighting the political war.

Now that the MCA Youth AGM has ended, what do we remember about the meeting? Any profound insight into Malaysian politics? No, we can only remember the seven sweet beauties, and of course their curvy legs.

Nik V: I guess MCA is taking a cue after Chua Soi Lek's male chauvinist ways of exploiting his wife and other women.

So it's only natural for them to showcase women to sell MCA, just like the way car-makers parade women to bring drooling men to car shows.

Anonymous_40dc: They look like those girls hired to adorn motorshows and GPs (grand prix).

MatrixLYN: I wonder if the next MCA annual general meeting will have sexy dancing girls in bras and fishnet stockings like those in Hungry Ghost festivals?

Marvin: Of course, these pretty girls are MCA members. Many pretty girls were once MCA members, especially during the feud between Tan Koon Swan and Neo Yee Pan - people who were invited for a free Genting tour plus meals, and then were asked to sign some forms. All these tricks are not new.

TPN: The way they are dressed, it does not look like they were there for a political party AGM.

Tired: Don't be jealous. Be a bit more sporting, lah . If you can't beat them, then join them.

The way to go is for DAP and PKR (PAS cannot join in the same thing as that would be haram ) to recruit their own beauties and gorgeous gals.

Just imagine what would happen if they can get some film stars to join them. Better still, field them as candidates - sure win one.

Alan Goh: With their colourful long hair and innocent youthful look, they don't appear to be seriously interested in politics, let alone joining MCA.

Equinox: Some of the comments here are most uncalled for. For all we know, these girls are probably from good families, even if misguided in their political affiliation.

If the rude comments are from people who are supposed to champion a new order represented by PKR, I am not very confident that the new order will be any better than the one they seek to overthrow.

At any rate, there are more important issues that need attention than being so obsessed with these ‘beauties'. They look like a decent bunch and they should be treated with respect, not abused.

Moon: Call me judgmental, but one look and you can tell they are not real MCA members.

There are plenty of agencies to hire pretty ladies for events like car shows, etc. I can easily approach these agents, hire seven girls and give them free MCA membership.

Then I can go shouting out loud in the media that they are MCA members, like the Beliawanis chief Tee Hooi Ling. Simple. Anything can be done in this world if you have money.

Remaining Hopeful: From the Chinese newspapers, it was clear that they walked in together, they sat together and they stood together for the photo sessions. They were all featured in all Chinese newspapers, some even on front page.

Pretty faces may get photographers' attention but to be featured on all Chinese newspapers is too much of a coincidence. Clearly, this was pre-planned.

Jeremy Ng: MCA is not only irrelevant but also sick. There is nothing wrong in using young, pretty women. But at the very least, have them dressed up appropriately for the event.

And the way this was done is a real slap on the president, Chua Soi Lek, given his sex video controversy.

Highlighting beauty should be the last gimmick for the MCA to use. It will provide grounds for jokes and criticisms against the president. Organisers, including the party's Youth chief, should be reprimanded.

Or maybe, this was an intentional political sabotage? Or perhaps to show the importance in MCA's politics of women, wine and dance?

Jeremy Ng: Malaysian politics has gone to the drain. And, judging from some readers' unwarranted and derogatory comments on the girls, Malaysians are also in the drain. Any criticism should be directed at the organisers. The girls are innocent parties.

TKC: It is funny to observe that our respect for MCA is so low that some of us think that they do not deserve to have members who are pretty.

It is not unlike the reaction that one gets when one sees a gorgeous girl with an ugly guy because one feels that the guy does not deserve the girl.


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